Don't forget to buy these Iranian souvenirs in your trip!

Best Iranian souvenirs and handicrafts When you travel to a country, besides the experiences of exploring all new cultu...

Best Iranian souvenirs and handicrafts

When you travel to a country, besides the experiences of exploring all new culture and attractions, you want to take something with yourself from there, maybe a piece of that memories, a souvenir or handicraft can be a goof memorable thing for you.

Best Iranian handicrafts

Every corner of Iran has unique souvenirs and handicrafts and specialties that have become souvenirs of our country. But which kind of handicrafts are popular among foreign tourists? Have you ever been to somewhere and get stuck in buying souvenirs and you cannot choose?

Best Iranian souvenirs

So if you are going to travel to Iran and experience visiting the most beautiful iran tourism attraction and you are worried what you can buy from Iran for your friends and family and even for yourself, You don’t need to worry because in this article we will introduce the popular souvenirs of Iran among foreign tourists.

The woven carpets

Iranian woven fabrics such as carpet, Gelim, Gabbeh, Jajim and ... are very popular among foreign tourists and the reputation of the Persian carpets and rugs is global. The existence of diverse designs and colors is one of the reasons for the popularity of this art among iranian souvenirs.

Best Iranian souvenirs and handicrafts

Most tourists take a small piece of this carpet, Gelim, Gabbeh or Jajim as a recipe to their country from their iran tour. You can discover the beauty of these handicrafts in Tehran, Kashan, Tabriz, Isfahan and Shiraz bazaars.

Traditional Iranian fabrics

There are various fabrics in different regions of Iran, some of which are decorated with prints and some with different Embroider. Fabrics such as cashmere, calico, woven fabrics and ... are among the most famous of them.

Iranian souvenirs


One of the oldest handicrafts in Iran is Giveh. Giveh is a traditional shoe in Iran, which we can find in different regions of Iran. The most famous Giveh is also found in the mountainous areas of Zagros, including Kermanshah.

Iranian souvenirs

These shoes have a leather cavity and a woolen surface. These shoes are also popular among foreign tourists, and some buy it as a decorative object.

Khatam Kari

Watching the art of decorating will attract any tourist. Khatam Kar artists from the combination of wood, metal, and bone, made an artistic work such as jewelry boxes, picture frames, backgammon and more.

khatam kari iranian souvenir

These works are from popular souvenirs among foreign tourists. Naqsh-e Jahan square in Isfahan and the Vakil bazaar are a good place to buy this art.


On your trip to Isfahan, you probably will see these enchanting dishes. Enamel is one of the most famous souvenirs in Iran, which is found on the Naqsh-e Jahan bazaar in Isfahan.

Enamles in iran

The works of enamel are basically copper dishes that are often decorated with blue ornaments on their surface with miniature designs or miniature flowers. These works are usually sold in the form of a pot, plate, cup and so on. Enamels or Mina Kari is another popular souvenir of foreign tourists.


Pottery in Iran has a long history. This antiquity has made the pottery attractive for foreign tourists and made them as souvenirs.

iranian souvenir pottery

Pottery sites such as Laljin Hamedan, Meybod and Natanz are among the most famous cities to buy pottery.


If you walk in traditional Iranian bazaars, one of the things that will attract you is precious and semi-precious gems. Among all the rocks in Iran, turquoise has a special place in iranian culture.

Turquoise iran

Another thing that catches the heart of the foreign tourists is this gorgeous blue rock. You can find ready-made stone jewelry or buy raw rocks and ask them to make jewelry as you want. The city of Neishabur is a good place to buy turquoise due to its mines.


Among Iranian souvenirs, nuts such as pistachios, almonds, walnuts ... are very popular among foreign tourists. Pistachios from Kerman, Damghan, and Sabzevar are famous in our country.

iranian souvenir nuts


Saffron, also known as the Red Gold, is one of the most famous and most expensive Iranian souvenirs and spices in the world. Saffron of Iran has good value and quality between the saffron in other countries.

iranian souvenir saffron

Saffron is famous in the cities of Khorasan province in Iran and has become one of the original souvenirs among foreign tourists.

Ghaz and Sohan

The other popular food among foreign tourists who takes them as souvenirs to their countries is Ghaz and Sohan of Isfahan and Qom.

Iranian souvenir Gaz

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