get a visa for iran

Get a visa for Iran

To get a visa for Iran, this law implies a policy that Iran has taken to enter the majority of citizens of a foreign country and their residence. Of course, this process is not the same for all citizens

Almost all countries of the world except people of Israel can travel to Iran to enjoy from great weather, historical and natural attractions, and Iranian foods, after having provided the necessary documents and obtaining a visa with having a valid passport (with a validity of at least six months) and staying for at least six months in their country.

Get a visa for Iran

get a visa for iran Iran visa rules

To get a visa for Iran, this law implies a policy that Iran has taken to enter the majority of citizens of a foreign country and their residence. Of course, this process is not the same for all citizens of the countries, it may take several months for American citizens with new political problems between Iran and the US. Even some Americans may have difficulty with valid credentials upon arrival in Iran.

get a visa for iran

To make this process easier for tourists who want to know how to get a visa for Iran, the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has provided conditions for examining your guest's file before arriving in Iran, and by providing a reference code, the visa process will be greatly reduced.

get a visa for iran Iran free zone

Foreign nationals can travel free of charge to Iran's free zones (Kish, Qeshm, Chabahar) for 14 days or less without a visa. It is clear that if this trip takes longer than 14 days or enters other cities in Iran, tourists should to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs office located in that free, and according to the rules of Iran, they would apply for a visa to Iran.

get a visa for iran Iran visa fee

Iranian visa fee depends on your nationality and its prices range from 40 to 150€

 Iran visa requirements

1. Passport with a minimum of six months' validation

2. Complete and sign the application visa form and one copy of it.

3. One passport size colored photo that is taken recently

4. A prepaid return Courier envelope

5. Applicable visa fee

 How to get Iran visa?

You have 2 ways to get a visa for Iran:

1. Personalize the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website and sign up for registration.

2. Act through a travel agency that has a visa permit. Of course, if you go through the agencies, you can get your visa more easily and faster.

Get a visa for Iran

The visa issue number (referrals or referrals) takes between 7 to 10 working days, with an immediate visa between 3 and 4 days reduced.

get a visa for iran

Iran's credentials for visas are 3 months, and tourists can reside 30 days in their Iran travel. If you need to stay in Iran again, you must apply for a visa. Staying over a certain period is against the rules and will be addressed to these people. And visa holders are required to comply with Iran's laws and regulations and will be treated in the event of non-compliance with the law of the Islamic Republic.

 Countries that do not need a visa for Iran

Days Country
90 Syria
40 Georgia
30 Turkey
30 Armenia
30 Blivia
20 Egypt
15 Lebanon
15 Azerbaijan


People of these countries, to increase the duration of their stay in Iran, can apply to the Iranian consulates or embassies in Iran. Also, if they are in Iran, they can go to the Iranian foreign policy and apply for an extension of the visa to extend their visa.

 Iran Visa On Arrival

People of these countries do not need to get an embassy to get a visa for Iran, and with having necessary documents can get their visa at the airport.

Brazil Bosnia and Herzegovina Belgium Belarus Bahrain Azerbaijan Australia Austria Armenia Argentina Albania
Greece Germany Georgia France Denmark Cyprus Cuba Croatia China Bulgaria Brunti
Malaysia Luxembourg Lebanon Kyrgyzstan Kuwait Japan Italy Ireland Indonesia India Hungary
Qatar Portugal Poland Peru Palestine Oman Norway North Korea New Zealand Mongolia Mexico
Switzerland Sweden Spain South Korea South Africa Slovenia Slovakia Singapore Saudi Arabia Russia Romania
Yugoslavia Vietnam Venezuela Uzbekistan United Arab Emirates Ukraine Turkmenistan The Netherlands Thailand Tajikistan Syria


Official documents required to obtain an Iran visa on arrival:

1. A valid passport

2. A confirmed return ticket with a 30day timeframe.

3. A photo is attached to the Iran visa application form.

4. Visa stamp fee, which you can pay to Iran Visa & Passport Office at the airport.

get a visa for iran

 which countries cannot get an arrival visa in Iran

Citizens from the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Iraq, Colombia, Jordan, Somalia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Bangladesh are not allowed to obtain an airport visa. And be sure to go to the Iranian Consulate or embassies to enter the visa at the passport and get a visa from Iran.

get a visa for iran Can US citizens get visas for Iran?

Citizens from the three countries of the United States, Britain, and Canada will only be able to obtain a tourist visa from Iran to travel on a tour in Iran. In the meantime, citizens of the United States, other than the requirement to travel in the form of an Iran tour, must travel throughout the entire journey along with one of the approved tours of cultural heritage sites, the State Department, and the police of foreign nationals.

Get a visa for Iran

The travel plans for the nationals of these three countries should be identified, such as accommodation, attractions to be visited, exact dates of arrival and departure, and in some cases the routes to be visited must be mentioned.

Documents for US, UK, and Canada citizens to get Iran visa

Host documents:

1. Scan the first page of the birth certificate

2. National card scan

3. Address and contact number of work and life

4. Host's job

Guest documents:

1. First page of a passport scan

2. Staff photo Scan

3. Address of the place of residence

4. The name of the guest's father

5. Guest Occupation

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