Kashan souvenirs and handicrafts

Kashan souvenirs and handicrafts Kashan is one of the oldest and most beautiful cities of Iran that has an important pl...

Kashan souvenirs and handicrafts

Kashan is one of the oldest and most beautiful cities of Iran that has an important place in iran tourism that always attracts domestic and foreign tourists.
kashan souvenirs can be divided into two categories of edible souvenirs and handicrafts.

Kashan souvenirs and handicrafts

This city has always been one of the most famous cities for its souvenirs and handicrafts. In this part of our iran travel blog, we want to introduce you the most famous kashan souvenirs and handicrafts that have a special place between iranian souvenirs. Stay with us.

Edible souvenirs

Rosewater and Herbal Essences

Kashan is famous for its rosewater and other herbal essences. Every year in May, the rosewater festival in Kashan is one of the most important festivals in iran tourism that attracts many tourists from different cities and countries to see making rosewater from Mohammadi flowers in a traditional way and it is one of the most fascinating festivals in iranian culture.

Kashan souvenirs and handicrafts

The pure rosewater is clear and colorless and has a bitter taste. In addition to rose water between kashan souvenirs, other herbal essences in this city are made in traditional copper saucepans that have many health and medical properties.

Kashan Baklava

Baklava is one of the sweets that is cooked in many Iranian cities, but Kashan baklava has another flavor. The unique feature of these kashan souvenirs is the nuts that they use in its materials.

Kashan souvenirs and handicrafts

Kashan Baklava consists of five nuts; walnut, almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios, and Indian almonds and has a very high nutritional value.

Kashan Haji Badami

Haji Badami sweet is one of the most delicious kashan souvenirs that is famous for its high amount of almond, and also has high nutritional value due to nutmeg and flour used in it. It is a special cookie for Yazd, Shiraz, and Kashan.

Kashan souvenirs and handicrafts

Traditional Kashan cookies

Traditional Kashan cookies are kashan souvenirs from the three generations of this historic city that cooked for Nowruz and you can find them in all houses in Kashan. Unlike other cookies, this cookie is made with whole wheat flour prepared in mills and this makes it so delicious and crispy.

Kashan souvenirs and handicrafts

Traditional Kashan cookies are made from special pastries

Kashan cotton candy

Traditional Kashan cookies and cotton candies are an integral part of reception of people of Kashan in their parties. Even in some cases, they eat them together.

Kashan souvenirs and handicrafts

So do not think that cotton candy is the special souvenir of Yazd and it is also one of kashan souvenirs!

Kashan Handicrafts

Carpets and rugs

You must have heard about the famous carpets of Kashan. in many cities of Iran, weaving carpets is common, but each city has a unique design. Kashan carpet pattern is also very beautiful and they are also used to make machine woven carpets.

Kashan souvenirs and handicrafts

You can buy best make handcrafted or machine woven carpets as one of the best kashan souvenirs to give to your friends or family.

Kashan souvenirs and handicrafts

We should mention that all stages of the texture of handmade carpets are done with the taste and art of Kashan artists and they don’t use any chemical products in the preparation of raw materials.

Sher Bafi

Kashan souvenirs and handicrafts

She’r is the name of a silk fabric that is woven with the help of a device. These fabrics, now sold in raw form and quilted as pants, shawl, etc., are another kashan souvenirs.


Another thing from kashan souvenirs is pottery art that belongs to seven thousand years ago. Evidence shows that the oldest pottery shop was related to Silk civilization in Kashan.

Kashan souvenirs and handicrafts

Nowadays, there are many artists working in pottery and glazing workshops and Kashan pottery with carvings or embossed designs in various shapes like pots, jars and other containers always attract tourists.


Weaving giveh is the art of one of Kashan villages people. Giveh is a kind of shoe that is famous in this city and is one of kashan souvenirs.

Kashan souvenirs and handicrafts

This type of shoe that many old people wear them in the summer and winter are becoming popular and boys and girls wear them nowadays too in different colors.

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