Kashan; travel to the first cities of Iran

Kashan's sights are not low and they are all spaced apart, so enjoy the most of their enjoyment on a journey of two to t...

Where is Kashan?

Kashan Iran is a beautiful city of Iran, full of historic houses that summer when you walk in it, the cool breeze blows in its rooms and corridors and for some moments of its warmth.


Exploring Kashan

Kashan's sights are not low and they are all spaced apart, so enjoy the most of their enjoyment on a journey of two to three days.

Traditional Kashan Market; A place to buy souvenirs

One of the most beautiful places in Kashan is its traditional market. This spectacular market continues from the middle of Baba Afzal Street to the Darvaze Dowlat.  It has a lot of historical monuments

Kashan bazaar in iran

Traditional Kashan Market

Fein Kashan Bath and Garden; Historical View of Kashan

The Fine Garden is located at the end of the current Amir Kabir Street, next to the Suleimaniyeh Fountain, and has a much more refined and cool air than the rest of the city. The presence of water and trees along the magnificent Building has given it a special beauty.

The Fine Kashan Garden has 579 cypress trees and 11 plantain trees, the trees that last for more than 100-470 years.

Kashan attractions in Iran

Fein Kashan Bath and Garden

Boroujerdi House; the most fascinating places of Kashan

Kashan is a historic city house, and Boroujerdi 's houses are one of the most beautiful of these houses. Boroujerdi 's house was built during the Qajar period, and since the owner of the house has been trading in Borujerd, the house has been renowned for Boroujerdi 's house.

kashan historical houses in Iran

Boroujerdi House

Tabataba'i House; courtyard and fantastic architecture

Tabatabai is one of the most beautiful historical buildings in Kashan. The Tabatabai fascinate man with a delightful courtyard and large pool.

Ameriha house in Kashan; the house with the tallest Windwards

The Ameri's house, which, in addition to tourist attractions, is  One of the best traditional hotels in Kashan. The house is a great historic building, in addition to the tallest Windward in the city.

Kashan Souvenirs

Kashan has one of the most delicious sweets, cookies and cotton candies that you can buy from Kashan traditional bazaar.


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