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SaadatRent discounts |Car rental discount code

Embark on a memorable journey through Iran with Saadat Rent's exclusive offer! Rent a car for the first time and receive a complimentary 8€ Iran travel guide book, a result of our dedicated tourism team's research. Join our membership club for ongoing discounts, follow us on social media for special offers, and explore affordable monthly rental options. Saadat Rent is your key to a seamless and discounted travel experience in Iran!

Get your Iran travel guide book for free

Rent your first car with us and receive a complimentary 8€ Iran travel guide book, a testament to Saadat Rent's dedicated tourism team. Updated every 6 months, it's a valuable resource for your journey. Explore Iran with us and enjoy this exclusive offer!

Saadat rent is ready to be your sponsor!

Exciting news from Saadat Rent! We're thrilled to offer sponsorships and exclusive discounts to a range of partners – travel bloggers, influencers, micro-influencers, blog writers, travel agencies, photographers, filmmakers, and more. Whether you're capturing moments or sharing travel stories, Saadat Rent has special deals tailored just for you. Join us in making your journeys unforgettable!

Join Saadat rent membership club

•Bronze card: 10%
•Silver Card: 15%
•Golden card: 20%

Rent your first car with us and unlock a Bronze Card, ensuring a lasting discount on our car rental services. Plus, with subsequent rentals, enjoy upgrades to Silver and Golden Cards for even more exclusive benefits. Experience the convenience of our loyalty program!

Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for a special discount

Stay tuned for enticing discount codes regularly featured on our Instagram and Facebook pages. By following Saadat Rent's official accounts on these platforms, you can easily discover and enjoy these exclusive offers. Don't miss out on the opportunity to save on your next rental!

Rent a car for a month with an unbelievable discount

Explore budget-friendly options by renting cars that have served for 18 months and are no longer part of our rental fleet. Benefit from significant discounts and affordable rates, available exclusively for monthly or annual rentals. Secure reliable transportation at a fraction of the cost with this limited-time offer.


Now lets answer some questions:

How can I get the free Iran travel guide book?

If you rent a car from Saadat rent for the first time, you'll receive an 8€ Iran travel guide book for free, meticulously crafted by our tourism team and updated every 6 months.

What benefits does the Saadat rent membership club offer?

By joining the Saadat rent membership club, you can enjoy permanent discounts with the Bronze, Silver, and Golden cards, offering 10%, 15%, and 20% discounts, respectively, on car rental services.

 What is the special discount available on Instagram and Facebook?

Follow Saadat rent on Instagram and Facebook to access exclusive discount codes regularly featured on our pages. Stay connected to seize exciting opportunities and save on your rentals.