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Rent a Volvo S60 in Istanbul with SAADATRENT

Embark on a journey through Istanbul's enchanting blend of ancient history and vibrant modernity from the comfort of a Volvo S60, courtesy of SAADATRENT. The S60, a testament to Volvo's impeccable Swedish engineering and design, promises both safety and luxury as you navigate the city's intricate lanes and expansive boulevards. With SAADATRENT's trusted services, you're not just renting a vehicle; you're securing a premium travel experience, ensuring every drive through Istanbul becomes a cherished memory.

Self drive
Volvo s60 rental price in Istanbul

From 3 to 6 days:900 ₺Daily
From 7 to 21 days:890 ₺Daily
More than 21 days:880 ₺Daily

Volvo S60 Features

The Volvo S60 is a quintessential representation of Scandinavian craftsmanship and design. It seamlessly combines luxurious comfort, advanced safety features, and a performance-oriented driving experience. From its intuitively designed cabin to its efficient powertrain options, the S60 showcases Volvo's commitment to creating vehicles that prioritize the driver's and passengers' well-being without compromising on style or performance.

Engine OptionsPetrol, diesel, and hybrid powertrains available
Transmission8-speed automatic transmission
Infotainment9-inch Sensus touchscreen, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and premium sound options
InteriorLeather seating, panoramic sunroof, and tailored dashboard with advanced ergonomics
Safety FeaturesCity Safety with collision avoidance, Pilot Assist, and multiple airbags
ExteriorLED headlights with Thor's Hammer daytime running lights, aerodynamic design
Fuel EfficiencyVaries based on engine choice, competitive within its segment
Boot SpaceSpacious cargo with split-folding rear seat for added flexibility

Essential documents for renting a car in Turkey

When renting a car in Istanbul, the required documentation can differ based on regional regulations. For our self-drive service, please refer to the specific requirements listed below. If you have any queries or need further clarification, our experts are readily available via WhatsApp to assist you.

Required documents for tourists and visitors:

 Note: In case of delivery of the car at the airport, it is necessary to present a plane ticket 

Required documents for people living in Turkey:

Note: Your home or hotel location, room number, correct phone number, and first and last name are also required.

Rent a Volvo S60 or Renault Megane in Istanbul?

Navigating through Istanbul's mesmerizing interplay of history and contemporary charm demands a vehicle that complements the experience. The Volvo S60, with its epitome of Swedish luxury and safety, ensures a sophisticated and serene journey amidst the city's bustling energy. Its plush interiors and advanced driving dynamics are ideal for those seeking premium comfort. In contrast, the Renault Megane rental in Istanbul, a symbol of French design and efficiency, offers a more compact and agile solution, perfect for weaving through Istanbul's tight alleys and vibrant marketplaces. Both the S60 and Megane come with their own set of strengths, be it the opulence of Volvo or the practicality of Renault, ensuring that your travels in this historic city are nothing short of remarkable.

Rental Detail

Included Services:

  1. Complimentary GPS System.
  2. Generous 150 km/day allowance.
  3. Round-the-clock Roadside Assistance.
  4. Standard insurance coverage.

Standard Insurance

Our base insurance package, provided with all our vehicles, encompasses fundamental financial protection. It's crucial to understand that with this insurance, renters bear financial responsibility for any significant damages.

Coverage includes:

✓Extended Roadside Assistance

✓Saadatrent Safety Commitment (SSP)

✓Full Theft Protection

Price Daily: Complimentary

"For further information or if you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to our 24/7 customer service—we're here to assist you."


What is a deposit?

A deposit is an amount that is paid to the car rental company at the time of renting a vehicle. It serves as a guarantee for the return of the car and for paying any driving fines.

Can deposits for car rentals in Istanbul be paid in Lira?

Yes, we also accept other methods of transfer including BTC and USDT

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