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Don't miss this article; best restaurants in the capital of Iran

But every city has several popular restaurants that are usually offered to you if you travel to a city. There are plenty of great tehran restaurants, and in this article, we are going to introduce a number of iranian food restaurants in Tehran.

If you want to travel to Iran and enjoy Iran tourism and visit the attractions of this unique country, Tehran is the first city you are going to land in, the Capital of Iran, a city that is an attractive mixture of modernity and traditions of Iran. 

Iranian food in restaurant

Best restaurants in Tehran

So, if you want to stay in Tehran for a few days, you may want to have a meal in one of the restaurants in this metropolitan city. But finding the best Tehran restaurants is not easy. Because this city like many other big cities has so many restaurants for every taste these days that is not easy to choose from them.

iranian food

But every city has several popular restaurants that are usually offered to you if you travel to a city. There are plenty of great Tehran restaurants, and in this article, we are going to introduce several Iranian food restaurants in Tehran.

Mestooran restaurant; a meal in the old Tehran

If you want to have dinner in a restaurant with traditional Iranian architecture, the Mestooran restaurant between Tehran restaurants is a great option for you. When you enter this restaurant, you feel that you traveled to the past, when Tehran was called Tehran. You can easily feel the atmosphere of 100 years ago. Besides the restaurant's atmosphere, the food of this example of Tehran restaurants has really good quality. 

Mestoorn restaurant

Besides the food and atmosphere, the names of the meals on the menu are also very interesting, for example, you can order the most popular food in this restaurant, the Shahnameh kebab and they will bring it on the sword for you. Well with these names, it is better to consult a waiter before ordering food about the food you chose.

Shemroon kebab restaurant, the best kebab you can taste in Iran 

If you want to taste the best kebab between Tehran restaurants, be sure to visit Shemroon kebab restaurant during your stay in Tehran.

Shemroon kebab

The restaurant's space is a little bit small, and it may take some time till your turn, especially on holidays and the weekends, but the Shemroon restaurant kebab is so tasty that it's worth the hours of waiting.

Moslem Restaurant, the most famous Tah Chin between Tehran restaurants

Moslem restaurant, one of Tehran restaurants, is known as the best restaurant in this city even among tourists who travel to Tehran for the first time in their Iran tour. Moslem Restaurant is in the grand bazaar of Tehran. 

Moslem restaurant

The long line at noon in front of the Moslem restaurant is a testimony to the popularity and quality of this restaurant’s food. The Chin is one of the most popular cuisines in this restaurant. Dishes in the Muslim restaurant are full, and every meal is enough for almost two people. As we mentioned, you may need to wait in a long line to eat in this restaurant, but believe me, these “Tah Chin”s are worth it.

Morshed Restaurant, Tehran's best traditional restaurant

In a Morshed restaurant, you can try the most delicious traditional Persian food. The restaurant's space is a bit tiny, but it has a beautiful design and Iranian decoration.

Morshed restaurant

What sets the Morshed restaurant up is the restaurant's speed in preparing food, so when you’re really hungry and you cannot wait, here is the best suggestion for you. Just a few minutes after ordering, your food is on a plate and you can enjoy it

Sharaf al-Islami; another old restaurant in the grand bazaar

Imagine you go shopping in the grand bazaar on your trip to Tehran, and you've gotten tired and hungry, it will be a great idea to have lunch in one of Tehran restaurants, especially the one that is famous among the local people of the bazaar because that means it’s a really good one.

Sharaf al Islami restaurant

Sharaf al-Islami is one of these restaurants. This restaurant is located in a very old underground and friendly atmosphere. Here, instead of a pin, they will give you a metal chip for the food you order. Be sure to try Tah Chin and Kebab in this restaurant.

The traditional Azari coffee house; a coffee house that recorded as a cultural heritage

This restaurant between all the Tehran restaurants is not considered as "the best restaurant in Tehran" for all the people who go to it. Going to the traditional Azari cafeteria, which records as a cultural heritage and archaeological site of Tehran; is considered for those who like to spend time in the old days of Tehran. 

Azari cafe

When you enter this cafe, you will notice the antiquity of this restaurant from its ceiling and walls. This cafeteria also has hookah in a room that is separated from the dining room and if you’re lucky enough, you may have a chance to experience hearing the live traditional music there. The most famous food in Azari restaurants is Dizi and Kashk-e Bademjoon. This restaurant is an affordable one between Tehran restaurants. Do not forget to try the traditional dough here!

Gol Rezaieh Cafe & Restaurant; One of the oldest cafes in Tehran

For over 70 years, Gol Rezaieh is one of the oldest Tehran restaurants. Wooden decoration, colorful windows all make a nostalgic atmosphere in this cafe. But the thing that made this café so special is that here was the hangout of Forough Farrokhzad and Sadegh Hedayat. 

Gol Rezaieh cafe

The table that these two Persian poets and writers always sat on is still in the same shape and position as its old style, though this desk is permanently booked by the France Embassy and their guests always sit on this table.

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