Rent Lifan x60 with driver in Iran

Rent Lifan x60 in tehran

The Lifan x60 is one of Saadatrent’s economy-model SUVs that is good for travelling in the city and trips outside the city. It is an economy SUV that is the cheapest among SUV models leased by Saadatrent Car Rental and is only available in the form of Chauffer drive, which means it can only be driven by the designated driver by Saadatrent. So, if you’re looking to lease a car that you can drive yourself, it would be better to go with our sedan models such as Kia Cerato Rental in Iran which also falls in the same price range as the Lifan. Despite not being a top-selling brand, the Lifan does offer performance that feels like a true SUV. The only setback is the material used for the interior design, which it makes up for by having a low price. 

Chauffeur drive
Price of Rent Lifan x60

10 hours available : 50 $
suburban kilometer : 1 $
Airport transfers : 30 $

What are the features of Lifan x60 car rental in Iran?

The Lifan x60 offers standard features you would expect from a car such as an air conditioner, an air conditioning system, electric side mirrors, a reverse gear sensor, a child safety lock, a third brake light, a rear window heater, an electric lift window, a rear wiper, front and rear fog lights, a trunk and tank door opener from the inside, central locking and door opening warning system, an anti-theft system, a child safety lock, an adjustable telescopic hydraulic steering wheel, and light adjustment. One peculiar aspect of the car is manual transmission, which means you would have to be familiar with switching between its 5-speed gears. 

How to rent Lifan x60 with Chauffer in Iran?

The process for renting cars with Saadatrent Car Rental is quite straightforward as the entire process is done online. All you have to do is visit our website, select the service you would like to get (self-drive or chauffer driven), then choose from among Saadatrent’s fleet of available cars, and finally set your pickup and drop off locations. You’ll also be asked to submit documents required for car rental in Iran, which is explained in the following section. It is important to know what these documents are, especially if you’re a visitor travelling to Iran. 

Documents required for renting cars with chauffer in Iran

Renting cars with a chauffer means that you will not be needing a driver’s license. However, for means of identification you will be required to present the following information:

Car rental information for models leased by Saadatrent in Iran

When renting cars with Saadatrent you will be offered various services and insurance packages that help you in making a risk-free decision.  

Included car rental services by Saadatrent

All models leased from Saadatrent Car Rental are offered with the following services:

Car rental insurance packages by Saadatrent

At Saadatrent we offer only two forms of car insurance including base and premium LDW. Both packages cover financial liability, although they differ in terms of how much the renter will be liable in the case of damage or an accident. 

Basic insurance:

This is the package offered for all models from Saadatrent Car Rental, free of charge. The base package covers: 

Daily price: free
Premium Loss Damage Waiver (LDW) insurance:

The LDW insurance is the premium insurance package offered by Saadatrent Car Rental that minimizes the financial liability of the renter to their initial security deposit. With LDW premium insurance you get:

Daily Price: 35% of daily rental rate


What are client's ask the most about the Lifan x60 rental in Iran.

Can I rent a Lifan x60 to drive myself?

Unfortunately, the Lifan x60 is only offered in the form of chauffer drive. This is because the car is generally used as a bridal car or individuals who have to talk a lot on the phone. 

Can I rent a Lifan for a few hours?

The minimum duration for leasing a Lifan x60 from Saadatrent Car Rental is 10 hours with a driver, so you would have to pay the minimum value even if its just a few hours.

Can I take lease the Lifan for suburban travels?

Yes, this option is possible, although an additional rate of $1 per kilometer will be charged to the client

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