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Renting Cerato from Saadat Rent is a smart choice for those seeking a blend of comfort, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. Kia Cerato, with its modern design and reliable performance, offers a hassle-free driving experience on the beautiful and varied roads of Kish. The car, with its comfortable interior and optimized fuel consumption, is suitable for any type of trip in the city or on highways. Saadat Rent, with its easy rental services and competitive prices, ensures that your journey in Kish is comfortable and satisfying.

Self drive
Price of renting Kia Cerato in Kish

From 1 to 6 days:32 €Daily
From 7 to 20 days:31 €Daily
More than 20 days:30 €Daily

Documents for hiring a kia cerato in Kish 

Tourists and visitors must provide the following documents at various car rental branches in Iran:
For Tourists and Visitors:

For Residents Renting in Iran:

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