Why you should choose Iran for your next travel destination?

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Why do foreign tourists come to Iran?

Iran has always been one of the most attractive destinations for tourists since Marco Polo and Ibn Battuta marked their travels to the east and west of the world on skin maps until today, when various applications and sites do the work of planning tourist trips. Iran attractions are the most exciting parts of traveling to Iran that nobody should miss.

Why should you visit Iran before you die?

Once being on the Silk Road opened the way for tourists to Iran, and today, the beauties left over from that time encourage them to visit an ancient country. Today, tourists are no longer businessmen, historians, or advisers who intend to travel economically and politically.

Today, tourists set out on a journey with different goals and perspectives, and these goals play a vital role in choosing their destination. Iran is one of the countries that can have a bag of attractions for different groups of tourists.

Although today Iran is far from the standards of the tourism sector in the world, there are attractions within the borders of this country that have historically tempted many tourists to ignore the difficulties of visiting.

Classic tourist destinations

Most tourists who travel to a country for the first time prefer to travel on classic routes and visit the popular attractions of that country. On the second and third trips, they discover lesser-known places and wander around the cities and villages. . In recent years, we have seen backpackers and adventurous tourists in different cities of Iran. However, the majority are still tourists who travel to classic destinations in pre-planned Iran tours. Travel services offices have defined several classic routes according to the interest of tourists and world-renowned attractions of Iran and provide tours as an option to tourist cities such as Isfahan, Shiraz, Yazd, Khuzestan, Mashhad, Tabriz, Kermanshah, Kerman, Kashan, and Hamedan is included.

Motivation for foreigners to travel to Iran

In addition to these tours held for classical purposes, there are also trips with a professional look and often individually to different parts of Iran. Among the tourists who choose Iran as a Travel to Iran destination, some have a specific theme for their travels. For example, those who travel according to the UNESCO World Heritage List visit Choghaznabil, Lut, and Meymand during their trip to Iran. They capture Zanjan.

Those who travel to different countries to climb the world's highest peaks and the conquest of Damavand and Sabalan is the main purpose of their trip to Iran. Some tourists have a long list of natural attractions in the world, and with each trip, they put a sign in front of some of them, which means visiting that attraction, and during their trip to Iran, they go to Lut, Hyrcanian forests, Lake Urmia, springs and wetlands. Some are also interested in literary tourism and choose Iran as a travel destination to visit the tombs of Saadi, Hafez, and Ferdowsi. Some tourists travel to Iran to complete their research on Oriental art and to study calligraphy, miniatures, handicrafts, and carpets. The ancient sites of Iran are also an attraction that draws many researchers to this part of Asia to visit Susa, Silk, Dehtel, Shahr-e Sokhteh, and Jiroft and study the artifacts discovered in these sites. Although the number of tourists who travel to Iran individually and for specific purposes is not large, statistics in recent years show that this range of tourists is increasing.

Reasons for Iran's popularity among tourists

What is certain is that Iran, with 26 registered works on the UNESCO World Heritage List and with a remarkable history and background, can have many professions in tourism in the world. Still, managerial weaknesses in various sectors sometimes do not leave a word. Despite all the weaknesses and problems, there are still tourists who long to visit Iran's historical, natural, and cultural attractions and keep its name on their list of travel destinations. The image that is reflected today from the point of view of foreign tourists about Iran in the vast virtual world - except for a few special cases - is nothing but beauty, glory, and kindness.

According to tourist guides, almost all tourists who experience a trip to Iran for the first time, before saying goodbye, describe their memory of kindness, hospitality, and culture of the Iranian people as the most colorful aspect of their trip.