One of the best buses produced by Scania in Iran is Scania Maral series bus. This series is produced in Iran by Aqab Afshan Company and is used for intra-urban, extra-urban and transit trips. The passenger capacity of the Scania Maral bus is available in the standard class with 44 seats.Scania Maral series has features such as cooling and heating system, air conditioning system, as well as audio and video system (two LCD monitors, one digital sign to announce the route in front of the fire alarm system), double-glazed rear and front windows, refrigerator and coffee. Welding and hidden light system for the roof and the entry and exit stairs are for the comfort of the passengers and the driver. Also, having a very good view while driving by the driver and having electric mirrors of the Maral model has become one of the best.You can request to rent Scania Maral bus from Saadat Rent Company. It is possible to rent this bus model with a driver, that's why you don't need to provide a ticket and you can make your reservation just by sending a message on WhatsApp to our colleagues.