Buses are used to transport large numbers of people in inner-city and outer-city trips, as well as school and office services. The most important feature of the Volkswagen bus is that it is made of German parts and has fog lights. Among the appearance features of the bus, we can mention the tall and stylish windows in the front. The 44-passenger Volkswagen bus is VIP and is rented with a driver. For this reason, there is no need to present special documents. To rent this bus model from Saadat Rent Company, you can send a message to our colleagues through WhatsApp. Meanwhile, all the responsibilities of this car are on the driver. Below are other features of the Volkswagen bus:

  • Front axle with suspension and steering system.
  • Frame with all parts to connect springs and axles, steering wheel, batteries, power braking system and fuel system.
  • Brakes, namely for front and rear wheel brakes, dual circuit power brakes and parking brake.
  • Wheels and tires.
  • Substrate for special designs and tip mechanism.
  • Engine including cooling system, exhaust, intake and fuel.