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Alamut castle

Alamut Castle is located in the Alamut area of Qazvin, and for visiting that you should cross a narrow, hilly, mountainous road. When you arrive the castle's foot, it leads you to a long, rocky step, but the amazing view that you see on the top of the castle pays the fatigue and difficulty of climbing the stairs, just like Rudkhan castle. Meanwhile, it has been absorbed by the Ismaili era.

Alamut castle

Aside from the beauty of nature in the Alamut area, the special architecture and the location of the castle is so fascinating that its viewing becomes an unforgettable memory that’s why we suggest you to visit this place in your Iran tour.

Where is Alamut castle?

Alamut Castle is located 4 hours far from Tehran and 2 hours and half from Qazvin. In the northwest of Qazvin and in the village of Gazarkhan, you find the remains of Alamut's historic fortress, which, despite the passage of time, sparkles over the mountains and is one of the most important attractions in Iran tourism.

Alamut castle

An interesting point about this castle has only one entryway in its northeastern corner. On the southern slope of the mountain, a large ditch is cut to close the castle to penetrate. They also ditch in the other slopes, so that the possibility of commuting will disappear. All around of this historic castle is abyss. In fact, the choice of the place of the Alamut castle and the type of construction it is in order to remain indescribable.

Alamut castle history

The castle that you see that there are only some ruins left of it, has gone through the chaos of history and has reached to our time. Alamut castle that is also famous as Hassan Sabah castle, the leader of the Ismaili sect.

Alamut castle

Hassan Sabah put the castle at the center of his military activities to propagate and promote the Ismaili beliefs. The Mongols fired the castle so that there was no ruin left of it. In the Safavid period it was used as a prison; and now its remains are in Alamut castle.

About Hassan Sabah

Hassan Sabah was the founder of the Ismaili religion. He was born in Qom and in a Shia family. Then he migrated to Rey. There, he became acquainted with the Ismaili religion and, after traveling to various cities and inviting people to this religion, eventually went to Alamut to have a shelter for himself and his followers.

Alamut castle

He fought Seljuk men for many years. Hassan Sabah was a strict manager, in the same way that he killed his two sons for disobedience. He trained a group of people who were famous as Hashashin. This dreaded network assassinated political and religious figures. Hasan Sabah died of illness after 35 years of life in Alamut castle. They buried him near the castle. Years later, the Mongols destroyed his tomb, which had turned into a shrine.

Alamut castle architecture

The length of the Alamut castle, which is built on top of the rocky hills, is about 120 meters and its width is between 10 and 35 meters. The walls of the castle are made according to the form of the rocks. That's why it's not rectangular and its width varies in different parts and it is a unique style in Iranian architecture.

Alamut castle

This castle has two western and eastern parts that the western part id higher. The western part is divided into two sections of the upper castle and the great castle. Part of the building remains steady, but many walls have collapsed.

Essential accessories

When it comes to visiting the historic and natural attractions of this city, do not forget about water, light food, warm and extra clothes, good shoes for walking, sunglasses, hats, sunscreen, small purses for first aid, and cameras. If there is a chance of rain, do not forget the rain and umbrella.

Alamut castle

Also Alamut castle is far from city and there is no access for public vehicles. That’s why we recommend you to use car rental in Iran services.

More information about Alamut castle:

Address: 8 km away from Atan - GazarKhan siding - 30 km from Moallem Kalayeh - Qazvin

Access time: 8:00 – 19:00

Weekend closure: -

Cost for foreign nationals: -

Suggested visit time: one day

Phone number: -


Nearest Tourist Attractions: Avan lake – Baqdasht village – GazarKhan village

Best time to visit: Spring


Access to vehicles:




Parking lot:


Network coverage:


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