BMW 630 rental in Saadatrent  It is possible to rent a vehicle for a wedding with or without a driver. This automobile is simple to reserve online, so you may plan a special evening for yourself.

The bridal vehicle is rented for 15 hours (from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.). If you rent a BMW 630 without a driver, someone in another vehicle will accompany you until the conclusion of the ceremony and will then collect up the car from you after the ceremony.

When hiring a bridal car with a driver, no specific paperwork is needed, and the company's driver is in charge of all obligations.

This vehicle has a variety of comfort features, such as a navigation system, TV with a front screen, USB audio memory system, CD player with six CD bands and sophisticated recording, gear shift lever behind the steering wheel, laminated glass with a heater, and luggage net for passengers. mirrors with anti-radiation coatings, memory-assisted electric seats, automated headlight control, distributed parking system, etc.