Why should we visit Iran in spring?

Why should we visit Iran in spring?

The beautiful spring season, one of the year's four seasons, has a mild climate after cold winters and hot summers. During this beautiful season, day and night are closer to each other and will be moderate in this regard. You Iran in this season to see the world in different sight. No season has as much travel as spring. So, you can easily travel to Iran at a low cost and enjoy all the perfect places in spring.

When you smell spring, it reminds you of the Nowruz holidays and travel. This holiday is an excellent starting point for exploring Iran's most picturesque cities. But keep in mind that spring is a fantastic time to visit, especially in May, when the entire country looks like heaven.
Best places in Iran that you should visit in spring

There is an opportunity to use the best weather of the year in spring, and nothing is more attractive than traveling in spring.

best places that you should visit in spring

Shiraz, the land of poetry and literature

Shiraz is the first place you should visit in this country in the spring. Shiraz is the orange spring of Iran, which is full of unique beauty. Shiraz has many historical and tourist attractions, and the best time to visit it is in the spring because you have the opportunity to visit monuments such as Persepolis, the tomb of Cyrus, and Pasargadae in the best weather in Shiraz. 

Some perfect places in Shiraz are:

  • Eram Garden of Shiraz

Eram Garden is one of the 9 Iranian gardens whose name is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. This garden with a very beautiful and pleasant atmosphere and suitable facilities is one of the sights of Shiraz that brings you happy moments. In this garden, you have the opportunity to wear traditional clothes and take a souvenir photo with them. The last point of this place is the plants. The plants of this garden are very spectacular and unique and the highest cypress of Shiraz is among them.

eram garden in shiraz

  • Qalat village of Shiraz

Qalat village is one of the spectacular attractions of Shiraz, which has been nationally registered as the first historical-natural rural texture of Fars province. The best thing about this place is the suitable amenities are provided for visitors. This village has important historical monuments such as a church, baths, and other historical attractions and it is easily accessible and close to the city center.

Qalat village of Shiraz

  • Shiraz World View Garden

It is the oldest garden in Shiraz and one of the most beautiful Iranian gardens. In this garden, you will see one of the museums in Shiraz and it has a pleasant atmosphere to get away from worries and have a pleasant walk. This place is one of the best places for visiting in spring.

Shiraz World View Garden

Isfahan in spring

There are various religions of Armenians, Jews, Christians, and Muslims living in Isfahan, and perhaps this factor encourages travelers to get to know more about the people of this city and to be curious about their personalities.

  • Khajoo Bridge, asymmetrical crown over the Zayandeh River

This beautiful work was built during the reign of Shah Abbas II and is considered one of the architectural wonders of its time. Khajoo Bridge was built with an asymmetrical design on the Zayandeh River. This effect has had functions such as dam and regulation of water flow and has remained intact throughout history.

khajoo bridge

  • Isfahan Vanak Church and Museum

Several Armenians living in present-day Armenia moved to Isfahan and settled in a village southwest of Isfahan. They named that village Julfa. Vank Church is one of the most beautiful churches in Iran and one of the tourist attractions of Isfahan, which has a mixture of Iranian and European architecture. Inside the church, there are artistic decorations including bedding, painting, and gilding. Next to the church, there is a valuable museum where exquisite paintings, manuscripts, and other exquisite art objects can be seen.

vank church

  • Thirty-three bridges

Thirty-three bridges or Al-Lahordi Khan Bridge is a bridge with 33 spans, 295 meters long and 14 meters wide, which was built by Al-Lahordi Khan on Zayandehrood in Isfahan during the reign of Shah Abbas Safavid and is the place of watering ceremony and The Armenian Khajushvians of Isfahan were in the Safavid period. You can visit this perfect place in spring.

one of the best places in isfahan



Gilan is one of the other northern provinces of Iran, which is one of the most pleasant and pristine natures of Iran with its temperate and humid climate. Gilan is full of rivers and is bordered by the Caspian Sea and the Alborz Mountains.

  • Anzali Wetland

Anzali wetland, which has fresh water, has spread its wide table for valuable animal and plant life and hosts tourists. You can go boating on the surface of the lagoon.

one of the best places in gilan

  • Masal Gilan

Masal is a mysterious and untouched city of Gilan. Ancient caves, vast and lush landscapes, small and intimate shrines, and finally the place of martyrdom of Mirza Kuchak Khan, are the sights that invite people to Masal.

one of the best places in gilan is masal

  • Chamkhaleh beach

Convenient facilities, shopping malls, relaxing hiking trails, and pristine beach scenery are some of the facilities of this beach.

Chamkhaleh beach

Kurdistan Province

One of the best places that you should visit in spring is Kurdistan. Kurdistan is far from the sea and is located in the heart of the mountains. This mountainous province hosts vast plains and wide valleys and has a pleasant climate. The climate of Kurdistan is influenced by the humid masses of the Mediterranean.

  1. Zarivar Lake

Zarivar Lake, known to some as Zaribar, is only 3 km west of Marivan. Zarivar has a mild and pleasant spring and summer. In autumn and winter, the weather in this region is cold and dry, and due to the freshness of the water, the lake freezes.

Zarivar Lake

  1. Oramanat

There is an area on the border between Iran and Iraq that many tourists visit every year. What makes Oramanat beautiful is the rugged and winding rivers with beautiful winding valleys and the towering mountains and clouds that seem to be sitting on the ground are some of the most unique views of Oramanat nature.


  1. Palangan steppe village

This village with its special architecture and beautiful landscapes is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Kurdistan. This village with its special architecture and beautiful landscapes is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Kurdistan. Stone has been used in the architecture of the village. Bushy springs and flowing waterfalls around the village have given a unique look to the face of the village. This village is one of the most attractive places in Kurdistan that you should visit for even one time.

Palangan steppe village

As you know, Iran is a country with four seasons. You can travel all around this country in each season that you like and enjoy the weather that is specialized for that season.  So, don’t waste your time, pack your things and start your travel to Iran.


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