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Peugeot 206 as one of the most successful models of Peugeot is known to date that Iran is capable of being a great car hazrajareh car rental company Avis and lingering in the background of the Iranian car rental this brand uses French, and since the introduction of the market by 2013, more than six million of it to buy.


Peugeot 206 proved that the total European market sales mofaghi. This car is from 2001 to 2003 as the most able of the best-selling European wildflowers aurdo after this success will enter the market. It is also one of the cheap rented cars are popular in Iran and between the car rental companies Iran. The tourists to see the spectacular scenery of Iran and Iran's Antiquities to travel to this country with  car rental Iran without limitation Iran tour for km can travel evocative and memorable.


Among all the models, model 1, 4 car air bags equipped with a fully lit, zdeghfl and brake ... Most of this was the best-selling car in the first six years of sales, is one of the five popular new vehicle went to European countries as well as in the car as the best car in the rental vehicle has been recalled from Tehran.


Cheap car rental iran demand for tourists and tour of Iran

Due to the high demand of this product, this car second hand models are also worth their market buy maintain. this car has shown that the car rental vehicle less downtime compared to the rest of the Interior. 206 production in some countries by the name of 206, 206 207 ay and that apparent changes plus than have initial 206 continues.
206 and 207 for  Iran ture are also available that this car is of high quality and very popular rent a car in Tehran.


The arrival of the Peugeot 206 in the year 1380

Car rental company Avis lingering from the year 1385 of the Symposium in the field of car car rental with a driver and rent a car without a rental Iran and Imam Khomeini Airport transfer taxi and used the airport.


This car is for the sake of high dynamic and chalaki, compatible with the environment and low fuel consumption, the price is suitable and conform to the standards of the world among young people especially what constructive and among families who need a car for car rental are earned.


In the design and production of the vehicle technical and engineering achievements of the world. In addition, 206 in the test, four stars out of five-star safety and has earned this achievement, this car will become a popular vehicle for car rental.


As well as the Peugeot 206 s January 5th and last any of the different types of vehicle will be 206 to the other models in the car between his family includes three and five hatch Beck 206, open and astin koph due to the enjoyment of a great and spacious rear boxes, your role as a family vehicle on the car rental without driver for fully-fledged role well. 206 s January in several space for rear passengers and provide high safety for all to msafransh.


For more match 206 s January with families, suspension design and engineering it back again to the most comfort and well-being to provide passengers hence this car is very convenient to travel in the vehicle rental companies..


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