Description of Van rental in Iran:

  • Full coverage and travel insurance are included in the price.
  • The costs for the driver are not included in the price.
  • All vehicles are fully equipped with wifi system and baby seat. You can inform us before your trip If needed.
  • Chauffeur-driven Ceremonial vehicles have the highest technical quality and complete trip insurance.
  • Drivers can speak English, French and Turkish.
  • In case of need in long time trips, you can use a tour leader and translator system.

Private van rental with driver in Iran

Saadat Rent provides the van rental with driver for its customers with a fleet of passenger vans and tourist vans at an affordable price for you to travel in Iran.
We also made the best and easiest conditions for you to experience an unbelievable journey with peace of mind and enjoy your van rental services.
When you use van rental with a driver in Iran, you won’t have any liability for the van and will only pay for your service. In van rental with driver services, the cost of the driver’s accommodation and meals are borne by the customers.
If these facilities are provided to the driver, you don’t need to pay extra, otherwise, you need to pay 2,500,000 Rial or 20 euros extra on your service daily.

Van rental in Iran with a driver cost

Best price van in Iran for van rental with a driver in Iran services, the driver is required to provide 10 hours of service per day. If you exceed 10 hours, for every additional hour, 10% of the total service cost will be added to the total expenses.
In van rental in Iran services with a driver, you will have no worries about the car and its responsibilities. We also don’t receive any checks or deposit from you. With cheap van in Iran, the assurance and the peace of mind of having a professional driver familiar with the routes will multiply the enjoyment and quality of your trip.


Van rental with a driver in Iran services

Van rental with a driver makes a great opportunity for you and your friends and family to travel through Iran with a skilled driver that is familiar with the conditions and roads.
With best price van in Iran, all travelers who use Saadat rent van rental in Iran services will benefit from travel insurance advantages throughout their trip between the cities of Iran.
In case of any technical problems, the company is obliged to fix the van problem in less than 3 hours or to send the passenger a new van in less than 24 hours. During this period, the cost of accommodation and the rest of the passengers will be borne by the company.

Iran private tour with van rental in Iran

Van rental in Iran is one of the best ways to travel between the cities of Iran. That’s why Saadat rent makes a special offer for you. You can rent a cheap van in Iran from us and also, we will plan an Iran small group tours for you and our family or friends that you’ve traveled with.
Iran tour usually has been held in group tours but we provide Iran private tours with van rental in Iran with driver or without a driver for you that you can make an Iran travel itinerary based on your interest, budget and days you want to stay in Iran.
So, if you want to use van rental in Iran with Saadat rent, don’t forget to plan your Iran private tour too.


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