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Hafez is one of the most famous poets in the history of Iran and everyone interested in poetry all around the world knows him and reads his books. That's why the tomb of Hafez has become one of the most important attractions in Iran tourism.

About the Tomb of Hafez

The Tomb of Hafez, a beacon for lovers of Persian poetry, is a must-visit located north of Shiraz, near the Qur'an Gate in the esteemed Khak-e Mosalla cemetery. This revered site celebrates the legacy of Hafez, offering a deep dive into the rich tapestry of Persian literary tradition within a serene and historically significant setting.

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Architecture of tomb

The hall of Hafez's tomb was built in the Zand dynasty. The Tomb of Hafez's Architectural style is a combination of Zand and Achaemenid techniques. And became a wonderful place with tall trees and colorful flowers to take a rest and enjoy a Spiritual and romantic atmosphere.

shiraz tomb of hafez

The current structure of Hafezieh dates back to the early 20th century and showcases elements of traditional Persian architecture combined with modern influences. The dome that covers Hafez's tomb is a key feature, resembling the shape of a dervish's hat, which symbolizes the poet's spirituality and Sufi inclinations. The use of intricate mosaic tiles, calligraphy, and detailed stonework throughout the mausoleum further enhances its aesthetic and historical value.

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building the tomb of Hafez

But the tomb of Hafez wasn’t similar to now from the first. 65 years after Hafez's death, Abul-Qasim Babur Mirza, the ruler of Fars, for the first time built a dome-shaped mansion on top of Hafez's grave and made a big pool in front of this mansion that was Filled out of Rokn Abad water.

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After that Karim khan, Zand completes the tomb in Zand's architectural style and put a marble stone for his grave and his qazals were written on it by Haji Aghasi Beyk Afshar's hand.

The northern area

In this area, the grave of Hafez that surrounded by orange trees and 2 Rectangular ponds that are the Water source of the entrance pools. On the walls of this part, poems of Hafez are written on the tiles and marble by Amir-alketab Kurdistani hand.

You can also find a big library with about 10.000 books in different languages that are available for tourists who are interested to know more about Hafez and his poems and especially a place to study Hafez Professionally.

architecture of hafazieh

Also, don’t forget to buy a Divan of Hafez from the Souvenir Shop around there.

Headstone of Hafez's tomb

headstone of Hafez's grave is 1 meter above ground and surrounded by 5 Circular staircases and on the top, a Copper dome to form of dervish's hats is located on eight 10-meter columns and its tilling with Seven-colored mosaic tiles from the inside.

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 Best Times to Visit the tomb of hafez shirazi

  1. Spring and Autumn: These seasons, especially during March to May and September to November, offer the most pleasant weather. The garden surrounding the tomb is in full bloom in spring, adding to the site's beauty.
  2. Early Morning or Late Afternoon: Visiting during these times helps avoid the midday heat and crowds, making your experience more serene and personal.

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 Practical Tips in hafezieh

  1. Entrance Fee: There is a small fee for entering the site, which goes towards its maintenance and preservation.
  2. Dress Code: As a sign of respect, dress modestly. This is particularly important for female visitors, who are required to adhere to the local dress code, including wearing a headscarf.
  3. Photography: Taking photos is allowed, and the site offers numerous picturesque scenes. However, be mindful of others and avoid flash photography inside the mausoleum.
  4. Facilities: The site is equipped with basic amenities, including restrooms and a small cafe where visitors can purchase refreshments.
  5. Souvenirs: There are usually vendors outside selling books of Hafez's poetry, handicrafts, and other memorabilia that ma

More about Hafez shirazi

Khwāja Shams-up-Dīn Muḥammad that is known by his pen name Hafez was a popular 14th-century Persian poet who Rumbles precious poetries about love but also religious hypocrisy and his poems were described as antinomian. he wrote in the literary genre of lyric poetry. Because it is the best style for expressing the rejoicing of divine inspiration in mystical love poems. his qazals are mostly about love, faith, and exposing hypocrisy.

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In the Eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, his poems were translated into European languages and his name finds its way toward Western literary circles. Every year on Mehr 20th the ceremony of Tribute to Hafez is held by Iranian and foreign researchers in shiraz. According to Iran's calendar, this day is named by Hafez.

If you are interested in visiting Shiraz, this amazing place, don’t forget to take the horoscope with the Divan of Hafez.  

Last Word

The Tomb of Hafez is more than a monument; it's a gateway to the soul of Persian culture, offering tranquility, inspiration, and a deep connection to the poetic heritage of Iran. Whether you're drawn by the history, the poetry, or the peaceful gardens, Hafezieh promises a memorable experience that speaks to the heart and mind.


Let's Answer four questions

What makes the Tomb of Hafez a must-visit in Shiraz?

The Tomb of Hafez offers a blend of spiritual ambiance, stunning architecture, and deep cultural insights into Persian literature, making it a pivotal experience in Shiraz.

Any customs to observe at Hafezieh?

Dress modestly, with women wearing headscarves. Show respect by quietly reflecting or reading poetry at the tomb.

Best time to visit to avoid crowds?

Visit early morning or late afternoon, especially on weekdays, for a quieter, more personal experience. Consider a guided tour for added insights.

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