Kerman; a city in the heart of Iran

about kerman

About Kerman

Kerman is one of the vast southeastern provinces of Iran, which has many historical attractions.

Kerman has about 7,000 historical attractions, 700 of which are listed on the national monuments list.

car rental in Iran can help you to visit most of these places.

Where is Kerman?

This province is located between the provinces of Yazd, South Khorasan, Sistan and Baluchestan, Hormozgan, and Fars. Many historical attractions have made this province one of the 5 historic cities.

How to travel to Kerman?

You can travel to Kerman in different vehicles. you can use an airplane to travel there. by plane, it takes less than one hour to arrive in this city. there are many airlines that you can book their tickets and travel to Kerman like Iran Air, Mahan and ...

You can also use railway transportation for traveling to Kerman. most of the people traveling between the cities of Iran, prefer to choose the train over other vehicles.

Traveling by train can make a memorable trip for everyone. we should mention that the railway system of Iran is called Raja.

there are many companies inside the Raja that provide many services like booking tickets, catering, and other necessary services inside the trains. After arriving at your destination, you can use car rental Iran services for exploring the city and visiting its attractions.

Kerman attractions

Kerman has many historical attractions that everybody should visit in their travel to Iran. here we are going to introduce you to the most famous attractions in this city to you:

Ganjalikhan collection

The Ganjalikhan complex of Kerman has several buildings that have been rebuilt since the Safavieh era. This collection was created by Ganjali Khan, a ruler during the Shah Abbas Safavieh era. Ganjali Khan Square, which is rectangular, has collected a collection of elements of the city.

Ganjali Khan Market This collection, like other traditional Iranian markets, has spectacular architecture that brings you an enjoyable experience to take a stroll in.

The bath of this complex has also become the Museum of Anthropology in Kerman, and besides the museum's visit, the beauty of the building is also very spectacular and admirable.

Other parts of this collection include Abanbar, School, and Caravanserai, which you can visit. To access the set Ganjalykhan can visit the old center of the city of Kerman.

Vakil Bath in Kerman

Kerman's Vakil bath is a magnificent building that has been influenced by Zandye-Qajar architecture. The building has two parts: a dressing room and a hothouse. The bathhouse was built in 1280 and rebuilt in 1369.

The Kerman Vakil bath is now transformed into a traditional tea shop, and tourists are served there with Faloodeh Kermani, tea, and a variety of beverages. You can also try the local Kerman dishes in the ward.

Jabalieh dome

Jabalieh dome is a stone building that has reigned from the Sassanid era. This dome is the only stone dome found in Kerman. Visit the east of Kerman city and near the Pardisan Park in Kerman to get access to the Jablilla dome. Inside this complex is the Kerman Stone Museum.

Arg Bam

The Bam Arg is a glossy building that, unfortunately, a large part of it was destroyed in the 2003 earthquake. This building is under construction but it is still interesting to visit. Bam is the largest brick building in the world. This collection is, in fact, a great fortress in which the citadel forms part of it. But all this collection is called the Bam Arg.

Arg Rayen

Arg Rayen is the second largest brick building in the world. The Rayen Citadel is located in Kerman, southwest of the city of Rhine. Many tourists visit this magnificent monument every year.


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