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Shiraz, the city of love, poem and pure culture, is a city that everybody who travels to this city will fall in love with it. It doesn’t matter which cities you want to visit; you must put Shiraz in your itinerary. With a car rental in Shiraz, you have the chance to explore all the glorious attractions of this city.

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Shiraz is the host tourists in every four seasons in Iran, it doesn’t matter where are you from, or what is your purpose for traveling, Shiraz is where you don’t want to leave at the end of your trip.

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If you also think why you will need a car rental in Shiraz, we should say, Shiraz, as you may know, is located in the Fars province and has many attractions like Eram garden, Nasir Ol-Molk Mosque, Karim Khan Zand complex, Hafez tomb, and many other attractions.

car rental in Shiraz

But the most famous attractions that come with the name of Shiraz are Persepolis and Pasargadae that are the most famous attractions of Iran. For visiting all of these attractions and especially Pasargadae and Persepolis that is one hour away from Shiraz, you will need a car rental in Shiraz.

You can use the car rental in Shiraz with driver to take you to Pasargadae and Persepolis in Marvdasht, near Shiraz and return you to your hotel, or use the car rental in Shiraz without a driver, to visit all of the attractions of Shiraz that you want to visit, on your own.

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Rent a car in Shiraz

Tourists and familiarity with the city of Shiraz

For many tourists who intend to iran tourism and rent car in iran, the most basic question is to what the city can go to history, culture, customs and civilization of Iran see the lump sum, we want to introduce a truly urban look that all the criterion of genuine  sum to tourism.

Shiraz city of poetry and literature, a city in Southwest Iran symbol of culture and art. A familiar name for the world's urban ...

trip of friendship in your life program, visit Shiraz can fit up this land with SAFA once for that, see.

Historical attractions, natural, religious and well-known name of the city brought us to his side as a general but useful information to know about it up to a maximum benefit on a trip to Shiraz and pleasant land of tribute poems and literature are in the memory.

Carnival in this entry is to introduce basic information and fundamental study of the town and the city.

Associated with.

Information about Shiraz

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Population: according to the Census of the population of the city of Shiraz 1385 totaled , and the sixth most populous of the city as Iran.

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Language: English with an accent, Shirazi States and elk is growing younger generation accent to oblivion. The rise of Hafez and Saadi also causes fading local dialects of the people, and the "new English" to replace it.

Religion: Islam is the religion of most people in the past, the Jews of Shiraz. many in the city who were residing in the 20th century have migrated to the U.S. and Israel, but the city is still a few thousand Jewish compatriots are residing. Christian Protestant denominations, especially fellow countrymen such as  and most  live in Shiraz in wake of the Church for Church and other armanh , there are in the city.

Economy: the fertile land, the most important ports of the country in the direction of Qara, within the military and attending  the city especially in the sector of the economy. In recent years the existence of Shiraz electronic factory and industrial and electronic communication such as Iran (SA Iran), Siemens, and the city to ITMC is one of technology centers that have become associated with the cities of Munich and Berlin. Other factories and industries can be Shiraz refinery, cement factory, rubber industry, textile industry and dairy industries and power point.

Agricultural products such as orange, grape, persimmon, pomegranate, azgile, shalil and valuable and handy, rugs, flowers from the city's other economic cases.

 country: Shiraz with an area of 1268 square kilometers in the southwest of Iran, and the center of Fars province.

The adoptive sister cities: Nicosia, Cyprus _ Monday, Tajikistan _ King, China _ Weimar, Germany _ Ramsar _ mood _ patch, Hungary


Shiraz tourism information

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Customs: people friendly folks and shbraz kind and sburnd. In a strange  shrshan wave and smile on the lips of all the people of the city . Evenings with the family to the park or the garden outside the city would process up to the last hours of the day spent  to the Jamboree.

Food: the extraordinary diversity of the Shirazi brkhordand. Shirazi rice are often of very mobile and your food instead of meat ghrmeh from Meatball Mote.

Souvenirs: masgati and muffins, ukhti, lemon juice, verjuice, faloodeh, burnt almond, essences, Halva, a bowl and the craft woodcarving, carpet, carving, inlay, gbeh, woodworking, etc.

Accommodation: in this town for accommodation of hotels, guesthouses and homes and suites can be rented. In the days of Marilyn Monroe some parts of the city to the municipality assigns accommodation of passengers that travelers can throw the tent and there to stay.

Water and air

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In the central area of Shiraz in Fars province and has a different climate than other parts of Fars province.

Spring: cool spring winds and currents with the air associated with rainfall, temperature in April 17c Celsius.

Summer: hot and dry in the air this season and the average temperature in July 30c Celsius.

Autumn: a relatively cool climate with rainfall and an average temperature of 20c Celsius in October.

Winter: a relatively mild air along with the rain that in January the average temperature to 5 ° c looks

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The destination of passengers aerial and overland, Shiraz, and railways can go to the city. Continue on to the means of transport referred to Shiraz.

rent car Shiraz international airport

The second and the best equipped international airport after Imam Khomeini International Airport Shiraz belongs to Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi, who in the course of construction. This airport is one of the most advanced in the world and one of the most secure  frogah in the country. After the Shahid dastgheib Shirazi, Shiraz airport-to-airport revolution name change and 1389 in a khodgran airport were converters.

The airport capacity of 4 million in a year.

From theairport to the United Kingdom, Malaysia, Turkey, Iraq, Syria, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates (Dubai, Sharjah ابوظبیو), Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Pakistan, Egypt and Sudan.

Domestic flights from Tehran to Shiraz airport include dastgheib Shirazi, Mashhad, Isfahan, Tabriz, Ahvaz, Bandar Abbas, Bushehr, Abadan, larestan, Sari, lamerd, Chabahar, Kerman, Kish, Qeshm, Lavan, Siri, Kharg Island, Mahshahr, asalouyeh, bahregan and Rasht.

Shiraz railway

Shiraz railway station, one of the best railway station, which is to exploit the 1390 year.

city transportation lines

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Transportation within the city of Shiraz, by Metro, bus, taxi.

The bus

In the year of the first bus terminal 1345 Shiraz with ten buses start to work. The first cities, Shiraz is that inner-city transport it by bus. Today, and for the most part in Shiraz and control urban routes, bus line is considered.

Metro | Inner-city train

Commuter routes under construction  Shiraz metro which is the major part of it done and will be available soon.


About 40 per cent of urban control in Shiraz by taxi. In Shiraz, 12 thousand taxis in different types of schools, phone service, taxi, airport terminals, special lines, wireless and personal passenger taxi there.

The history of the city of Shiraz

City of Shiraz in Fars Province, where the great poets, literatures and their lap of education.

The main monument of the city of Shiraz, according to historians, writing in the first century Ah Marwan Abdolmalek founded.

"" Hamdollah mostofi (historian, poet and author of the eighth century), founder of Shiraz, "Mohammad Qasim Ibn Yusuf Ibn pilgrims or brother Abbey aghil" brother Zadeh pilgrims in 74 Ah. found in Elamite Persepolis a castle called "tirazis or shirazis". "Limbert" (American diplomat and Professor of Shiraz University in 1986) according to his will and the related to the late Sassanid and early Islam, believes that in the Palace abunser Castle near the village of Saadi of Shiraz, Shiraz a Shiraz and later, there's also this castle was erected.

Say Shiraz urban circle in the first figure, but irregular and enclosed with six gate which has been inside it have eleven neighborhoods.

Shiraz after the arrival of Islam

After the arrival of Islam and the Arab-Israeli attack on Iran, the town swimming pool (an ancient city in Fars province) crashed and the importance of Shiraz.

In the course of the buyid and the fourth century Hijri, Shiraz at the time Ali (amadaldolah) and Hasan (Al-dawlah pillar) and some azod Al-dawlah was elected to Government. Azdaldolah measures in the city most did, including the construction of a very rich library ®, the hospital, the first monument monument azodi a. Ben Hamza (p), the cornerstone of the cradle, a market called "grfnakhosro" long and. ..

In the course of the buyid State, was highly rewarded and during the coming celebration of NOROUZ and mehregan market town easily arranged, and no one has the right to attack religious minorities was; so much so that when azdaldolah was with the Muslims against the sedition in Shiraz, Shiraz to Tehran for the Muslim.

Atabakids is also the city's very large buildings and fallen including the market, school, hospital and water storage, the Inn, the new mosque, zangi, aqueduct, building the first monument on the tomb of the Prophet (PBUH), and brick monument shahchragh cooked Khatoon in Shiraz. Atabakids even with their contraption and pay taxes to the Mongols were able to attack Genghis Khan to prevent and to the city of Shiraz in the attack in Amman. So it is also with the surrender "the brave King Governor of Fars," Shiraz from the attack of Timur and turbulence.

The seventh century Hijri century, Shiraz artists and scientists with shine and. .. It was. In this century due to the encouragement of the rulers of the era, Shiraz to become the leading head of science and art and culture and darlalm fame. Of this course can be, Saadi, rouzbehan and Mulla sadra.

In the age of the Safavid Shiraz

At the time of the rule of Shah Abbas safavi, Imam qoli Khan took Shiraz. He was also superbly monuments to the city's school construction, including the settlements, "in place of" field "and the barrier around the city. In this period, followers of the Sheikh Heidar Heidari were the Safavid Shiraz in the East and King's followers of Nemat's blessing but in Western Shiraz.

Shiraz in the age of Zand and Qajar

The political life of this period and soon with an attack on Afghans, and especially at the time of the rebellion of the local rulers in the course of the boom of Nader Shah Afshar against afsharieh Shiraz remained open. To cope with the rare Trooper attack sent to Shiraz, and after a few months, the city fell and many valuable monuments and were destroyed.

In the course of the Zand dynasty and Kingdom of Karim Khan in Shiraz, the capital and once again fallen. He is working to build a castle 12000 in the center of the city, the khandaghi and dortador hire. Karim Khan to build the famous monuments market lawyer, Attorney, attorneys, Mosque baths Attorney arg karimkhani, warehouses, water, building a Pergola (PARS Museum),

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