Dubai Metro Map And Information in Spring 2024

Dubai Metro

Dubai's Metro system, a key component of the city's public transportation, is the world's longest driverless network, offering an efficient way to explore the city's attractions. The driverless technology is intriguing, as it feels like the metro has a mind of its own, effortlessly navigating passengers across Dubai. Notably cost-effective, the Dubai Metro is a preferred choice for tourists. In this guide, we'll provide an overview of the metro routes, insight into Dubai's transportation system, and detailed information on the metro lines. Join us on this journey to unveil the Dubai Metro map and immerse yourself in the experience of this self-aware transport network.

Dubai Transportation System in Spring

Dubai is one of the most modern and beautiful tourist destinations in the Middle East and the world. Planning a trip to Dubai, like any other trip, requires gathering some information. Finding the right hotel, shopping mall, and list of attractions on the one hand and accurate and convenient navigation to reach them on the other is very important in the travel planning process. So, you should know about the status of different modes of transportation, like the metro, taxi, car rental in Dubai, etc., in each destination. It will help you better manage your time and the cost of your travel. 
The Dubai Metro is one of the modes of transportation in Dubai that connects most parts of the city. The cheapest and, at the same time, the fastest way to get around in Dubai is the metro. So, first, familiarize yourself with the metro map of Dubai so that you don't get into trouble while moving around in this city.
You'll know where to go and won't have any troubles on your journey if you familiarize yourself with Dubai metro stations and stops. So, come along with us as we examine all of the points linked to the Dubai Metro map

Dubai Metro Route Map

Dubai Metro Routes

The first thing you need to know is that the Dubai Metro includes two lines (red and green) that intersect at two stations, Burjuman and Union. So, if you want to go from one line to the other you would have to be at these two stations. 

  • Red Line:

 The red line is 52 km long and includes 29 stops; it connects Rashidiya in the city's east to Jebel Ali in the city's west. The line is comprised of twenty-four above-ground stations, four subterranean stops, and one flat station. Rashidiya to Jebel Ali is served by the Red metro line, which runs via Dubai International Airport, Deira, and Bur Dubai
Jebel Ali | Danube | Energy | Ibn Battuta | Nakheel Harbour & Tower | DMCC | DAMAC Properties | Nakheel | Dubai Internet City | Sharaf DG | Mall of the Emirates | First Abu Dhabi Bank | Noor Bank | Business Bay | Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall | Financial Centre | Emirates Tower | World Trade Center | Al Jafiliya | ADCB | Burjuman | Union | Al Rigga Deira | City Centre | GGICO | Airport T1 | Airport T3 | Emirates | Al Rashidya  .

  • Green Line: 

The green line on the other hand is shorter and orthogonal to the red line (i.e. it takes passengers from the south-eastern end to the north-western end and back) and has only 20 stations that are
Creek | Abu Jadaf | Dubai Healthcare City | Oud Metha | Burjuman | Sharaf DG | Al Ghubaiba | Al Ras | Palm Deira | Baniyas Square | Union | Al Din | Salah | Al Siddique | Abu Baker | Abu Hail | Al Qiyadah | Stadium | Al Nahda | Airport Free Zone | Al Qusais | Etisalat.
All these names may seem a little overwhelming, but don't worry, one ride on the Dubai Metro and you will come to know them by heart. Moving on now, here is some general information on the Dubai Metro including working hours, metro passes, fares, time traveled between stations, and so on.

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Dubai Metro Working Hours in Spring

  • Monday to Thursday: 5 am to 12 am (midnight)
  • Friday: 5 am to 1 am (next day)
  • Saturday: 5 am to 12 am (midnight)
  • Sunday: 8 am to 12 am (midnight)

Dubai Metro Fares and Usage in Spring 2024

If you’re choosing to use the Dubai Metro, you will certainly need to buy an NOL card metro passes can only be purchased in the form of NOL cards with no option for payment in cash or credit card. The different types of NOL cards and fares are explained as follows.

NOL CARDThe initial price of the cardFare for 1 zoneFare for 2 zonesFare for +3 zones
Red2 AED 4 AED6 AED8.5 AED 
Silver25 AED of which 19 AED counts as e-credit3 AED5 AED7.5 AED
Blue70 AED of which 20 AED counts as e-credit1.5 AED2.5 AED 3.75 AED
Gold25 AED of which 19 AED counts as e-credit8 AED12 AED17 AED

Dubai Metro Passes and Fares

NOL cards are initially purchased with separate values and are rechargeable. Fares are deducted from the card's stored credit, offering a convenient way to pay for Dubai Metro travel while allowing users to top up their cards as needed. Four types of NOL cards are available:

  1. Red NOL: the red NOL is a ticket (card) that is most suitable for occasional users or exact trips, and can be charged with credit for up to 10 trips. Red NOLs are valid for 90 days.
  2. Silver NOL: the silver NOL is a chip card that is suited for regular users who want to make frequent use of the metro or other means of public transport. Silver NOL cards are anonymous and don’t require any identification which makes them ideal for tourists and travelers. Silver NOLs are valid for 5 years.
  3. Blue NOL: this is the option for daily users. Blue NOL cards are personalized and are registered to the holder of the card; that means if a Blue NOL card is lost or stolen, the account balance will be kept in place.
  4. Gold NOL: like the silver NOL, the Gold NOL is also an anonymous chip card that allows the holder VIP access to Gold Class carriages, which might be of interest to travelers and tourists.  

Using your NOL card is easy. Just make sure that you always have at least 7.5 AED credit on your card. Once you reach a station, you must first check in by scanning your card on the e-reader. You must also check out once you’ve reached your destination so that the exact fare is taken from your card, otherwise, you will be charged the amount of a complete trip (start to end). Now that you have figured out how to use the Dubai Metro, here are a few notes to remember when using the metro based on first-hand experiences.

  • The Average wait time for a train is 3:45 minutes during rush hour and 7:00 minutes during off-peak hours
  • Since the trains are operated automatically, they arrive and leave stations at specific times
  • Trains and stations can be crowded during peak hours, so avoid these times if possible: 6 am to 8.30 am and 5 pm to 7 pm
  • Eating and drinking are prohibited in Dubai Metro cabins
  • Dubai Metro stations are often named after nearby landmarks, neighborhoods, and even financial institutions. Ask your hotel concierge to recommend the appropriate stations
  • There is free Wi-Fi on the trains, so you can stay connected throughout the journey
  • station map of Dubai, you can travel to many different stations. Whichever line you want to use, pay attention to Dubai metro timing so that you can reach your destination on time.

Detailed specifications of Dubai Metro stations

As we mentioned earlier, the Dubai Metro operates by two lines (Red and Green) that intersect at transfer stations where passengers can transfer from one line to another. Below is a description of the stations in each line and where they are located in the city. 

What are the stations of the Red Line metro in Dubai?

  1. R11 Centerpoint = Al Rashidiya.
  2. R12 Emirates = Garhoud (junction of Airport Road and Marrakech Street).
  3. R13 Airport Terminal 3 = DXB Airport Terminal 3.
  4. R14 Airport Terminal 1 = DXB Airport Terminal 1.
  5. R15 GGICO = Garhoud.
  6. R16 City Center Deira = Port Saeed.
  7. R17 Al Rigga = Al Rigga.
  8. R18 Union = Al Rigga (near Dubai Creek).
  9. R19 Burjuman = Intersection of Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Street and Khalid Bin Al Waleed Road.
  10. R20 ADCB = Al Karama.
  11. R21 max. = Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Road between Zabeel Park and Al Jafiliya.
  12. R22 World Trade Center = Sheikh Zayed Road between Dubai World Trade Center and Al Satwa.
  13. R23 Emirates Towers = Sheikh Zayed Road nearby Museum of the Future.
  14. R24 Financial Center = Between DIFC and Al Satwa.
  15. R25 Burj Khalifa/ Dubai Mall = Downtown Dubai (7-minute walk to Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall).
  16. R26 Business Bay = South of Downtown Dubai (close to Safa Park).
  17. R29 ONPASSIVE = Sheikh Zayed Road between the areas of Al Quoz and Al Safa.
  18. R31 Equiti = Sheikh Zayed Road near the major junction with Umm Suqeim Street.
  19. R32 Mall of the Emirates = Sheikh Zayed Road, between Al Barsha and Al Sufouh.
  20. R33 Mashreq = Sheikh Zayed Road, between Al Barsha/ Al Sufouh.
  21. R34 Dubai Internet City = Sheikh Zayed Road, between Barsha Heights (TECOM) and Dubai Internet City.
  22. R35 Al Khail = Sheikh Zayed Road, between Dubai Media City and the Emirates Golf Club.
  23. R36 Sobha Realty = Sheikh Zayed Road, between Dubai Marina and Jumeirah Lake Towers.
  24. R37 DMCC = South end of Dubai Marina and Jumeirah Lake Towers (between Cluster C and D).
  25. R38 Jabal Ali = Jebel Ali Free Zone.
  26. R39 Ibn Battuta =  Sheikh Zayed Road between D59 and D591 roads. 
  27. R40 Energy = Sheikh Zayed Road near the junction with D57 Road.
  28. R41 Danube = Sheikh Zayed Road between the D57 and E77 road junctions.
  29. R41 UAE Exchange = By Downtown Street on Sheikh Zayed Road past Jebel Ali Free Zone.
  30. R70 The Gardens = Gardens Boulevard between Discovery Gardens and The Gardens. 
  31. R71 Discovery Garden = West of the Discovery Gardens development.
  32. R72 Al Furjan = Between Al Furjan and Discovery Gardens developments.
  33. R73 Jumeirah Golf Estates = Close to the junction of the E311 and D57 (west of Dubai Production City and Jumeirah Golf Estates).
  34. R74 Dubai Investment Park = By the Green Community in Dubai Investment Park.
  35. R76 EXPO 2020 = Expo City.

Union Metro Station in Dubai

What are the stations of the Green Line metro in Dubai?

  • Etisalat Metro Station | Etisalat

Station No. 11, or Etisalat, is located on Al-Nahda Street between Al-Qawz and Al-Tawar districts.

  • Al-Qusais metro station | Al-Qusais

This station, number 12, is located on Al-Nahda Street, between Qusais and Al-Tawar.

  • Free Zone metro station | Dubai Airport Free Zone

The number for this station is 13.

  • Al-Nahda metro station | Al Nahda

The number of this Dubai metro station is 14, and it is located near the Al-Bustan shopping center.

  • Metro Stadium Station | Stadium

This station is for access to Rashid Stadium, and its number on the Dubai Metro map is 15.

  • Al-Qiyadeh metro station | Al Qiyadah

Station 16 is the Dubai Metro, which is located on Al-Ittihad Road, between the two districts of Hur Al-Anz and Al-Tawar.

  • Abu Hail metro station | Abu Hail

The station is on Salahuddin Street in Hur al-Anz, marked 17.

  • Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq metro station | Abu Baker Al Siddique

The number for this station is 18.

  • Salah Al Din metro station | Salah Al Din

It is station number 19, which is close to Al-Gharir Shopping Center and Reef Shopping Center.

  • Bani Yas metro station | Baniyas Square

Bani Yas Metro Station is located in the Deira district and has access to Al-Manal and Naif Souk. The number for this station is also 21.

  • Palm Deira Station | Palm Deira

Gold Bazaar and Hayat Regency are around this station, which is known as No. 22.

  • Al-Ras Metro Station | Al Ras

This station is located near the gold and spice market and the house of Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum, and its number is 23.

  • Al Ghubaiba Metro Station | Al Ghubaiba

This station is located a short distance from Al-Shandagha City Center and Al Ghubaiba Bus Station, and its number is 24.

  • Al-Fahidi Metro Station | Al Fahidi

The regional station is in Dubai, which is close to the Dubai Museum, the center of Al Ain, and the center of the Gulf. This station's number is 25.

  • Oud Metha metro station | Oud Metha

Station No. 27 is next to Rashid Hospital.

  • Dubai Health City Metro Station | Dubai Healthcare City

Attractions such as the Wafi Dubai Mall, Dubai Creek, and Dolphin Park are located near this station, and its number is 28 on the Dubai Metro map.

  • Al-Jadaf metro station | Al Jadaf

The number of this station is 29.

  • Kho metro station | Creek

Xu Metro Station is located in the southernmost part of Al-Jadaf and Khor Dubai. To get to Dubai, this station is the closest and is called No. 30. The Muhammad bin Rashid Library is also located near this station.

As soon as you enter the metro, there is a sign that says Dubai Metro timing for all lines. After checking the line you want, you can also check the arrival time of the subway.

Burjuman Metro Station in Dubai

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Last Word

In the dynamic city of Dubai, the Dubai Metro stands out as a beacon of efficiency, innovation, and convenience. Our comprehensive guide equips you with the knowledge you need to navigate this world-class transportation system effectively.
Dubai Metro's status as the world's longest driverless network is a testament to its cutting-edge technology. It feels like a self-aware entity, deftly guiding passengers through the city's marvels. Cost-effective and a favorite among tourists, it's the ideal way to explore Dubai's attractions.
Our guide covers the Dubai Metro's extensive network, with two lines intersecting at vital stations, providing easy access to the city's key destinations. The Red Line stretches from Rashidiya in the east to Jebel Ali in the west, with 29 stops in between. Meanwhile, the Green Line offers access from the southeastern to the northwestern ends of the city, with 20 stations.
For your convenience, we've included general information on Dubai Metro's working hours, fare structure, NOL cards, and passenger tips. With detailed station descriptions, you'll have a clear picture of the Dubai Metro's extensive reach.
As you explore the Dubai Metro map and immerse yourself in its self-guided technology, remember that Saadat Rent is here to complement your experience. Whether you choose to continue your journey via the Metro or seamlessly switch to a rental car, our transparent pricing, extensive fleet, and flexible rental options make us your ideal partner in Dubai. Make the most of your Dubai adventure, and let Saadat Rent enhance your travel experience.


Frequently Asked Questions about Dubai Metro.

How many Metro lines are there in Dubai?

Dubai Metro comprises two lines: the Red Line, connecting Rashidiya in the east to Jebel Ali in the west, and the Green Line, linking the south-eastern and north-western ends of the city.

Should I use the cabins for women?

No, women don't need to use the designated cabins on Dubai Metro. They are offered for convenience, but women can travel in any cabin.

 What is the gold class?

Gold Class on Dubai Metro offers spacious, luxurious cabins with leather seats and scenic views. Special tickets are required for this premium experience, available at ticket booths. Other sections are for standard passengers, women, and children.

What is the Gold NOL card's purpose? 

The Gold NOL card, similar to Silver, is anonymous and offers VIP access to Gold Class carriages, catering to travelers and tourists.

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