Today, minibus rental is widely used for all kinds of travel and transportation. Renting a minibus is suitable for school camps, school services, tourist tours, pilgrimage trips, research trips, etc. Taking into account a wide range of customer needs and according to the type of travel, Bonny Bus rents different types of minibuses.Hyundai Cross minibus has a capacity of 16 people. Hyundai Cruze minibus has a lifting jack, ROM system to keep the car in sharp turns, EPC system to prevent the minibus from locking on slippery roads, HAC system to protect from steep slopes, first aid box, tool box and fire extinguisher. It is an address.
It is possible to rent a Hyundai Cross minibus with a driver, and you can register your rental request by sending a message on WhatsApp to the colleagues of Saadat Rent. There is no need to provide special documents for renting, and all responsibilities and damages of the car are the responsibility of the driver.