The h350 van is among the ceremonial vans suitable for intercity trips, which has a capacity of 13 passengers and separate cargo space. If you need a spacious and ceremonial van for ceremonial and office service, out-of-town travel, this van can be one of the best choices. The h350 van is rented with a driver and no documents are required. At the same time, all the responsibilities of the van, including damages caused by accidents, driving crimes, and theft, are the responsibility of the driver, so you can easily continue your out-of-town or in-town trip with pleasure and without worry.

The H350 van has amenities such as: seat heater, cool box, front and rear sensors, rear view camera, electric mirrors, Bluetooth, cruise control, trip computer, light sensor, rain sensor, 4.2 inch TFT screen, ventilation system There is a single automatic air conditioner with an outlet for the rear passengers. To rent an H350 van, you can make a reservation through a WhatsApp message to colleagues.