Top 6 Museums in Dubai: A Cultural Odyssey


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If you are yet to explore Dubai’s wealth of museums, now is the time. And if you thought there were not many museums in Dubai, well you woud be wrong as there are heaps of interesting museums in town that are just waiting to be explored. Just open your mind, check your pockets, and get on the plane for your new journey.

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Visiting the Museums in Dubai:

Like any other country in the world, visiting museums is as easy as just going to that country, but don’t let that distract you from the information you might miss out on when you’re in that particular country.
For each person, there are more than one possibility to enjoy visiting any country’s museums

  1. Purchasing your tickets to the country yourself and just paying some museums a visit.
  2. Hire a travel planner for your visits and stick to the schedule they might arrange for you
  3. Or pay for a traveling package and join a tour to enjoy visiting a venue.

In all of these scenarios, Dubai plays a fantastic role in providing enough tourism-related connections for anyone in the world to enjoy visiting this city in the most suitable way.
Visiting Dubai’s museums, whether on your own or through any sort of travel services and packages, needs its own tips and tricks.

What to expect from Dubai’s museums

One tip for you as a visitor in Dubai, wanting to entertain yourself, is to know which museums of Dubai are the most recommended to visit first hand.
The most recommended museums in Dubai are the Coin Museum, Dubai Coffee Museum, Etihad Museum, Museum of Illusions, Museum of the Future, Naif Museum Dubai, and Pearl Museum.

Coin Museum

Fancy yourself as a coin collector (or numismatic if you so please)? Then check out this museum that gives you real bang for your buck. It’s a smaller museum than others, with some 470 different coins in eight rooms spread out over two floors, each containing a different theme.

Currency on display comes from numerous eras and geographical regions including Egypt, Turkey, and the UAE, and entry is free, so visitors don’t even have to worry about parting with their own cash at the door.

Coin Museum
Credit: thenationalnews

Dubai Coffee Museum

Coffee has been a part of Middle Eastern heritage for nearly as long as it has been a drink. This tribute to caffeine consumption is dotted with intriguing artifacts and showcases a wide selection of antique items, illustrating regional and international coffee history and culture. The ground floor is divided into zones reflecting the traditions of different coffee-drinking cultures, and upstairs you’ll find the literature room, which displays texts related to coffee. End your caffeine-fuelled tour with a cup of Joe at the custom-built brew bar.

Coffe Mueseum
Credit: cntraveler

Etihad Museum

Want to know about the modern history of the UAE? Get down to the Etihad Museum where visitors can learn more about the years after the country’s discovery of oil and the formation of the state. With seven golden pillars and a curved roof signifying the pens and paper which signed the agreement, this is a spot for history buffs to explore.


Dubai Etihad Museum
Credit: archdaily

Museum of Illusions

Boggle your mind with perception-distorting puzzles, optical trickery and bizarre sensory experiences. From anti-gravity rooms to an infinity tunnel and clone table, the Museum of Illusions is best enjoyed with a group of mates. This is one that offers guests hour’s worth of fun and photos (and being fooled).

Museum of Illusions
Credit: Museum of Illusions

Museum of the Future

This isn’t an average museum. The stunning exterior is a Sheikh Zayed Road landmark, while the equally striking indoor space features three floors of immersive exhibitions, which are focused on the potential futures of various things from outer space, to health and wellbeing to bioengineering. Pay a visit to get a glimpse of all of the exciting things that could soon be possible in the near future.

Future Museum
Credit: Saadatrent

Naif Museum Dubai

Offering free entry, the Naif Museum showcases the history and evolution of police services in Dubai (after all it was the city’s first-ever police station). In the Naif Fort building, visitors will have a chance to glance at old police uniforms, medals, police badges, weapons, and detention rooms.

Naif Museum Dubai​
Credit: promolover

Pearl Museum

Founded by Ali Bin Abdullah Al Owais and Sultan Al Owais, the museum highlights the instruments, tools and techniques divers and sailors used to harvest and ship pearls for trade. It’s time to dive into the UAE’s history.

There are definitely more magnificent museums in Dubai available for visitors, but we are not going to bore you with a list of all the museums in Dubai, so we would count you for finding about all of them on the internet.

Pearl Museum​
Credit: theworldfolio

Costs of attending museums in Dubai

Thanks to the technology, providing enough connections for us to access almost everything we want, everybody is able to purchase entrance tickets to any museum in Dubai. In some cases, when a traveling package or a tour is purchased for a visitor of Dubai, the cost of the museums’ (that were planned to be visited) entrance is included in the cost of the package or tour itself, otherwise, visitors are fully able to attend the museums and purchase the tickets as they enter the facility at ease. The Dubai Museum entrance fee is between AED 3 to AED 1. In the case of some museums in UAE (like Miraj Museum), an entrance does not exist and a visitor is able to pay the museum a visit and enjoy spending their time.

Bitter truth in visiting museums of Dubai

The most common forgettable factor in traveling to any country (not just UAE) is the transportation. Transportation in any country makes it difficult for visitors and tourists to calculate the fees they will pay for getting from one location to another. Visitors come to a city to see the scenery that the city offers, and without a solid way to know the fees that they are going to pay for any type of transportation in the city, relying on assumptions is the way to go (which is not an optimum way to do it). In most cities, like Dubai, major locations (like museums) are scattered in different locations (even like Dubai to have most of its museums clustered in one neighborhood). One good way to get rid of hassles about transportation is to purchase tours and packages to travel to a certain place, but what if you need the flexibility of time, place and need to stick the limitation of your budget as well?

For that case, the optimization is to use automobile rental services. These type of services gives you the hassle-free options (as you are able to attend the company’s website and reserve the car you can choose freely, with or without a designated driver).
For more than 50 museums in Dubai, famous ones of which being quite separated, it is both baffling and confusing for a visitor (who does not know the city) to stay up all night, planning everything for tomorrow; rather than just turning in early, in order to go around the city after just 5 steps: waking up, taking a shower, eating breakfast, getting in the car, and just go as your destinations shows on your map.

Options for visiting museums in your comfort zone

Visitors looking to rent a car in Dubai have a plethora of options available, from luxury models like the Toyota Landcruiser to more budget-friendly choices such as the Nissan Sunny. These rentals, available with or without designated drivers, are offered at various fees ranging from AED 89 to AED 577 daily.

The goal is to have fun

In the end, every traveler knows their way around the cities they visit, and for those who are most likely to make the most of attending the museums, well, good for you want to know about that nation’s history and culture. Dubai, being the icon of luxury and postmodernism, will always be the place to amaze travelers. Having a tourism-centered economic strategy has made it possible for Dubai to not only provide a vast amount of amusements (such as making the most modern museums) but also have so many options for travelers to choose from for their best time in this city.
No matter if you want to visit Dubai yourself or with a tour, think about where you want to, and what you want to do, and always prepare for the “bitter truths” of a trip.


Now let’s answer some questions:

What is to most visited museum in Dubai?

According to Dubai, The Museum of the Future is the most visited museum in Dubai with over 1 million visitors annually.

Is Dubai Museum free to visit?

As far as the entrance fees go in Dubai, attending a museum requires the visitor to pay for the entrance.

How long does it take to see the Museum in Dubai?
As an average, the time required to visit a museum in Dubai varies between 2 to 3 hours

Which museum is the most beautiful building in the world in Dubai?

As claims, The Museum of the Future has opened in Dubai. The Seven-story pillarless landmark has been described as “the most beautiful building in the world”. Standing at 77 meters tall it features a stainless steel facade illuminated by 14,000 meters of Arabic calligraphy.

Why visit old Dubai?

The Dubai Heritage Village in Old Dubai takes you back in time as it has preserved the old styles of living in Arabian villages.


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