Mesr desert in Isfahan |

Mesr desert in Isfahan |

Mesr desert in Isfahan

Dr. Alfonso Gabriel, an Austrian geographer and traveler (born 1982), says: "The desert will never leave the one who once captivates its charm." This is a statement that you will believe in after seeing Mesr desert in Isfahan.

One of the most beautiful natural manifestations in Iran tourism is its deserts, the once-only trip to them is enough to fell in love with them, and going to the Mesr desert in Isfahan creates exactly this feeling in person.

Mesr desert

Mesr desert is where once you visit it, is enough to keep its memory forever in your mind.

Where is Mesr desert?

Mesr desert

Mesr desert in Isfahan is a desert village 45 km from Jandag in this city. The village has a population of about 120 people and is unique in its breathtaking scenery, one of the most attractive tourist attractions in Iran, so that the Mesr desert tours are one of the most popular one between Iran tours.

Why they named this desert Mesr?

Mesr in Farsi means Egypt, so maybe you're wondering why they say this to the desert. In fact, there are different stories about how to name Mesr desert in Isfahan, most notably the story of a person called Yusuf, who was one of the villagers in the past.

Mesr desert

At that time, when the village was depleted, Yusuf dogged a deep well and came to the water, then he asked people to put Egypt name in it, in honor of Yusuf and his story, which happened in Egypt, and people accept in due to respecting him and what he had done for them.

What are the main attractions of Mesr desert?

Mesr desert in Isfahan is somewhat beautiful so that you can spend days in there and still be thirst for its beauty. Yellow sandy hills and dams are the most spectacular Mesr desert section. Standing at one point of it and watching the yellow rhyme as far as the eye works.

Mesr desert

But just seeing it is not enough, the sand of this area is so smooth that you have to take your shoes and walk with naked feet. Touching the smooth and warm sand on your fingertips is one of the most memorable experiences you'll ever have.

Mesr desert

Watching the endless yellow hills and the desert is not the only good part of it. Mesr desert nights generally have a different story. In the nights of this desert, you are invited to celebrate the stars, just look at the sky once, so you will never have to miss it. These stars sometimes look somewhat close to you, which you feel if you hold your arm out, you can put a few of them and hold them in your arms.

Mesr desert

Enjoying the hot days of the Mesr desert and its cold and starry nights alongside the fire with a cup of hot tea is an unforgettable pleasure. Do not forget your camera journey into the desert, you can get beautiful and breathtaking images.


In the residence of Farahzad village (Tabataba'i's house), the architectural style of houses is intrinsic to the architecture of the local desert houses. The first residence has 3 large rooms and 2 small rooms and a porch and the second residence has 6 rooms and a porch with crescent ceilings, which is a reminder of the traditional and forgotten architecture of this marvelous canvas.

Mesr desert

Tabatabai Residences have a capacity of about 100 people. The residence is now very beautifully renovated in the traditional Iranian culture and style.

Mesr desert

Of course, you can also tent in Mesr Desert in Isfahan, but on the condition that you set up a campaign team there and someone with you in the area who is familiar with there. It is better to have a map of Mesr desert.

Essential accessories for traveling to Mesr desert

Traveling hiking mountain shoes, a small one-day backpack, a suitable clothing for nature, Insect bite ointment because Mesr desert has a lot of mosquitoes, a water tank, a flashlight, a hat and sunglasses, a bathing kit, and two bed sheets are most important stuff you have to take with yourself.

When is the best time to travel to Mesr desert?

The best time to travel to Mesr desert in Isfahan is from early autumn to mid-winter, and welcomes you with pleasant weather.

Mesr desert

Spring and summer are hot and the sunlight will be difficult for you in these seasons. If you want to go to the Mesr desert in Isfahan these two seasons, select the early spring, which is still not very hot. In the fall and winter, you will find a temperate climate in Mesr desert, as a travel guide do not forget that at night the difference of the temperature is very high.

Access routes to Mesr Desert in Isfahan

The best way to Mesr desert in Isfahan is using car, you can use your personal car or use car rental in Iran services. If you start your trip to Mesr dessert in Tehran, you should go to Semnan and eventually enter Isfahan Province and Mesr Desert. The distance between the desert and Tehran is about 630 km, and the distance from Isfahan to the desert is 440 km.

Mesr desert

Way to enter the area:

The first route is Jandagh road to Mesr village, 45 km long

The second route is an earthy-asphalt road 15 km west of Khor, 35 km long to the Mesr village.

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