Shiraz Vakil’s market

Shiraz Vakil’s market

Shiraz, one of the most beautiful and historic cities in Iran, has so many historical and natural attractions that it may take weeks to recreate and enjoy there. Along with all these sights and historical monuments, traditional markets in every city like Shiraz have a double attraction because they can also be bought and used to be familiar with souvenirs and handicrafts, as well as watches, and enjoyed Iran tourism attractions with their traditional texture.

 One of the most famous traditional Iranian markets is the Shiraz vakil market. The market that everyone knows and is the heart of the city's economy. The historical vakil’s market is one of the most important markets in Shiraz in the past and is a beautiful memorial of Karim Khan Zand. you can use a car rental shiraz for a fun and easy journey.

History of Shiraz vakil's Market

After the election of Karim Khan Zand Shiraz as the capital of the country, over two decades, great prosperity and development were created in the beautiful city of Shiraz. Stability and security by building fences, castles, inn. . . Return to the city. Among all the built-in monuments, an unparalleled collection of vakil’s market shone such as diamonds. The commencement of construction of this large complex began around 1137 and lasted until 1156.

 In different periods, there are many repairs and changes in this market. Recently, commercial documents dating back more than 100 years have been discovered in the vakil market. In these documents, there was a list of prices, purchases and sales, and items related to the market and trade. It is interesting to know vakil's market was nationally registered on July 17, 1351.

Unique purchases in Shiraz vakil's market

In the Shiraz market, as in other traditional markets, you are faced with a variety of goods. But there is a possibility to buy certain goods in this market at a lower price and with more quality than in other markets. You can buy fine and high-quality fabrics at the most affordable prices in other markets in the Shiraz market.

 Masqaty( it is a kind of delicious and sweet Jelly), herbal extract, and bitter orange of Shiraz are also very famous, you can easily get them with the excellent quality of this historical market. About the timepiece, vakil's market is open until late in the days of Nowruz, but it is open until 5:00 pm for the rest of the day.

vakil's Market architecture

The overall design of this market is adapted from the bazaar of Isfahan and the market of Qeisarie. As a result, we can see the signs of Safavid architecture in this collection. The materials used in the building market are made of bricks, gypsum, and lime, which are based on the foundations of a piece of slate. The market is so firmly established that during the history of its construction, the earthquakes in the city of Shiraz could not harm it seriously. In this market, like other large and traditional shopping centers, each sector has a special name for its industrial activities in that sector; such as the crystal market, fencing market, Suraj market, Sewing market, and more … . also you can use the Iran tour To visit the tourist attractions of Shiraz

Access to vakil's market

The vakil's market is located in downtown Shiraz. There is no hard work to access this market. You have to go to and street and the shohada square and visit the market and the monuments around it, such as the vakil's mosque, the Arg Karim Khan, and the vakil's bathroom. Most tourists who want to see and buy at vakil’s market prefer the southern part of the market, The same market that ends in the Shahcheraq holy shrine.

About Moshir serai

The Moshir serai is located at the end of the southern part of the vakil market and in the eastern part of it. According to the close distance between the Moshir serai and the vakils market, Many tourists think that these two are part of each other but they are just close to each other. Due to the proximity of these two markets, we want to give you a brief description of the Moshir site.

The Moshir serai was created during the Qajar period by Mirza Abulhassan Khan Moshir-ol-Molk, who was a minister of fairs. The beauty of the Moshir is due to its beautiful eight-cornered structure. The beautiful entrance of Moshir serai has a unique tile and there is a tiled inscription in the lower part of the entrance with a beautiful line of Nastaliq(Iranian beautiful and special handwriting) providing explanations about the builder.

 The Moshir serai will consist of 2 floors and you will see Shops with wooden doors made of teak. In the middle of the yard, there is an Octagonal pond, decorated with orange trees and flowers. . It is interesting to know that Moshir serai was nationally registered on October 28, 1345.