the greatest places in iran

What is the greatest place of natural beauty in Iran?

What is the greatest place of natural beauty in Iran? It's the question that most people before visiting Iran ask about. So let's check about the best places.

Iran's tourist attractions are scattered in different areas. Iran has many interesting points. It seems that this country has its hands full of surprises in its east, west, south, and north. People who travel and hike ultimately choose the place that has the best conditions when traveling. As you know, Iran attractions are so famous in the world. So, before traveling to Iran, check the best places in this country and after that, travel there.

Is there a place of natural beauty in Iran?

Iran has the best places for visiting. This country has historic cities that you should visit even once. But, there are some cities and places that maybe you don't even hear about their name. Now, we want to check about all the natural beauty places in Iran.

Hindurabi Island in Hormozgan

You can get there through the cities of Bandar Abbas, Bandar Lengeh, and the nearest route to Kish Island, this island is almost completely flat and you can go to Hindurabi by boat or dinghy. Hindurabi is a pristine, small, low-lying island. The area of ​​this island is not more than 23 km and it is only 4 km from the north to the south. This place is one of the natural beauty places in Iran. For visiting this place, you can use Iran tours at the best cost and enjoy your trip.


Philband village is one of the most beautiful high villages in Mazandaran province. Due to its special geographical location and located at the foot of a mountain, this village has a beautiful view of the surrounding pastures and villages. The village of Philband with its pristine and beautiful nature is surrounded by clouds for half of the year, and for this reason, many tourists and nature lovers travel to this pleasant area during the hot season.

Lake of Ghosts

Nowshahr Ghost Lake is one of the most beautiful and at the same time the strangest natural attractions of Iran in Mazandaran province. This lake, which is also called "hornbeam" is located between Noor city and Nowshahr and in forested heights. The area around the lake is covered with alder and hornbeam trees, which may be the reason why this lake is named after the hornbeam. Broken back trees, fog, and swampy water of this lake have created a chaotic atmosphere in this area and for this reason, this natural attraction is known as one of the most mysterious places in northern Iran. For visiting this place, you can use a car rental in Iran and enjoy the lake of ghosts.

Valley of seven caves

This stonework, the entrance of which has been carved and engraved in an imaginative, beautiful and unique way by an original and masterful sculptor of nature, is known as "Haft Ghar" among the people of Neyshabur. Haftghar is one of the closest natural attractions of Neishabour, which attracts many tourists in spring and summer. One of the prominent features of this valley is the red color of the soil, which has caused special colors and effects.

Valley of Ghosts

Kul Khorsan Valley, which is known as the Valley of Spirits, is located in Khuzestan. Cole means valley in the local language. Nobody knows exactly why this valley is called Kulkhersan. Some of the ancients have said that in the past this place was the habitat of bears and for this reason it was called Kulkhersan, meaning the Valley of Bears.

Cool and pleasant weather, and mesmerizing beauties along the scary and ambiguous nature of the Valley of Ghosts, draw many adventurers to this region of Khuzestan in summer. The important point is that traveling to Kol Khorasan is not possible for every tourist. It is very important to have a guide who knows this valley well and is completely familiar with its routes and weather conditions.

Masal, Gilan

To see the most unique forest landscapes of the country and also the phenomenon of the cloud ocean, you can visit Masal summers in Gilan province. If you are planning to travel to Masal, bring warm clothes even in summer. Here you will see foggy weather and a combination of high mountains and dense forests. The best time to visit Masal summers is from late spring to late summer.

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