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eram garden four seasons beauty of shiraz

Eram Garden in Shiraz, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is famed for its stunning landscapes, diverse plant life, and elegant architecture. This iconic Persian garden is a quintessential example of Iran's rich cultural heritage, offering visitors a tranquil escape into nature's beauty amidst historical splendor.

eram garden in shiraz

Eram garden history

Despite numerous studies and research, there is still no information from the date of construction and the founder of the Eram garden, but the existence of the name of this garden in the travelogues of the tenth and eleventh century AH indicates its existence during the mentioned times.

There are other signs of the existence of this garden during the Seljuk dynasty, and given the rule of the feudal system on the community at that time, most likely, the owners of Eram garden four seasons of the beauty of Shiraz have been rulers of the time.

architecture of eram garden

According to the traveler's writings, this garden has been magnificent since the Safavid dynasty and the historical sources mentioned its improvement during the Zand period during Karim Khan Zand.

Currently, Shiraz University, Garden and School of Agriculture, owns the garden, and the law school owns its building and also this garden beside Fin garden, is registered as a UNESCO world heritage site too.

garden view

Eram garden new architecture

Instead of the wall of Eram garden's four seasons beauty of Shiraz, a short stone wall with iron railings was built around it and the decorations of its various parts were restored. In addition to the repairs, a large land was added on the edge of Eram garden four seasons of the beauty of Shiraz.

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The work of mirrors and interesting paintings and oil paintings of the rooms' ceilings and porches were restored, and the gardens that were destroyed were restored to their original designs. The title of the facade faces, which collapsed, was re-installed with the preservation of the original style at the desired location.

The main building of Eram garden

The main building of the Eram Garden can be considered a fairly complete example of the buildings of the middle Qajar era, like other monuments of its period, reflecting the principles of the architecture of Zand and Safavid.

and even the mansion tiles are also quiet The images on the walls are copied from walls of Safavid era buildings.

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About Qavam house in Eram garden

Qavam House is called the orange garden because of its tall orange trees with beautiful blossoms in spring that their smell will drive you crazy and it’s not the whole story. if you want to know the complete name of this Shirazi garden, it is Qavam orange garden. But way Qavam house?

The story goes back to 140 years ago, when Ali Mohammad Khan Qavam, one of those great men in the Qajar dynasty, ordered to build this orange garden. And well that is clear that he would probably put his name on this garden to everybody know that it is his mansion. So that’s why this orange garden is called Qavam house.

qavam house in shiraz

Qavam house history

As we stated above, the Qavam house had built more than a century ago in the Qajar dynasty and the rule of Nasser al-din Shah, and its building took 10 years and in fact, it was a place to hold meetings of Qajar elders, the house of Justice and the place of the people reference and now is one of the most attractive places in Shiraz as Iran tourism attraction that you can visit.

Eram garden vegetation

Eram garden four seasons beauty of Shiraz has a big vegetation diversity and has many plants from different parts of the world; which is like the form of a fair of flowers and plants, with a variety of ornamental flowers and herbs, as a botanical garden of Shiraz University, it is used to expand the science and research of plant science.

Eram garden vegetation

What brought this freshness to Eram's garden is the freshwater that flows into the pool and enters the area under the iron fence of the basin. The water continues to flow into the pools around and flows through the wide main passage and other streams and watering plants.

What can you do in Eram's garden?

Seeing a historic site and visiting one of Iran's tourist attractions is just one of the reasons you can get to the garden. There are plenty of opportunities in the garden that multiply your enjoyment of travel:

Walking in the Paradise: The Garden of Eram brings you a unique combination of history and nature; a compilation that creates a paradise that everyone loves it. By walking in this garden, you will see a special effect in every moment, which brings you pleasure

view of eram garden

Wear traditional clothes: This garden makes it possible with its historical atmosphere to make the journey to the past and coincide with the peoples of that time. In this garden, you can experience traditional wearing clothes and pay extra money for recording memorable images.

Cultural store: There is a pavilion in Eram Garden for selling various products, including cultural products, handicrafts, and souvenirs, which can give you a fresh experience of shopping.

Delicious Experiences: If your hours of gastronomy are long, you can eat many delicious foods that are offered in this place. Certainly, Shirazi Faloodeh has many fans in this beautiful city. you can enjoy a delicious meal in Shiraz and give yourself a taste of sweet moments in a completely traditional and Iranian atmosphere.

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Best Time to Visiting Eram Garden: What You Need to Know

Eram Street, Shiraz, Fars Province, IranLocation
March to May, when the garden is in full bloomBest Time to Visit
9:00 AM to 6:00 PM (Varies by season)Opening Hours
1 $Entrance Fee

 Tips for Visiting Eram garden in shiraz:

  1. Wear Comfortable Shoes: Be prepared for a lot of walking on paved and unpaved paths.
  2. Bring a Camera: You'll want to capture the beauty of the flowers, plants, and architecture.
  3. Visit Early or Late in the Day: To avoid the crowds and experience the garden at its most peaceful.
  4. Check Opening Times Before You Go: Hours can vary with the season, and there may be closures for holidays or private events.

Last words

Eram Garden, often celebrated as the best Persian garden in Shiraz, is a testament to the rich cultural and natural heritage of Iran. Its lush landscapes, historic structures, and tranquil atmosphere make it a must-visit destination for anyone traveling to Shiraz. As you plan your visit, here are four informative and interesting FAQs to enhance your understanding and appreciation of this iconic site.


Let's Answer four questions

Why is Eram Garden considered the best Persian garden in Shiraz?

Eram Garden is renowned for its unparalleled beauty, historical architecture, and diverse botanical collection. Its design exemplifies Persian garden principles, combining water features, symmetrical layouts, and lush vegetation to create a serene paradise.

What is the history behind Eram Garden?

Originally established in the 13th century, Eram Garden reached its zenith during the Qajar era. It has been owned by various nobles, each contributing to its beauty and structure. Today, it represents a piece of Persian paradise on Earth.

What facilities are available for tourists within Eram Garden?

Eram Garden offers several amenities, including rest areas, a small café for refreshments, and clean restroom facilities. Informational plaques in multiple languages can also be found throughout the garden, providing context about its features and history.

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What an attractive garden! Is there parking available around the garden?

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Hello. Two multi-story car parks named Namazi and Zand are available within one kilometer of Eram Garden for your use.