Arrizo 6 rental in Iran

Rent a MVM Arizo 6 in Iran 2023 with SAADATRENT

Explore Iran with the MVM Arizo 6 from Saadatrent, a local favorite known for its roomy interior and large trunk, ideal for long journeys. This economical and comfortable sedan, equipped with options like baby seats, ensures a practical and enjoyable travel experience. Easy online booking adds to the convenience, making your trip planning seamless.

Self drive
MVM Arizo 6 rental price in Iran 2023
2022 - 2020

From 1 to 5 days:55 $Daily
From 6 to 13 days:50 $Daily
More than 13 days:45 $Daily

Leasing your MVM Arrizo 6 in Iran

Take joy in the smooth and noiseless experience of riding the MVM Arizo 6 with SAADATRENT
by your side. All you need is to fill your information online and we’ll get this car to you like snap.

Renting an MVM Arrizo 6 in Iran

Car model / Cost per dayDailyWeeklyMonthly
MVM Arizo 6 202358 $55 $52 $
MVM Arizo 6 202257 $54 $51 $
MVM Arizo 6 202155 $52 $50 $

If you’re looking to drive through the wondrous cities of Iran and still save on your money, then the MVM Arrizo 6 is your go to. You can easily rent an Arrizo 6 with SAADATRENT for a mere $45 per day which is a relatively low price compared to other options. This 4-door sedan is one of the latest cars manufactured by MVM that is both economic and yet sporty. 

Please note: The prices provided are based on seasonal averages. For the most current and accurate pricing, kindly refer to our online booking platform on the website.

Why opt for the MVM Arrizo 6?

Reasons one might choose the Arrizo 6 may vary for different individuals, but in a general sense here are its main features

Why SAADATRENT Car Rentals?

SAADATRENT is a pioneering startup in the business of renting cars. The company offers various options for leasing cars, along with detailed descriptions and comparisons of cars that can accommodate the needs of all users, especially those who are sensitive about what type of car they drive. SAADATRENT is perhaps the most trustworthy option for leasing your desired car in countries like Iran, Emirates, Turkey, Russia, and Germany. With its team of brilliant talents, the company is able to provide 24/7 services as well as various inclusive packages counting on insurance, maintenance, on-time delivery, and last but certainly not least, clear prices. All processes for leasing your car are done online, so you can rent a car without even having to get up from your seat. Should you choose to rent a car from SAADATRENT, you will need the following documents:

Required documents for leasing cars (Tourist Edition)

Tourists settling on SAADATRENT for renting cars are required to provide the following information and documents:

NOTE: leasing ultra-luxury cars requires the original passport (not a duplicate) 

Steps to leasing your desired car online with SAADATRENT

  1. Select your desired car from the list of available cars 
  2. Wait for customer support to contact you within a maximum of 2 hours to confirm your registration and rental process
  3. Have your car delivered to you at your location of choosing

Included Rental Services: 

The standard insurance package offered by the company covers basic financial protection. However, renters are liable for any significant damages to the assigned properties. The basic package coverage includes: 

Users also have the option of going for the LDW package which is a complete Loss Damage Waiver that minimizes the renters’ financial liability to only the deposited amount. This package covers:


How old do I need to be to rent a car?

The minimum required age to rent a car is 19, anyone under the age cannot make any attempts to rent cars at SAADATRENT.

Can I rent a car for a few hours?

Cars leased by SAADATRENT are rented for a minimum of 2 days, so any user who would like to rent cars from the company would have to pay the required amount for at least 2 days, regardless of how many hours the car is used. 

Can leased cars be used for inter-city travels?

Yes, all cars leased by the company can be used to travel from one city to another. The only issue to keep in mind is the due date for returning the car and the location where it is returned. Also, leased cars cannot be taken outside the borders of the issuing country; in this case you can change the initial location (countries of Iran, Turkey, Emirates, Russia, Germany) where you would like to rent cars with SAADATRENT. 

Can I bring my pet inside the car? 

Pets are not allowed in cars as per the policy of SAADATRENT and certain precautions taken for reducing damages to properties. 

Do you also offer special seating for children?

All cars leased by SAADATRENT have the option for secure child seats that are safely put in place in the rear seats. 

Are tour-guide services also provided?

With SAADATRENT you have the option of employing a driver, who can also act as a local tour-guide given the training they take at the company. 

If you have any questions about this product, or if you'd like to share your experience or feedback, please leave us a comment. We'll respond quickly!

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