Shiraz souvenirs and handicrafts; What to buy in Shiraz?

shiraz souvenirs

Shiraz souvenirs and handicrafts

Shiraz souvenirs are so popular among the visitors of this city; from the most delicious traditional sweets to handicrafts and local arts. If you are planning to travel to Shiraz, you may be wondering what are the Shiraz souvenirs and where should you buy them? We will answer these in this article.

Shiraz is one of the cities in Iran, which has become one of the most popular cities for tourists due to its historical and recreational attractions. The Shiraz souvenirs, like the souvenirs of other cities, consist of two main parts that each of them is like an art and unique for everyone.

One of the Shiraz souvenir sections is food, which usually includes traditional sweets and local products, and the second part is handicrafts, which include beautiful and valuable works of art. Some of Shiraz Souvenirs like handicrafts are not only found in Shiraz but also in other cities in Iran, such as Isfahan.

Shiraz souvenirs and handicrafts

Shiraz is one of the historical and cultural cities in Iran with an important position in Irantourism and is also considered as one of the cradles of Iran's most prestigious empire. Besides all of these Shiraz souvenirs also are so popular among tourists. Shiraz compared to other cities of Iran, hosts more foreign tourists than other cities of the country. And that’s because there are many historical monuments, beautiful gardens and its especial Iranian culture that make it famous in the world.

Shiraz souvenirs and handicrafts

Everyone who wants to take an Iran tour, visit Iran closely, and get acquainted with the culture of our country will choose Shiraz as its first destination for IrantourismShiraz souvenirs have many fans among all Iranian souvenirs and we can divide them into two categories: edible souvenirs and handicrafts.

Edible souvenirs

Shirazi Faloodeh

The most special edible souvenir of all Shiraz souvenirs, which is one of the cool and delicious desserts of this city, is Shirazi Faloodeh which is available in cafes, markets, and even Shiraz sights and attractions. A sweet and tasty dessert, which helps you to visit all the sights of Shiraz with more energy.

Shiraz souvenirs and handicrafts

If you want to try the number one Faloodeh in Shiraz, you better go to Naser khosrow street in Shiraz Northern side of the Karim Khan citadel to taste the most delicious sweet of all Shiraz souvenirs.


Youkhe is a kind of sweet from Shiraz souvenirs that are made with thin paste, sugar, and cinnamon, and is wrapped like Kermanshah Kak and slices thin.

Shiraz souvenirs

You can buy Youkhe from the Shiraz baker shop that is named “Keshavarz” on the South Ambassador Boulevard.


The most delicious sweet of all Shiraz souvenirs is Masqati, which is called Shirazi Halva. In the markets of Shiraz, there are various kinds of Masqati, including Pistachio, Rose, or saffron Masqati, The most popular one among all of them is Larestan Masqati.

Shiraz souvenirs and handicrafts

If you are looking for buying these Shiraz souvenirs of good quality, you can buy them from Vakil Bazaar.

Candied almonds (Badam Sookhteh)

Candied almond is a delicious, long-lasting sweet that is listed in Shiraz souvenirs and is made of roasted almonds in melted sugar. Reza confectionary is one of the best places to prepare this delicious sweet.

Shiraz souvenirs and handicrafts

Shiraz herbal essences

Shiraz is surrounded by beautiful gardens due to its special weather conditions, which made Shiraz famous for its herbal essences. Among all these Shiraz souvenirs, The most commonly used herbal essences are Bahar Narenj, Bidmeshk, and Nastaran.

Shiraz souvenirs

Each of these plants has many healing properties that are recommended in traditional medicine for different occasions.


Shiraz is one of the most important cities in Iran in the field of handicraft production. The artists of this city, with great talent, create the most engaging works of art as Shiraz souvenirs. Of course, many of these Iraniansouvenirs and handicrafts are not specific to Shiraz.

Shiraz handicrafts


Khatam Kari is one of the finest and most beautiful Iranian handicrafts that is also is considered as Shiraz souvenirs. This valuable art is made up of putting together regular, delicate wood pieces in different colors and shapes.

Shiraz souvenirs and handicrafts

To construct Khatam, artists use various materials such as ivory, bone, wood, and gold. These very beautiful Shiraz souvenirs are laborious and need care and patience. This art has a long history and its peak and flourishing dates back to the Safavid era.

Besides Khatam Kari, etching (Qalam Zani), pottery, and Vitreous enamel (Mina Kari) are also Shiraz souvenirs that you can read about them in this article: Isfahan souvenirs and handicrafts

Silver objects and dishes

When you walk in the Shiraz markets, silver objects and dishes attract every tourist's attention.

Shiraz souvenirs and handicrafts

Silver is one of the branches of metalworking, and the Shiraz artists with great taste and accuracy make these objects you can buy different types of pottery, candies, cups, and other containers and containers and objects as Shiraz souvenirs.


Traditional glassblowing is still popular in many parts of the world. skilled artists make glass from the combination of alkali-silica and melt it in the furnace, forming melted material by hand, by molding, or by blowing it in it.

Shiraz souvenirs and handicrafts

This is a long-standing handicraft in Iran, and you can see glassworks from ancient times in museums or buy the new ones as Shiraz souvenirs.

Felt Alabaster

Making Felt Alabaster is one of the toughest works that Shiraz artists make it. Felt is made of camel, goat, or sheep hair and is prepared after a hard process.

Shiraz souvenirs and handicrafts

It is very time-consuming to make felts because these substrates do not have a warp and they are made of wool. These Shiraz souvenirs are some of the priceless works of art that you can buy.

Ceramic dishes and objects

In Estahban in Fars Province, dishes and ceramic objects as Shiraz souvenirs are produced in different qualities and colors. In the past few years, Estahban was selected as a special ceramic pottery site and Estahban Ceramic Pottery was recorded as part of the spiritual heritage of Fars province on the spiritual list of the country.

Shiraz souvenirs and handicrafts

In Shiraz, you can buy ceramic products as Shiraz souvenirs from different shops.

Wood carving

Woodcarving is one of the most beautiful handicrafts on wood. Engraving is the art of carving on wood.

Shiraz souvenirs and handicrafs

You can buy a variety of engraved products such as Shiraz souvenirs as a gift for your family or friends.



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