Mazda 6 rental in Kish

Rent Mazda 6 in Kish Island

Elevate your journey across Kish Island with the Mazda 6, a sedan that epitomizes the perfect balance between elegance, performance, and convenience. Whether cruising along the sun-kissed beaches or exploring the vibrant bazaars and resorts, the Mazda 6 ensures a ride marked by flair and dependability. You can rent this car without a driver from Saadatrent and start your journey.

Self drive
Rent Mazda 6 rental price in Kish

From 1 to 6 days:38 €Daily
From 7 to 20 days:37 €Daily
More than 20 days:36 €Daily

Mazda 6 Rental in Kish Features

Required documents to rent a car from SAADATRENT in Kish Island

  1. copy of an international driving license or driving license from your country of residence. (Driving with the license of your country of residence is only valid for 6 months after entering Iran)
  2. Copy of passport
  3. Copy of tourist visa
  4. In the case of a request to deliver the car at the airport, it is mandatory to provide a plane ticket.
  5. Deposit This amount will be returned to you after the return of the car.

 Why rent a Mazda 6 in Kish?

Renting a Mazda 6 in Kish Island offers travelers the opportunity to experience a blend of luxury and performance, ideal for traversing the island's picturesque landscapes. The Mazda 6's sleek design not only commands attention but also ensures effortless navigation through Kish's lively spots. Equipped with state-of-the-art amenities, it promises an unmatched driving pleasure while exploring the island's gems. For those aged 19 or above, the Mazda 6 is available for rental without a driver, setting the stage for an independent and memorable adventure in Kish.

Insurance Packages for Car Rentals at Saadatrent:

Saadatrent offers two distinct insurance options: basic and premium. These packages vary in their financial coverage and the kind of vehicle available to renters.

This standard insurance is automatically included with all Saadatrent car rentals and provides foundational financial security. However, clients who opt for this package will be financially responsible for any major damages incurred during the rental period. The coverage comprises:

  1. Extended Roadside Assistance
  2. Saadatrent's Safety Assurance (SSA)
  3. Comprehensive Theft Protection
  4. Daily cost: Complimentary

For those seeking an enhanced safety net, the premium package limits the renter's financial liability to the deposit amount. This means that any potential expenses arising from mishaps will not exceed the deposit value. This comprehensive package includes:

  1. Extended Roadside Assistance
  2. Saadatrent's Safety Assurance (SSA)
  3. Comprehensive Theft Protection
  4. Extended Liability Coverage (ELC)
  5. Minor Damage Coverage (MDC)
  6. Excess Waiver Value (EWV)
  7. Premium Damage Waiver (PDW)
  8. Daily cost: 35% of the daily rental rate.


Here we are going to answer some questions:

What is the minimum age to lease a car through Saadatrent?

To lease a vehicle from Saadatrent, you must be at least 19 years old, aligning with the typical legal age for obtaining a driver's license in numerous nations.

Can I rent a car in Kish Island with a driver?

No, you can rent a car without a driver in Kish Island from Saadatrent.

In Kish, do luxury and economy cars have mileage limits?

Yes. Economy car rental in Kish= 150km

Luxury car rental in Kish= 120km

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