Experience an unforgettable tour in Shiraz in 2 Days

Experience an unforgettable tour in Shiraz

A tour itinerary to Shiraz

Many people who traveled to Iran with their Iran tour, think that Shiraz is the hometown of ancient Iranian civilization. Shiraz is called the city of poems, literature, love, and Iranian gardens. The people of Shiraz always welcome domestic and foreign tourists with warmth and hospitality. Ask any foreign traveler about these people, and they will answer you with their positive comments about them.

Traveling to the ancient Persian Empire, as well as the world of literature and poets of the great history of Iran, is the best thing to do in a 48-hour trip to Shiraz and, of course, around it. In this article, we are going to travel around Shiraz, visit its attractions, and see what we can do in two days or 48 hours there.

The First day in Shiraz

You will have plenty to accomplish in two days with the plethora of historical and cultural places in and around Shiraz! We recommend that you spend your first day out of town seeing the realm of ancient Iran and its enormous old empire.
Since you will be under the warm sunshine of Fars Province on your first day and the weather will be hot, especially in the summer, be sure to have sunglasses, sunscreen, hats, and, of course, plenty of water and snacks.

Pasargadae; the shrine of the great Cyrus

So, the first place that we are going to visit is the shrine of the great Achaemenid king, Great Cyrus, near Shiraz in Fars province. Pasargadae was the capital of Iran during the Achaemenid dynasty (about 550–330 BC). Here beside the Great Cyrus shrine, you can also visit the Pasargadae kingdom garden, Achaemenid Palaces, Cambyses II tomb, and …
Pasargadae is a magnificent and historically significant ancient site in Iran that you should visit.
Persepolis is an Achaemenid capital located about 50 kilometers south of Pasargadae, Iran's most famous historical site. We can claim that Persepolis is the most famous attraction in Iran, and most people know Iran by the name of this glorious attraction. We suggest you read this article before starting your tour: 
Once you arrive at the magnificent gate of Persepolis, it is like you are traveling through history, and you can put yourself in the place of delegates from other countries that were offering gifts to the king of Persia in the ancient ceremonies that were held in this palace. The magnificent carvings on the stairs and walls of this site, the beautifully decorated lotus flower, and the Iranian soldiers will be able to conquer every type of tourism, whether domestic or foreign.

Naqsh-e Rustam; the tomb of the Great Dariush

Continue your journey through history in Naqsh-e Rustam. Here is a rocky area that is the cemetery of the great Achaemenid kings, including the Great Darius.
The Ka'ba-ye Zartosht, which seems to have been a fire temple, is located in front of these shrines. This place is close to Naqsh-e Rajab, so we are sure to visit this place too.

The second day of the Shiraz tour

In the morning

Do you want to know about our first destination on the second 24-hour Shiraz tour? So, let’s begin it. We want you to experience the sunrise on the second day of your trip by watching the dance of sunlight in the mosque at Nasir ol-Molk Shiraz, or the Pink Mosque.
Here, the sun passes through the colored glasses and sits on Iranian carpets. Every corner of this mosque is a great place to take pictures. Surely you don’t want to leave this mosque once you arrive there!

Zand surrounding sites

If you can persuade yourself to leave the pink mosque, you can continue to Lotf Ali Khan Zand and visit the Vakil bazaar. In this historical bazaar, your eyes will be amazed by the jewelry stores and carpet stores, and the smell of spices will make you enter these stores. This is a location known as the Zand surrounding sites.

You can also take a look at the beautiful mosques and their eye-catching tile works, as well as a historic Vakil bazaar. At this point and after visiting these places, you may get hungry. The traditional restaurants and cafes around Zand and its surrounding sites can be a great option for you to taste the most delicious Iranian food.

In the evening

Ok, resting is enough. There is not much time left, and there are still many attractions you must visit! In the afternoon, we suggest you visit the Arg-e Karim Khan, which has been restored since the Zand era. With a lovely courtyard full of citrus trees and a central pool, it's a bit hard to say that once it was a prison!

We continue our trip in Shiraz to one of the gardens that are listed on the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Eram Garden is a beautiful garden with delicious cherry trees, beautiful flowers, and a magnificent mansion with beautiful tiled decoration; an excursion in this garden can be an enjoyable experience for you.

At the sunset

We will end our journey to Shiraz by spending the night with two famous Iranian poets, Hafez and Saadi. Iranians from every tribe are strangely in love with these two great poets and wise men. Hafez's tomb is always full of foreign and domestic tourists who have traveled to Shiraz to pay tribute to this great person. You can read more about him and his tomb here: Tomb of Hafez; the most famous Persian poet
The mausoleum of Saadi is a little quieter at sunset, which makes it possible for you to just sit there and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere there. Golestan and Boostan are two books that are the largest written books and are taught in many places in the world. Not surprisingly, at the United Nations headquarters in New York City, the poem "Bani Adam" that is written belongs to Saadi.
Unfortunately, this is the end of our 2-day tour in Shira is finished but there are still many monuments and attractions that you must visit in Shiraz. We suggest that if you want to visit Shiraz and all of its attractions, you need a whole week.




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