Personal Travel Guide for Dubai – To-Do Lists


هیچ داده ای یافت نشد

As soon as you enter Dubai, you’ll need a place to stay the night, a car or any daily transportation method, a plan to whens and where to visit to have the best time

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General rules of thumb

There is a checklist of what you need to consider and take care of when you want to travel to Dubai, without any tour or any sort of travel package. This checklist includes Entrance, Flight, Accommodation, Transportation, Locations to visit, Entertainment in Dubai, Where to eat, and Where to shop.

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Having a plan before entering Dubai is important. Getting your visa, as part of your preparation plans, has its own procedure to take care of.


As the last stage of your process of preparing for your great trip to Dubai, acquiring your tickets is the most important part.


Whether you’re in Dubai looking for a place to stay, or still in your home country looking for a place to reserve in Dubai, considering your options is a big part of your preparation for accommodation in Dubai.


Well, now you’re in Dubai and trying to find ways to arrive at the places you want to visit in Dubai. Transportation methods, as vast as they are in Dubai, are important to be chosen carefully in the most optimum way.

Locations to visit

As part of your preparation plan for your journey through Dubai, knowing where you want to go and visit, to make your travel to Dubai richer, is a big burden to take on.

Entertainment in Dubai

Dubai is considered to be one of the birthplaces of innovation in both luxury and entertainment, having a solid guiding plan in Dubai about your entertainment choices, could be a great idea.

Where to eat

As long as you’re on your trip in Dubai, you’re eager to search for local food centers to try out foods that you either have searched, and wondered about trying, or just want to experience the local perspective of it.

Where to shop

As much as we want to deny shopping in the destination of our trips, we all can agree that shopping is one of the important parts of a trip, especially in Dubai.

Dubai trip preparation

Like any other destinations to travel to, Dubai is a place to “know before go” as well. According to, there are some questions that will occur for any traveler. When to visit, what to pack, essential documents, common financial hassles, tracking electricity and
emergency, accommodation research, what to wear and how to dress up, about local etiquette, about equality in Dubai, capturing memories in Dubai, alcohol consumption, medications, public manners, transportation, about holy places, Arabic language, LGBT and Dubai, Food in Dubai, political gatherings, Dubai deserts and the sunbath.

The view of the city of Dubai
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When to visit

Best Time:
November to March is the best time to visit Dubai when the temperature ranges from 30° C to 12° C, and the weather is reasonably comfortable. Moreover, the Dubai Shopping Festival is held in December, which is exquisite, and you get every product from brands across the world. Avoid:
However, it is better to avoid visiting in February due to torrential downpours during this month. Extreme Conditions:
Visiting Dubai in the month of April-October would be an uninformed decision as it would be almost impossible to go outside due to the hot and humid weather and you would be stuck to air-conditioned malls and fancy spas.

Travlers in Dubai
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What to pack?

For your luggage, whatever you forget, do not forget to pack large bottles of sunscreen. Dubai weather is unforgiving, and it is recommended to carry sunscreen with the highest SPF formula you can find. Carry deodorants and body/face wipes, sunglasses, hats, water bottle, mosquito repellent etc

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Essential Documents

Well, this is the most important part. Double-check and triple check your documents, make photocopies of them and carry the photocopies with you at all times while keeping the original documents locked in your hotel. Be sure to check with your local embassy for visa requirement which is prone to changes.

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Common Financial Hassles

Money, however, is pretty safe to carry in the UAE. The official currency of the country is AED or United Arab Emirates Dirham, commonly shortened to DH. You can get your currency exchanged from many local shops which actually, tend to offer a better exchange rate.
International credit and debit cards are widely accepted too. Stealing is hardly a problem in the country due to its strict legislation. However, it is better to be safe than sorry.

dubai money
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Track Electricity and Emergency

Make sure that you have your list of emergency contacts and an emergency number list of Dubai. UAE accommodates 220V electricity. Thus, be sure to carry a universal adapter and travel charger.

Dubai mall
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Accommodation Research

Do does not just jump into booking an expensive hotel. Read and research about your stay options keeping your budget in mind, for Dubai has something to offer to every traveler.
However, book in advance to avoid chaos. Flight tickets and hotels are exclusively cheap during summer, but you would practically boil should you choose that season to visit Dubai.

so uptown hotel
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Dress Up Appropriately

First, we need to remember that Dubai, no matter how modern, liberal, or progressive it is, is an Islamic country where locals respect their culture and traditional values. You can dress up as much as you would like because well, the city is quite fashionable, but be sure not to hurt the sentiments of your host city. It is better to cover your shoulders and knees. Dubai is a tourist place, and you need not dress traditionally in an abaya or a kandora, but revealing too much skin in public places is generally frowned upon. Of course, it would be weird to not wear a swimsuit, shorts, or a bikini on a beach and you can dress the way you would on any other beach. Blend in, rather than offend someone’s sentiments, and dress according to the occasion and the place you are visiting. Moreover, most of the time, the temperature is scorching. So, unless you would like your skin burned with the harmful UV rays, you better cover-up.

Hijab in Dubai
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Observe and Note Local Etiquette

Dubai, being one of the largest Emirates and a tourist place is relatively modern in its outlook as compared to its neighbor Sharjah or any other Middle Eastern city. However, there are a few basic rules you need to keep in mind if you don’t want to make a tour of the prison, being handcuffed. Remember the movie, ‘Sex and the City’? Well, the situation is not too unrealistic. First and foremost, kissing in public is an uncompromising no-no, even if it is a peck on the cheek, let alone snogging. Since Sharia Law is observed in UAE, unmarried couples are advised to book different accommodations. Last, but not the least, swearing in public would earn you a ticket behind bars. The “F” word is unappreciated, and it is better not to make any references to religious entities.

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Equality in Dubai

As for women, Dubai is a city where women are respected. Rid your head of the misnomer that women are ill-treated in Dubai. But there are certain unsaid rules you should keep in mind while you are in an unfamiliar environment where there are certain etiquette. Do not offer your hand for a shake to a man you have just met, or any, for that matter, as it is scorned upon unless he does. It is better to nod or smile to show your respect or acknowledgment. If you are below 25 years, let someone you know accompany you while you go out. Yes, the independence of women is necessary, but life and safety is a priority.

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Capturing Memories

Going to one of the most hyped-out cities in the world and not clicking the picture is almost a sin! For all the photographers out there- yes, it is impossible to contain your excitement but also vital to remember a few tips. Please remember to ask someone for permission if you would like to take their pictures. Avoid taking pictures of Muslim women. Also, avoid capturing pictures of government buildings, airports, docks, military or industrial installations etc.

Dubai: rtim

Alcohol in Middle East

Speaking of alcohol, restaurants, your hotel and bars will offer you the widest range of drinks from the cheapest beer or spirits to the sumptuous champagne. Although the minimum age limit is 21 years, a few bars do not allow people below 25 years of age to drink. If you want to buy alcohol in the city, you need a liquor license to buy one, and it is expensive. However, you can also buy alcohol from the airport shop which is offered duty-free, but there is a certain limit to your purchase, which would be checked in the customs office. During the holy month of Ramadan, hardly any restaurant or bar would provide you alcohol, even if you are a tourist or a non-Muslim.

The view of the city of Dubai
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Medication and Drugs

Drugs are strictly prohibited, and Dubai has a zero-tolerance policy toward drug abuse. If you are taking medicines with you, do not, I repeat, do not forget your prescription. It is safer to carry only the amount you would need for the duration of your stay. Also, remember that poppy seeds are banned in UAE because it is a source of opium.

Free Parking in Dubai
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Ramadan, Eating in Public is Offensive

It is considered rude to eat in public places, especially public transportation in Dubai. Although visitors and non-Muslims are not prohibited from doing so, it is considered polite not to drink (even water) or eat in public during the holy month of Ramadan.

ramadan in dubai
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Transportation choices

While a lot of websites and blogs would suggest you to hire a private taxi, let’s not forget how cheap your traveling would become with having a car rented at your demand. You can use that money on food and shopping instead. If you want a comfortable traveling experience and you like driving around the city yourself (or even having a driver to do so), go for renting yourself a car (with any model that you desire) but do download Google maps and remember the important landmarks. You can’t expect your driver to know every nook and corner of this enormous marvel of a city. If you are on a budget or would like to keep your traveling expenses low, why not opt for less luxurious models of rental cars? Most of the essential landmarks are easy to drive to from everywhere. So if you would like to rent a vehicle, you would need an international driving license. While the wheels are on the left, vehicles keep to the right side of the road in Dubai.

Prohibit the Footwear at Houses and Mosques

Dress modestly if you are visiting a mosque. You can opt for loose-fitting, full-length clothes. It is advised to cover your head too, as the traditional Muslim women or men would. This is also a chance for you to flaunt your abaya or a kandora/dishdasha if you have bought one at the local market. Be sure to remove your shoes, even if you are visiting a local household and use your right hand to give or receive something.

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Knowing Arabic in Dubai

Well, it may surprise you, but a large proportion of the population in Dubai are immigrants from other Asian countries. You need not speak Arabic at all, as English is the most commonly used language in the city. Even Hindi, Urdu, Bengali, Tamil and Malayalam are quite standard due to the influx of Indians to the Gulf nations. Other than that, Chinese, Persian, Tagalog are among the numerous languages spoken in the city. Common Phrases: Inshallah – God has willed Shukran – Thank You

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LGBT and Dubai

Since Dubai and the entire country of UAE follows a strict Sharia Law, any sexual relationship other than one of heterosexual marriage can result in punishment or deportation for a non-citizen. It is therefore advisable to not come out while you are in the country.

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Food in Dubai

The best part of Dubai apart from shopping is the food. Be it traditional cuisines from all over the world in the Global Village, or an expensive and fancy restaurant or the mouth-watering street food, Dubai is a heaven for foodies. If you are a vegetarian, your choices may be limited, but if you are a non-vegetarian and take great joy in exploring the enormity of cuisines, the streets of Dubai is your place. It ranges from the local delicacies to the best Shawarma to the traditional food of various countries including India, Lebanon etc. to the best-grilled chicken from KFC. Don’t worry about hygiene. The Emiratis, as well as Expatriates in Dubai, take great pride in creating a healthy and safe environment.

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Keep Away From Political Gatherings

As a tourist, it would be a waste to ruin your stay by being dragged into unnecessary trouble. The Middle East nations are disturbed by terrorism. It is, therefore, best to avoid political gatherings or demonstrations as these areas are more prone to attack.

Police in Dubai
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Desert and Sunbath Experience in Dubai

Last but not least, Dubai is so much more than the multistoried skyscrapers and shopping malls offering you a variety of brands. Divulge yourself in a day of sunbathing beside the Persian Gulf or take a safari to the red sands of the Arabian Desert. Do not forget the Dubai Creek where the city began or the beautifully structured Palm Jumeirah.

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Accommodation in Dubai

There is a wide range of accommodation available in Dubai, from luxury hotels to more affordable options. Whether you’re looking for a place to stay for a business trip or a family holiday, you’ll be able to find something to suit your needs. Dubai is a bustling city with a lot to offer, so make sure you choose a place to stay that will give you the best possible experience.

Types of Accommodation in Dubai

Accommodation in Dubai can be broadly classified into five categories: luxury hotels, serviced apartments, holiday homes, villas, and hostels. Luxury hotels are ideal for those who want to experience the best of Dubai’s nightlife and shopping. They offer world-class amenities and services, and are located in the city’s most popular districts. Serviced apartments are a good option for families and long-term visitors, as they offer more space and privacy than hotels.

Holiday homes are perfect for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, and villas offer a more exclusive experience for those who want to truly relax and unwind. Hostels are a great choice for budget-minded travelers.

Hotels in Dubai

When you are planning a trip to Dubai, it is important to find the best accommodation for your needs. There are many different types of hotels in Dubai, from luxury to budget-friendly options. If you are looking for a luxurious experience, there are plenty of 5-star hotels that offer world-class amenities and service. If you are on a budget, there are also many affordable hotels that will provide you with a comfortable stay. It is important to research all of your options and compare prices before booking your hotel. By taking the time to find the best Dubai accommodation for your needs, you can ensure that you have a wonderful trip.

Serviced Apartments in Dubai

Looking for a place to stay in Dubai can be overwhelming, especially if you don’t know where to start. However, serviced apartments are a great option for many people, as they offer a wide range of amenities and services.

Vacation Rentals in Dubai

When it comes to finding the best Dubai accommodation for your needs, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, you’ll want to decide whether you want a hotel, an apartment, or a villa. Second, you’ll need to consider your budget and what type of amenities you’re looking for. Third, you’ll need to decide whether you want a short-term or long-term rental. And finally, you’ll need to think about your location and what type of neighborhood you’re looking for. With all of these factors in mind, you should be able to find the perfect Dubai accommodation for your needs.

Accommodation in Dubai on Budget

If you’re looking for the best Dubai accommodation on a budget, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, consider what your needs are. Are you looking for a place to stay for a few days, or do you need a longer-term solution? If you’re only planning to stay for a short time, then a hotel is probably your best bet. But if you need something longer term, then an apartment or villa might be more suitable. There are many websites that can help you compare prices and find the best deals on accommodation in Dubai. Once you’ve decided on what type of accommodation you need, it’s important to research the area where you’ll be staying. Consider things like safety, and proximity to attractions.

Locations for You to Stay

Most people want to be near the beach when they come to Dubai, and for good reason. The city’s stunning coastline is one of its major draws. If you’re looking for a place to stay that’s close to the sand and the sea, there are plenty of great options to choose from. Jumeirah Beach is one of the most popular areas for visitors, and there are plenty of hotels and resorts in the area to choose from. If you want to be closer to the action, Downtown Dubai is a great option. It’s home to some of the city’s best shopping and dining, and you’ll be within easy reach of all the major attractions.

Amenities You Get in Dubai

When looking for the best accommodation in Dubai, there are many factors to consider. One important factor is the amenities that are offered by the accommodation. Some of the amenities that you may want to look for include a swimming pool, a fitness center, and a restaurant.
Another important factor to consider is the location of the accommodation. You will want to find an accommodation that is close to the attractions that you want to visit.

Things to do in Dubai

In this section of the article, I try to list the most recommended places to visit in Dubai, while describing what you can do in these locations.

Burj Khalifa

“At the Top” Burj Khalifa is an observation deck located in the iconic Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building situated in Dubai. It offers visitors a stunning panoramic view of Dubai and its surroundings, providing a unique and unparalleled experience. At the Top is located on the 124th and 125th floors of the Burj Khalifa, while At The Top Sky is located on the 148th level.

Dubai Fountain

Dubai Fountain is the world’s largest choreographed water fountain located in the beautiful Burj Complex. This dancing fountain surges as high as 150 meters in complete synchronization with classical, Arabic, and other popular world musical numbers. Forming beautiful arcs and jumping to the beats, this fountain was designed by California-based WET, the creators of the Fountains of Bellagio in Las Vegas. The show begins in the evening every day, and the best way to approach it is through the Dubai Mall.

The Dubai Mall

The Dubai Mall is a world-renowned shopping and entertainment destination located in the heart of Downtown Dubai, near the iconic Burj Khalifa. It is one of the largest malls in the world, with more than 1400 stores, a large walk-through aquarium, a world-class ice rink, 14,000 parking spaces, and more exciting experiences for shoppers.

Desert Safari

Desert Safari is one of the top things to do in Dubai. The Desert Safari trip starts with a driver of a 4*4 car, arriving at your pick-up point and taking you to a standard stop. Visitors can experience desert camping with a delicious Arabian dinner, belly dancers, and other traditional performers. Day safaris hold you in for an adventure as you get to try out Dune Bashing, sand boarding, quad biking, camel rides, and more.

Global Village

Global Village in Dubai is a unique and popular cultural and entertainment destination. It’s an expansive, open-air theme park and market that brings together cultures from around the world, offering visitors a global experience in one location. It opens from October to April every year.

Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai Miracle Garden is a breathtaking, world-renowned botanical garden located in the Dubailand district of Dubai. It’s acclaimed for its stunning display of colorful flowers, unique floral arrangements, and imaginative landscaping, making it a prominent attraction in Dubai. It is open only from October to April every year.

The Dubai Frame

The Dubai Frame is the world’s largest frame structure inspired by the logo of the World Expo 2020, located in Zabeel Park. The major highlights are the galleries holding audiovisual representations and projections ranging right from the city’s origin to the future scape and the glass bridge walkway. From Deira’s Old Town to the Dubai Marina, one can witness a panoramic view of old and new Dubai through the frame.

The Museum of the Future

The Museum of the Future, located in Dubai’s Financial District, bridges the gap between the present and the future by blending technology and traditional art forms. It is split into three zones: the green hill, the building, and the void. By bringing researchers, ecologists, investors, and environmentalists under its umbrella, the museum aims to create solutions to the possible problems that cities might face in the coming years. Spread across seven floors, this latest architectural marvel was added to Dubai in February 2022 and has been a tourist favorite ever since.

Kite Beach

Kite Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Dubai located in the Jumeirah area. Known for its vibrant atmosphere, water sports, and recreational activities, it is set against the iconic Burj Al Arab creating a stunning and photogenic setting. As the name suggests, Kite Beach is renowned for its water sports, particularly kite surfing. The consistent wind conditions and flat water make it an ideal spot for kite surfers of all levels.

Palm Jumeirah

Palm Jumeirah is a stunning man-made island and one of the most iconic landmarks in Dubai. It is designed in the shape of a palm tree, with a central trunk, a crown of 16 fronds, and a crescent surrounding the outer edge. The fronds and crescent of Palm Jumeirah are home to a mix of luxurious villas, apartments, high-end hotels, world-class dining, and exciting entertainment options like Atlantis the Palm, Aquaventure Waterpark, and the Lost Chambers Aquarium.

Saltwater Creek

This Saltwater Creek is one of the major ports of UAE and divides the city into two parts and connects the trading port to the desert. You can hop aboard one of the traditional boats or bras that runs every few minutes from 6:00 AM between four stations along Dubai Creek. One route runs from Deira Old Souk Abra Station (near the Spice Souk) to Bur Dubai Abra Station (west of the Textile Souk). The second route runs from Al Sabkha Abra Station (just southwest of Baniyas Square) to Dubai Old Souk Abra Station.

Gold Market

Dubai’s famous gold souk is the world’s largest gold market! Situated in Deira, this golden souk is the most famous and highly visited tourist spot in Dubai because of its excellent quality and designs of gold. With more than 350 jewelry traders and retailers, Gold Souk is restocked with at least 10 tons of gold daily.

The Mall of the Emirates

The Mall of the Emirates, located in the Al Barsha area of West Dubai, is the “World’s first shopping resort.” It has also been named the “World’s Leading New Shopping Mall”. The Mall of the Emirates is home to a magnificent family leisure center housing Ski Dubai, an indoor ski resort and Snow Park, the first of its kind in the Middle East.


Skydiving in Dubai is an adrenaline-pumping adventure like no other. Adventurers can take the leap from an aircraft and free-fall over the city or the stunning Palm Jumeirah, offering a bird’s- eye view of some of the world’s most iconic landmarks. Whether you’re an experienced skydiver or a first-timer, Dubai’s well-equipped skydiving centers ensure a safe and exhilarating plunge into the skies, making it one of the most unforgettable experiences for thrill-seekers visiting this cosmopolitan city.

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater

Located on the ground floor of the Dubai Mall, the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo houses over 33,000 marine life occupying the 10 million liters of water within the tank. Stroll through the 48-meter tunnel, take a glass-bottom boat tour, get wet in a snorkeling cage or go swimming with the sharks.


AYA, located within WAFI City Mall’s atrium, offers an immersive and vibrant experience. Spanning an expansive 40,000 square feet, this space envelops you in cutting-edge sound, lighting, and technology divided into 12 distinct zones that comprise the AYA universe. The journey begins at Aurora, the core of the experience, where interactive touch technology engages visitors. and explores our invisible connections to beauty, both terrestrial and cosmic, and to each other.

Dubai Marina

Nestled in the region popularly known as ‘New Dubai’, Dubai Marina is a conceptualized man-made canal city. It offers luxurious lifestyles through its exquisite waterfront development along the Persian Gulf shoreline. There are classy hotels upscale shopping and other leisure options here. It also contains the Dubai Marina Mall Complex, a shopping and entertainment destination.


One of the biggest water parks of Dubai, Aquaventure is located in the Atlantis hotel complex. This amazing water park offers a series of pools, shoots, and flumes and a few thrilling rides. Adrenaline pumping Tower of Neptune and the equally exhilarating Tower of Poseidon are some of the key highlights of the park. Visitors can also relax at the Cabanas, have a nice meal at the various restaurants, and shop some souvenirs at the many stores in the park.

Burj Al Arab Hotel

Established in 1999, Burj Al Arab is one of the premium hotels in Dubai, located on an artificial island off Jumeirah Road. Designed in the shape of a dhow sail, this iconic landmark houses an array of shiny chauffeur-driven limousines and a private helipad. A prior reservation (on its website) is required to get past the lobby security to visit its restaurant if you are not staying there.

Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai is an indoor ski resort located inside the Mall of the Emirates. With 22,500 square meters of indoor ski area, it is the largest indoor ski park in the world. The park has a Snow Park, ski slopes, an ice museum, and a skiing academy for those who wish to learn skiing. Apart from the regular facilities, Ski Dubai also hosts various events and concerts and a very cozy eatery called the Avalance Cafe, which has a balcony that faces the ski slopes.

There are many other places and things to take into consideration for either paying a visit or doing in Dubai; all of which will take us to one major question: How are you going to visit all these places in such a short period of time in Dubai?

dubai car rental

Transportation in Dubai

Dubai’s transportation system is a seamless blend of modernity and tradition. The Dubai Metro, with its Red and Green lines, forms the backbone, whisking you across the city’s major spots. The Dubai Tram adds a scenic coastal route, while buses connect every nook and cranny. For a touch of heritage, traditional Abras ply the Dubai Creek. Water buses, taxis, and the monorail offer diverse travel options. Taxis and ride-sharing services ensure convenient travel and eco- friendly choices like bicycles and electric scooters add to the mix. With this array of transportation, exploring Dubai becomes effortless, promising a delightful journey through this dynamic city.

Dubai Metro

Inaugurated on 9th September 2009 (09/09/09), the metro has become a favorite among the residents due to its convenient and reliable mode of transportation, even though it is perhaps the only man-less train system. The RTA ( Roads and Transport Authority) had significant effects in making the metro very easy to use and also connecting the entire bustling city spawned over the area of 4114 square km.
With the metro, you could literally go from Al Qusais (a residential area located at one end of the emirate) to The Ibn Battuta Mall (a trendy mall situated at the other end of the city) in over one hour and cover the area of 45km. Though the metro stations are strategically located, you would often require another mode of transportation to reach the stations since anything is better than walking in Dubai Summers. You could reach these stations by hailing a cab or catching a bus.
There are about 50 stations located all over the city, making up seven ‘zones’ and two lines that contain these stations. The Red Line (which has stations at or near most of the major tourist destinations and along The Sheikh Zayed Road), and The Green Line (which has stations along the residential part of the city).

Red Line:

Runs from Rashidiya to UAE Exchange. Green Line: Connects Etisalat to Creek.
You would need to buy single, return, and day-pass tickets or a cashless smart card known as a Nol card to get in the metro. It is used for fare payment, offering a contactless and convenient way to travel. It can be topped up at stations or online. There are two types of cards: Nol Red

Tickets and Nol Silver Card. Nol Cards can also be used to pay for other modes of transportation in Dubai including trams, buses and taxis.

Nol Red Tickets

This is ideal if you want to use public transport for a day. It needs to be pre-loaded every time you use it and can’t be recharged more than ten times.
Nol Silver Card: This is ideal for multiple uses (more than 10) on several days. You can pre-load it with cash, so you don’t have to shell out every time you travel.
The metro tickets or the Nol Card can be bought at all the metro stations, bus stations, and supermarkets like Carrefour, Spinneys, and Waitrose.
Trains run at a frequency of 3-8 minutes during peak hours and 7-15 minutes during non-peak hours. It operates seven days a week. The metro stations operate from:

  • Monday to Thursday: 5:00 AM to 12:00 AM (midnight)
  • Friday: 5:00 AM to 1:00 AM (next day)
  • Saturday: 5:00 AM to 12:00 AM (midnight)
  • Sunday: 8:00 AM to 12:00 AM (midnight)

Dubai Metro has three types of cabins: Gold, Silver, and Women & Children cabins. The Gold Class cabin has plush interiors with panoramic views. The tickets are available for each class separately.

Public Buses in Dubai

As lovely the metro sounds, it still doesn’t have access to a lot of localities in Dubai, which is where the Dubai Bus comes to your rescue, perhaps one of the oldest forms of transportation in Dubai. Though it takes far more time to reach your destination than the metro, it is the more economical way to travel.
Dubai has an extensive bus system that is run by RTA and has around 193 bus routes and over 1,500 bus stations. It transports over 30 million people weekly. The Bus timetables can be found at the bus stations. To combat the Dubai summers, the buses, as well as most of the bus stops, are entirely air-conditioned and equipped with TVs. Various high-end brands, including Mercedes Benz, supply the buses.
The routes are color-coded and cover the entire city, making buses a practical choice for exploring Dubai.

Night buses operate from 11:30 PM to 6:00 AM, serving key areas and providing transportation options during the night.
You can use the buses with only the NOL cards; the cash system is not allowed. You board the bus, swipe your card at the machine, enter the bus, and take the seats.

Taxis in Dubai

The Dubai taxis are the most convenient method to get around the city, but at the same time, the most expensive. Taxis are found easily in all parts of Dubai and are incredibly well-maintained. If, however, you urgently need one and there’s no taxi around you, you can call the RTA for a cab (8009090), but this also means that the fare would be high. The minimum wage to pay to get to anywhere is around AED 12.
The fare during the nighttime, roughly from 11 PM – 4 PM, is pretty high. However, it is the safest and most convenient way to travel at night. The Red light on the taxi indicates that it is occupied. So, search for the yellow light when you hail the cab. Private taxi booking services like Uber or Careem are also easily available.

flying taxi in dubai
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Tips of Using Public Transportation in Dubai

 The peak hours of traffic are from 7:00 AM – 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM – 7:00 PM; avoid traveling during these times to prevent congested space and unnecessary delays in your schedule.

  • There are a set of rules to follow, like no eating, no drinking, There will be hefty fines

for those who are seen violating these rules. There are CCTV cameras installed in almost all types of public transport, so be careful and obey the rules.

  • Walking is not recommended during the Crossing the roads anywhere except on

the zebra crossing is prohibited, and if caught, you’ll have to pay a hefty fine. Many often resort to using a taxi to cross the road!

  • Buy a Nol card from before if you are staying for more than a day, and pre-load it with enough You can buy these cards at any metro station.
  • There are designated seats/areas for women and children in metros, buses, , and if men are seen here, they can be fined or even imprisoned.
  • There is heavy traffic during the weekends (Friday and Saturday in the Gulf). However,

there is very little traffic in the mornings, so plan your trips wisely since, in the evenings, you’ll be stuck in traffic for long hours.

  • is an excellent way to plan your trips. It has the timetables, stop-overs, and even the maps of the routes taken by the buses, metros, etc.

Rental Cars in Dubai

 Dubai, the glittering jewel of the United Arab Emirates, has long been a destination that beckons travelers with its promise of luxury, innovation, and cultural richness. This city of superlatives is home to the world’s tallest building, largest mall, and most extravagant lifestyles. But what really elevates the Dubai experience to the next level? The freedom to explore it all with unparalleled ease, thanks to convenient car rental services. In this guide, we’ll delve into what makes traveling in Dubai such a remarkable experience and why renting a car could be your golden ticket to unlocking the city’s treasures.

Why Renting a Car in Dubai is a Game-Changer

  •  Convenience and Comfort: Public transport in Dubai is efficient, but nothing beats the convenience of having your own car. This becomes particularly evident when you want to visit places not directly accessible by the Metro. With Dubai luxury car rental, you can traverse the city at your own pace, without worrying about timetables or crowded spaces.
  • Extensive Choice Range: Whether you’re looking for luxury, efficiency, or speed, Dubai car rental services offer a variety of options to suit your needs. From high-end models like Bentley and Ferrari to efficient compact cars, there’s something for everyone.
  • Explore Beyond the City: Having a rental car opens up the possibility of venturing beyond the city limits. Enjoy day trips to neighboring emirates like Abu Dhabi or the natural beauty of the Hajar Mountains.

Last Words

While it is comfortable to hop through the air-conditioned malls and hotels, Dubai is much merrier if you know the right places. With the travel tips mentioned above, you are sure to enjoy a gala time in Dubai if you plan all the right places during the right time!
Dubai has a few of the most amazing landmarks. From the world-famous shopping malls to record-shattering hotels and buildings. So it is no surprise that the city is also one of the major tourist destinations. While the city and the experience it provides is expensive, you can attain an opportunity to visit these places by the extensive public transport in Dubai. The Metros, the buses, and the taxis are the safest, most convenient, and cheapest ways to get around the city and visit the attractions. You can rent a Limousine or even a Helicopter to get around the city in style!


Now, Let’s answer some questions:

Do I need a tour guide in Dubai?

What are the benefits of Dubai private guides? Discover the hidden gems, and experience the local culture. Learn the local customs and expectations especially since you may not be familiar with Muslim countries, and visit places you would never likely see by yourself or know how to navigate on your own.

Can I plan a Dubai trip on my own?

Yes, you can book a flight by yourself and a hotel by yourself.

How much money is required for a 7-day trip to Dubai?

There are still affordable options available, such as budget hotels and street food. A week-long vacation in Dubai can cost anywhere from $1,500 to $5,000 or more, depending on your preferences and travel style.

What is not allowed in Dubai as a tourist?

Offensive behavior. Swearing and making rude gestures (including online) are considered obscene acts and offenders can be jailed or deported. Take particular care when dealing with the police and other officials. Public displays of affection are frowned upon, and there have been several arrests for kissing in public.


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