Is Dubai expensive in June? Dubai Detail Prices in June

Is Dubai expensive in June?

I traveled to Dubai and I can say yes, Dubai is expensive in June. You can discover the truth about the cost of visiting Dubai. So, when someone asks this question:" Is Dubai expensive in June?", I say yes, exactly! Dubai is generally considered an expensive destination for tourists. While it offers various experiences and accommodations to suit various budgets, many aspects of Dubai can be costly. From visas and hotels to plane tickets and entertainment, I'll break down the key expenses of a trip to the city. While prices may vary from person to person, I'm here to give you an idea of what to expect. So, is Dubai expensive for tourists in June? Please find out the answer as I delve into the costs together.

Cost Guide for Visiting Dubai in June

  1. Visa
  2. Flights
  3. Residing
  4. Transportation
  5. Food and dining
  6. Activities and attractions
  7. Shopping
  8. Entertainment
  9. Travel Insurance
  10. Souvenirs

Detailed breakdown of potential costs for different lengths of stay in Dubai

1-day visitAccommodation$40-$80$100-$250$300+
Food + Activities$40-$50$30-$70$100
3-day visitAccommodation$40-$80$300-$750$900-$3000+
Food + Activities$270-$390$420-$555$540+
5-day tripAccommodation$200-$400$500-$1250$1500- $5000+
Food + Activities + Shopping$300-$500$700-$1125$1500+
7-day visitAccommodation$280-$560 $700-$1750$2100-$7000+
Food + Activities + Shopping$490-$1060$1125-$1700Its around this price: $2250+

Note: 1 United States Dollar equals 3.67 United Arab Emirates Dirham.

Is it expensive to arrange a visit to Dubai in June?

Yes, it's true. Dubai, the ultimate tourist destination in the Middle East, is undeniably expensive. But before you dismiss it, let's take a closer look at why. Factors like your lifestyle, purpose of travel, and even choices like car rental Dubai Airport come into play. However, despite the price tag, Dubai offers an experience like no other. The average cost for one person is $3000 (or 2700 Euros, 11000 AED), but keep in mind that it all depends on how you choose to indulge in this luxurious city. Don't let the cost deter you, for Dubai is a place where dreams become reality.

Is it expensive to arrange a visit to Dubai?

Do you need a visa to travel to Dubai in June?

Before going through anything, keep in mind that you will need a visa to visit Dubai in June.

To grant a Dubai visa, a person, business, or organization in Dubai must guarantee the visa application and convey the visitor out of the country on the specified date. This person is known as a "sponsor" in the United Arab Emirates. Visas to Dubai may be readily obtained by visiting travel companies or brokers. The criteria and cost of a Dubai visa vary depending on the selected agency and delivery time.

Cost for 30 daysVisa
Around AED 405Tourist Visa
About AED 589Urgent Visa
AED 1,65590 days Visa
AED 1,00060 days Visa
AED 485 30 days Visa
AED 79014 days Visa
AED 60030 days Extention
AED 150 and AED 200Cancellation Charges

If you want to obtain a visa for Dubai, the cost of obtaining a visa in 2023-2024 is as followsDo you need a visa to travel to Dubai?

The cost of traveling to Dubai by plane in June

Now it's time to check your plane ticket for your trip to Dubai and find out how expensive the Dubai flight is.

How much does a plane ticket to Dubai cost in June?

Dubai Universal Airplane Terminal is the busiest airline terminal in the world. It is gigantic and offers a lot of services to travelers.

A trip to Dubai will depend on where you want to fly from. The list below shows the normal fare of a roundtrip flight from different Universal Air terminals.

  • One-way flights start from around $360.
  • Round-trip flights start from about $695
New York to Dubai
  • One-way flights start from around £136.
  • Round-trip flights start from about £302.
London to Dubai
  • One-way flights start from around AUD 379.
  • Round-trip flights start from about AUD 639.
Sydney to Dubai
  • One-way flights start from around CAD 673.
  • Round-trip flights start from about CAD 917.
Vancouver to Dubai
  • One-way flights start from around USD 299.
  • Round-trip flights generally start from about AED 938.
Iran to Dubai

Keep in mind that the cost of flying depends on what time of the year you are planning your trip. Before beginning a vacation in Dubai, thoroughly research the prices.

The cost of traveling to Dubai by plane

Is Dubai in June expensive for tourists?

The Normal costTo know before traveling to Dubai
1 AED to 5 AED  Mineral water bottle
15 AED to 25 AEDStarbucks coffee
100+ AEDPizza in a good restaurant
65 AEDOne-day car rental in Dubai
15 AEDA packet of Winston cigarettes
80 AEDEnglish Breakfast
16 AEDRobbins ice cream

Yes, Dubai can be relatively expensive for tourists compared to some other destinations. While there are various options for accommodation, dining, and activities, it's essential to budget wisely and plan your expenses carefully. Dubai offers a wide range of experiences, from luxurious options to more budget-friendly choices, so visitors can tailor their trip to fit their budget. The cost of living and certain attractions in Dubai can be higher than in many other cities, so travelers should research and plan accordingly to make the most of their visit while staying within their budget.

Is Dubai expensive for tourists?

Hotels in Dubai in June: How much should you consider for your residency?

One of the main expenses when you are planning a visit to Dubai. The most well-known places to stay in Dubai are Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Marina, and Downtown Dubai. In different parts of the city, you'll find a blend of reasonable, mid-range, and extravagant inns located close to Dubai's main attractions and landmarks.

You will presently select from three to five-star hotels. Whether you're seeking out a place to lay your head after the day or for a budget trip to Dubai, 3-star inns are a must. They generally pull in businesses and guests remaining for one or two evenings. These hotels often incorporate huge rooms that fulfill your fundamental needs as well as additional items such as a TV, work area, pool, wellness center, and eatery or bar. If you are looking for the most reasonable way of transportation while you are staying in Dubai, you are recommended to use a car rental with driver in dubai or without a driver in Dubai and have a memorable trip and manage your visiting Dubai costs.

A four-star residency is an amazing choice for more comfort, however, that will increase the cost of a vacation in Dubai. These are frequently arranged in basic visitor zones, giving better access to places that visitors of Dubai often need to reach. These kinds of hotels provide a comfortable and stylish stay and they often offer modern and excellent services.

You're in Dubai, so why not go all in? There are five-star inns all over the city that treat their visitors and give a taste of extravagance. Four-star lodgings cater to guests, though five-star lodgings cater to the rich and famous. These inns give everything you might imagine, from steam showers and saunas to water parks and more services such as ultimate food service, private beach for relaxing under the sun, and luxurious car rental services. For those looking to explore the surrounding areas, car rental in Dubai Marina provides an added convenience. Meanwhile, you can enjoy staying at modern architectural marvels. Your every need is met but at a cost. To know the cost of a five-star residency in Dubai, it is better to choose your hotel first so that you can check your expenses online.

Hotels in Dubai: How much should you consider for your residency?

Tours for tourists- Is Dubai cheap or expensive in June?

When it comes to tours for tourists in Dubai, the cost can vary widely depending on the type of tour and the experiences included. Dubai offers a diverse range of tours to suit different budgets and preferences:

  1. Affordable Tours: Dubai provides a variety of budget-friendly tours that allow tourists to explore the city's highlights without spending a fortune. These may include city tours, cultural excursions, or desert safaris at reasonable prices.
  2. Mid-Range Tours: Tourists can opt for mid-range tours that provide a bit more comfort and often include visits to popular attractions, such as the Burj Khalifa or Dubai Aquarium. These tours strike a balance between cost and quality.
  3. Luxury Tours: For travelers seeking the utmost in luxury and exclusivity, Dubai offers high-end tours that provide access to VIP experiences, private guides, and lavish accommodations. These tours can be quite expensive.
  4. Specialized Tours: Dubai caters to niche interests as well. Visitors can find specialized tours like food tours, historical and cultural expeditions, or adventure activities. The prices for these tours can vary depending on the uniqueness of the experience.

In summary, whether Dubai tours are considered cheap or expensive depends on the individual's budget and preferences. Dubai offers a wide spectrum of tour options, making it accessible to a broad range of travelers.

Cost per personTours package
AED 3,5604N/5D
AED 4,896 5N/6D
AED 5,200 6N/7D

These prices are completely average and may have a different price depending on each feature. So, be sure to check the exact price before your trip.

Tours for tourists- Is Dubai cheap or expensive?

Cost of Transport in Dubai in June

Everybody in Dubai accepts that open travel is the most prominent choice when it comes to transportation. However, the toll of a cab in Dubai is far higher than the toll of a car contract. There are too many modes of transportation available. The public transportation system is the essential mode of transportation (Dubai Metro, Dubai Cable Car, and water buses). On the off chance that you know the roots well, you'll take public transportation. However, on the off chance that you're having trouble moving around in Dubai and are uncertain about the efficiency of the public transportation system, it is best to rent a car in Dubai with or without a driver to have a brilliant trip in this city. Search online for companies such as Europcar, Saadatrent, or Avis that offer car rental services for visitors.

Taxi fare in Dubai

Type of TaxiColorCost (Approximate)
Standard TaxiRed Roof1.82 AED per km
Ladies TaxiPink RoofAED 1.95 per km
Family TaxiBlue RoofAED 1.82 per km
Luxury TaxiBlack with Gold TrimAED 2.78 per km
Airport TaxiOrange RoofAED 1.97 per km + Airport Surcharge

Get ready to discover everything you need to know about taxi fares in Dubai. Learn what types of taxis are available, how much they cost, and more!

In general, taxis in Dubai are expensive; thus, we recommend taking public transportation such as the metro and bus, or looking for a rental car to get to the city. A cab in Dubai costs roughly 4 dirhams per kilometer. Each journey requires a cab cost of at least 20 to 25 dirhams. So it is recommended for visitors to look for a car rental service in Dubai. There are some companies such as Saadatrent which offer this kind of service online and you can find your suitable choice with ease.

The cost of the metro in Dubai

In Dubai, a one-way metro ticket costs roughly 6 dirhams. You can, of course, take advantage of the Dubai Metro by purchasing a silver-colored prepaid metro card. The cost of purchasing a Dubai Metro card, which is valid for 19 dirhams, is 25 dirhams. There are sales and credit card charging counters in the metro station itself. The average cost of taking the underground is between 3 and 6 dirhams per trip.

You can read the complete guide for Dubai’s subway system in the Dubai Metro Map And Information article. 

The cost of the metro in Dubai

Bus fare in Dubai

The cost of the bus in Dubai is almost the same as the cost of the metro and depends on the route. Depending on your route, you should expect to pay between 5 and 15 dirhams to take the bus. Rented automobiles are also a popular alternative for mobility in Dubai. If you want to make your transportation easier, rent a variety of normal and luxury cars from car rental companies.

Bus fare in Dubai

Car rental cost in Dubai, Is Dubai expensive in June?

Car ModelYearRental Duration2-6 Days (AED)7-20 Days (AED)
Mitsubishi Attrage2023 - 2022Daily8583
Toyota Yaris2023 - 2022Daily9997
Suzuki Ciaz2023Daily125115
Toyota Raize2023Daily137135

One of the best ways to get around Dubai is to rent a car. The cost of rent a car in Dubai varies depending on whether the car is with or without a driver, the type and year of the car, as well as the number of requested days. You can rent a luxury or economy car in Dubai according to your budget and have a memorable trip in Dubai City. For those who are shopping or sightseeing around the area, car rental Dubai Mall offers convenient options to make your journey smoother.

The answer to the question of, Is it expensive in Dubai in terms of transportation? It depends on what kind of transportation method you are planning to use. So we can say, car rental in Dubai is cheaper than the other ways.

Car rental cost in Dubai

Is Dubai shopping expensive?

Is Dubai, the most visited city in the UAE, a decent place to go shopping? When can you get inexpensive clothing and other things in this city, and which shopping places provide better circumstances for shopping?

In this city, all visitors of all financial levels have been considered, and thus many options for shopping in this country have been considered for tourists. There are several shopping malls in this city where you can get various sorts of clothing and accessories from various firms. That is, whether you are looking for the most costly clothing, handbags, and shoes from luxury labels like Gucci and Louis Vuitton, fantastic clothes from less expensive brands like Adidas and Nike, or less expensive items from other firms. Shopping in Dubai will never let you down.

Another piece of good news is that this city has a series of highly exciting auction seasons during which shopping in Dubai becomes more appealing than ever, and if you have the smallest budget, you can make a decent buy during those periods.

Luxury car rental Dubai

The most expensive shopping center in Dubai

  1. City Walk.
  2. The Dubai Mall
  3. Burjuman
  4. Mall of the Emirates Dubai

The cheapest shopping centers in Dubai

  1. Dubai Village Outlet
  2. Dragon Mart Dubai
  3. Karama shopping center
  4. Deira Bazaar
  5. Meena Bazaar Dubai

Five Cheap Restaurants in Dubai

You must eat the neighborhood nourishment at least once when passing by Dubai. When it comes to eating, there are different places where you'll be able to get road nourishment for less than $5. A low-cost eatery will generally fetch you $12 per individual. Dubai is more than just favoring eateries! So, in answer to the question, "Is Dubai expensive to eat?" we have to say no. Of course, some restaurants are quite luxurious and pricey, but in general, Dubai is not an expensive place to eat.

  1. Lebanese Bobouf restaurant
  2. Boqtir restaurant
  3. Fish Hut Restaurant
  4. Ravi Restaurant
  5. Ostadi Special Restaurant

Restaurants in Dubai are varied in terms of price and kind, and there are a lot of options available in the city.

Five Cheap Restaurants in Dubai

✔️Read More: Top Dubai Restaurant 

How much is the cost of entertainment on a trip to Dubai in June?

After reviewing shopping, food, and other tips for traveling to Dubai, we want to answer your question, such as how much money is needed for five nights.

During a 5-night trip in Dubai, you should also become familiar with the admission fees to tourist attractions so that you can prepare accordingly.

Explore the Area For Free Activities - Parks, Museums, And Beaches Are Often Open To The Public Without a Cost

Dubai free activities

Discover the amazing free and budget-friendly experiences Dubai in June has to offer:

Spend a day at the stunning beaches:

  • JBR Beach: Enjoy crystal-clear waters, a scenic jogging track, and even camel rides!
  • Kite Beach: Watch thrilling kite surfers, play beach volleyball, or relax in trendy cafes.
  • Al Mamzar Beach Park: For a small fee, access multiple beaches, pools, and picnic areas.

JBR Beach

Immerse yourself in nature at picturesque parks:

  • Zabeel Park: Explore abundant green spaces, rent a boat on the lake, and visit the iconic Dubai Frame.
  • Creek Park: Marvel at stunning views by Dubai Creek, have a barbecue, or rent a bike.

Zabeel Park

Uncover the history and culture of Dubai at museums:

  • Dubai Museum: Discover the incredible transformation of Dubai, starting from a fishing village to a global city, for a minimal entrance fee.
  • Coin Museum: Delve into the world of historical coins, with free admission at the Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood.
  • Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood: Wander through restored lanes and courtyards, experiencing life before the oil boom. Enjoy free art exhibitions in some houses.

Coin Museum

Witness the mesmerizing Dubai Fountain Show:

Be captivated by daily evening shows, free of charge, at the base of Burj Khalifa and next to The Dubai Mall.

  • Experience the charm of traditional souks:

Explore the Gold Souk, Spice Souk, or Textile Souk in Deira for an enchanting window shopping adventure.

  • Encounter wildlife at Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary:

Visit this breathtaking mangrove and mudflat ecosystem teeming with thousands of flamingos and diverse bird species.

  • Embark on a scenic adventure to Hatta:

Take a drive through the stunning Hajar Mountains and explore historic villages and the stunning Hatta Dam, all free of charge.

Please note that while these activities are free, additional costs such as parking, transportation, or optional rentals may apply. Stay updated on any changes or developments as Dubai is always evolving.

Witness the mesmerizing Dubai Fountain Show:

Is Burj Khalifa expensive for entertainment?

The Burj Khalifa, which stands 829 meters tall, is the world's tallest skyscraper and Dubai's most recognizable structure. This building's top level offers breathtaking views of Dubai. The high-speed lift in this tower with a 360-degree outlook has made it a hundred times more appealing. The promenades surrounding the Burj Khalifa are filled with water sculptures and fountains that dance with light and water. The cost of admission to Burj Khalifa ranges from 149 to 608 dirhams.

Is Burj Khalifa expensive for entertainment?

Is Dubai Aquarium expensive for entertainment?

Dubai Aquarium, located next to Dubai Mall, is one of Dubai's most popular and well-known attractions. This aquarium is one of the largest floating aquariums in the world, with a tank volume of 10 million gallons and hundreds of aquatic creatures. The price for a Regular Pass at Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo is AED 199. This pass includes access to the Aquarium Tunnel, Underwater Zoo, Penguin Cove & Nursery, and an AED 20 retail voucher​.

Is Dubai Aquarium expensive for entertainment?

Is the Miracle Flower Garden expensive for entertainment?

Dubai Miracle Flower Garden is one of the most well-known and distinctive attractions in Dubai, as well as the largest themed flower garden in the world. This flower garden is a collection of massive statues covered in flowers, providing visitors with a surreal and colorful atmosphere. You must pay 50 dirhams to access this garden.

In addition to these locations, more tourist attractions in Dubai require a fee to enter. Hence, before you come to Dubai, make sure you are aware of the fees before visiting the city's tourist attractions.

Is the Miracle Flower Garden expensive for entertainment?

Discover the Enchanting Souvenirs of Dubai in June

Dubai is much more than just a city of skyscrapers and luxurious malls. It is a vibrant blend of cultures, traditions, and modernity. And when you want to bring a piece of this magical city home with you, the selection of souvenirs is endless. Here, we present a curated list of must-have souvenirs from Dubai:

  • Gold and Jewelry:

Lose yourself in the intricate designs of gold jewelry at the Dubai Gold Souk, where you can indulge in high-quality pieces at a fraction of the price.

  • Camel Milk Chocolate:

Experience the unforgettable taste of Al Nassma's camel milk chocolates, ranging from date-filled bars to spiced treats - a truly unique delight from the desert.

  • Arabian Attire:

Delight your loved ones with beautifully embroidered Abayas for women or the elegant purity of a white Kandura for men - traditional outfits that make remarkable gifts.

  • Pashmina Shawls:

Wrap yourself in the warm embrace of a hand-embroidered pashmina shawl - not only a work of art but also a cozy accessory designed for cooler climates.

  • Arabic Perfumes (Oud and Attar):

Immerse yourself in the luxurious fragrances of 'Amouage', where agarwood-infused scents transport you to the heart of Arabia with their captivating aroma.

  • Spices:

Step into the fragrant treasure trove of the Spice Souk, where the allure of saffron, sumac, za'atar, and other regional spices elevates your culinary journey.

  • Dates and Dry Fruits:

Discover the gourmet treasures at Bateel, where premium dates - some filled with nuts, others coated in exquisite chocolate - are waiting to be savored.

  • Traditional Coffee Pots and Arabic Coffee:

Embrace the age-old coffee culture of the region with a Dallah, the traditional coffee pot, paired with finely ground Arabic coffee - an embodiment of tradition.

  • Decorative Items:

Adorn your space with handcrafted lanterns and intricate camel figurines, showcasing the elegance and uniqueness of Arabian artistry.

  • Sand Art: 

Capture the essence of the desert through personalized sand art creations - bottles filled with colored sand arranged to depict scenic landscapes or names, a lasting memento of your time in Dubai.

Whether you're an experienced traveler or are embarking on your first journey to Dubai, the city ensures that you can always carry a part of its enchantment with you. From the opulence of gold and pashmina to the simplicity of sand art, Dubai's souvenirs cater to every taste and budget. So, when you wander through its bustling markets, be sure to seize a piece of Dubai's essence to bring home with you.

Last word

As I said above, Dubai is one of the most contemporary tourist destinations in the Middle East, attracting a large number of visitors each year. Generally, Dubai is an expensive city; however, there are several methods to save money in Dubai. Hence, even on a tight budget, you may simply fly to Dubai. To reduce the cost of your trip as much as possible. The average cost for a five-day trip to Dubai for one person would be approximately 2,000$ USD to 4,000$ USD, depending on your way of spending money. Be sure to rent a car to get around Dubai and have a memorable trip in this city. Wish you the best in visiting Dubai.

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Frequently asked questions.

Is it expensive to be a tourist in Dubai in June?

A 7-day vacation to Dubai costs an average of $1,500 for a single traveler, $2,700 for a couple, and $5,000 for a family of four. Dubai hotels' range starts at $35 per night, with an average of $46, whereas most vacation rentals range in price from $210 to $530 per night for the complete property.

How much does a meal cost in Dubai in June?

$80 to USD 150 per person, you should consider this could be varied based on budget-friendly or Luxury options.

Is Dubai as expensive as London?

Consumer Prices in London are 5.36% higher than in Dubai.

Is Dubai rich or poor?

Dubai is a rich city, Standing in 20th place among the richest cities on earth. New York City, Tokyo, and London are at the top of this list.

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