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Mitsubishi ASX rental in Dubai 2023 with SAADATRENT

Welcome to SAADATRENT Car Rental Dubai, UAE, where your Dubai journey finds its perfect partner in our Mitsubishi ASX. Experience the city's dynamic rhythm in a vehicle designed for both comfort and style. Book the Mitsubishi ASX with SAADATRENT today and make every journey in Dubai a memory to cherish. With an exceptional online car rental process, your next journey in Dubai is just a few clicks away. If you need any assistance, please feel free to contact our 24/7 customer service.


Drive Dubai with SAADATRENT’s Mitsubishi ASX

Dive into a seamless blend of comfort, style, and performance. As a city that melds the traditional with the avant-garde, Dubai demands a ride that complements its essence. Here’s what the Mitsubishi ASX offers:

Mitsubishi ASX een Specs

ModelMitsubishi ASX
Engine2.0L MIVEC
TransmissionCVT Automatic
Max Power148 HP
Max Torque197 Nm
Fuel Economy7.6L/100km

Why Choose Mitsubishi ASX with SAADATRENT?

Car Rental Dubai price list

Rates that Respect Your Budget: 

    Daily: Explore Dubai day by day with our unbeatable daily rates.

    Weekly: Extended stays become adventures with special weekly packages.

    Monthly: For those calling Dubai home for a month or more, find exceptional value in our monthly offers.

the requirements for renting a car from SAADATRENT

Essentials for All Renters:

    Valid driver's license (UAE license or international permit).
    Passport or Emirates ID (for UAE residents).
    Deposit or cash guarantee (refunded after 25 working days post-driving inquiry check).

For Tourists and Visitors:

    Copy of international driver's license.
    Copy of passport.
    Copy of Dubai tourist visa.
    If picking up the car at the airport, a plane ticket is required.

For Dubai Residents:

    Dubai driver's license (Note: International licenses are not accepted for long-term Dubai residents).
    Passport copy.
    Dubai residence card or visa.

Additional Information:

Please also provide details like your home or hotel address, room number, contact number, and full name for a hassle-free rental experience.

For a detailed guide on our car rental requirements in Dubai, follow the provided link. We've made it easy to ensure your car rental process is smooth and convenient.

Rental Details

Inclusions: Free GPS, Complimentary 150 km/day, 24/7 Roadside Assistance, basic insurance
Basic Insurance

Saadat rents basic insurance, which includes the most basic types of insurance and financial resources. This insurance is standard on all vehicles, and you should keep in mind that under basic insurance, the renter is financially responsible for any capital losses.

    Extended Roadside Assistance
    Saadatrent Safety Pledge (SSP)
    Complete theft coverage
    Minor damage coverage (MAC)
    Exemption Decrease Value (EDV)

Price Daily: Free
Full (LDW)

The most comprehensive foreign rental car insurance (LDW) package contains all coverages and limits your financial liability to the amount of your deposit. You will obtain the most recent Saadat Rent model if you choose this insurance. This form of insurance only covers rental automobiles and is not the same as third-party insurance or body insurance.

    Extended Roadside Assistance
    Saadatrent Safety Pledge (SSP)
    Complete theft coverage
    Minor damage coverage (MAC)
    Exemption Decrease Value (EDV)

Price Daily: 19 AED

Rent a Mitsubshi ASX EEN in Dubai or a Toyota Cross

The Mitsubishi ASX EEN offers a blend of performance and style, ideal for navigating Dubai's vibrant streets, thanks to its powerful 2.0L MIVEC engine and spacious interior. On the other hand, the Toyota Cross rental in Dubai, with its reputation for reliability and fuel efficiency, is well-suited for longer trips around the UAE. Both vehicles come with modern amenities, but if you prioritize a slightly sportier drive, the ASX EEN might be the pick, whereas those seeking dependability might lean towards the Toyota Cross.

Mitsubishi ASX EEN vs Toyota Cross rental compare

Mitsubishi ASX een vs Toyota Cross rental price comparison

Car modelDaily rental CostDeposit
Mitsubishi ASXAED 220AED 1200
Toyota CrossAED 220AED 1200

Flexible Pickup & Delivery Across UAE

At SAADATRENT, we prioritize your convenience. That's why we offer seamless car pickup and delivery services all across the UAE. Whether you're located in the heart of Dubai or the serene landscapes of Ras Al Khaimah, we've got you covered. If you don't find your desired location in our online booking tab, don't fret. Simply reach out to our dedicated customer service team, and we'll make the necessary arrangements to cater to your needs. Your journey, your terms.

Need Assistance?
Contact our helpline at +971545553250.


Are there age restrictions for renting a car?

Yes, renters must be at least 19 years old to rent a car.

 Is insurance included in the rental price?

Basic third-party liability insurance is included in the rental price. However, we recommend renters consider additional comprehensive coverage options for added protection.

When can I expect the refund of my security deposit?

After you return the rented vehicle, the deposit paid upfront will be returned to you after 25 days.

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