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Transportation in Dubai (Getting Around Dubai)

We can all agree that Dubai is one of the most tourist cities in the world that all of us love to visit at least once in our lifetime. This city provides an extensive and convenient public transportation system for all the tourists and travelers who want to travel to this city. Transportation in Dubai has many types like Taxis, water buses, subways, etc. in this article we want to introduce the different Dubai transportation systems so you can choose the best one and reduce your costs and also save your time. whether you prefer to use public transportation or other ways like rent a car in Dubai, this article is useful for you. stay with us.

The Transportation System in Dubai

Dubai is known as a modern city and a great destination for a safe and luxurious trip. Dubai transportation system is exactly what we would expect from an advanced city. You have many options for traveling in this city easy and cheap.

types of transportation in Dubai

Types of Transportation in Dubai

in the continue, we have made a list of the different ways of Dubai transportation to talk about each of them. but what are these ways:

  • Car rental services
  • Taxis in Dubai
  • Buses and water buses
  • Subway system
  • Monorails in Dubai
  • Trams in Dubai
  • Ships in Dubai

Car rental services in Dubai

Car rental in Dubai is one of the best ways for transportation and traveling in this city. With these services, you can explore this city easily and fast and save a lot of time.

car rental in Dubai

if you are worried about your costs, we should mention that there are many economy cars that you can rent and reduce your costs. 

Taxi in Dubai

Taxis in Dubai are one of the expensive and also secure options for transport. Drivers usually charge a certain amount of money to tourists for intercity transportations. But we can't ignore the fact that it is a safe option for women and solo travelers. Dubai has some pink-roofed taxis that are reserved for women. you can see a lot of them at the Dubai airport.

taxi in Dubai

Dubai has several taxi companies in five color categories:

  • Pink
  • White
  • Yellow-white
  • Blue-white
  • Green-white

each of these taxis has different costs. If you are insisting on using a taxi in Dubai, we suggest downloading applications that offer online taxis for you.

Buses in Dubai

buses in Dubai are a cheap way to get to your destinations that you can't take by subway. Dubai bus system has more than 600 stations in and around the city.

buses in Dubai

All these buses as well as their stations have a cooling system. As most Dubai buses run to the gold market station, it is very easy to reach attractions such as the gold bazaar, the perfume bazaar, the fish bazaar, and the spice bazaar.

Using Buses have many advantages like reasonable prices and air conditioning. if you can use the seat instead of standing, it will be much more comfortable. bus it also has some disadvantages congestion and traffic jams.

Water buses in Dubai

Water buses are one of the most popular Dubai transportation among tourists. These buses are very modern and equipped with powerful air conditioners.

water buses in Dubai

These water buses roam the main streets of the city. It is worth mentioning that the routes of these buses are increasing every day and one of their most important routes is Jumeirah Beach Road. Dubai water buses, which are also a kind of tourist attraction in this city, have four main routes and one entertainment route. You can use this type of bus from 6 am to 11 pm.

Dubai subway system (Dubai Metro)

Dubai Metro is a state-of-the-art transportation system. Subways are more efficient, faster, and cleaner than other Dubai transportation, also has a reasonable price. Dubai metro is the longest driverless and fully automatic metro in the world.

Dubai metro

Currently, the Dubai Metro has two green and red lines, which are divided into five areas. It also has a line that connects the DXB airport to the city. each train has four standard wagons that are divided into two sections for women and the golden section. In the golden section, you need to pay double. You can also buy subway tickets at the stations and you must draw a card before leaving the station. also, there are brochures in English that show you the map of subways stations in Dubai. we should mention that it isn't possible to eat and drink in the Dubai Metro.

Monorail in Dubai

Palm Jumeirah driverless monorail connects the Palm Jumeirah area to Dubai Marina. This monorail has three stations:

  • Palm
  • Al-Ittihad Park
  • Atlantis Aquaculture

monorail in Dubai

With the monorail you travel about five and a half kilometers, which takes about twelve minutes and costs about 20 dirhams. Of course, for a two-way ticket, you have to pay 30 dirhams and you must pay in cash. Monorails arrive at the station every fortnight. And their working hours are from 9 am to 10 pm.

Tram in Dubai

Tram is a modern and efficient rail system that allows quick and easy access to crowded areas such as Jumeirah Beach, Dubai Marina, and Sarah Street.

tram in Dubai

Ships in Dubai

Ships in Dubai are more of a tourist ship than the Dubai transportation system. These ships usually show tourists a different view of Dubai and some of its famous buildings.

ships in Dubai

They have a clean and very comfortable environment and only start moving if there are more than 10 passengers. Therefore, they don't have a specific departure time.

Nol-card in Dubai

Tourists must obtain a Nol-card before using Dubai's public transportation system, such as buses, subways, trams, etc. These cards have four different types. tourists can provide red Nol cards and silver Nol cards.

nol car in Dubai

Red Nol cards are suitable for traveling less than 10 times and each load allows 10 charges. These red cards cost from 2 dirhams for one area to 20 dirhams for a day trip. Silver Nol cards also allow you to travel more than 10 times a day. The cost of these tickets for one region starts from 3 dirhams and varies up to seven and a half dirhams for more than three regions.

What is the best way for transportation in Dubai?

After introducing all the different available ways for Dubai transportation, you may still be confused that each way is suitable for you. for choosing the best way for transportation in this metropolitan, you have to consider many things like your budget your time, and places you want to visit in your days.

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