Exploring Dubai Without Limits: Unlimited Mileage Car Rental in Dubai

Exploring Dubai Without Limits: Unlimited Mileage Car Rental in Dubai

 Dubai, a shimmering oasis in the desert, beckons travelers from all corners of the globe. With its grand skyscrapers, sprawling malls, and intricate souks, the city demands exploration. For those ready to venture, the key lies in mobility. And what better way to traverse this Arabian jewel than by car? "Is it possible to rent a car with unlimited mileage in Dubai? Yes, SAADATRENT offers car rentals with unlimited mileage."

The Mileage Question: Is Unlimited Necessary?

When you're mapping out your Dubai adventures, one crucial detail emerges: How far can you actually drive? Enter SAADATRENT, your trusty car rental companion in the city. With our daily mileage offering a generous 150 km per day (94 miles), most travelers find they have more than enough roads to cover their explorations. 

Still, there are those who seek boundless adventure, the ones whose spirit matches the limitless expanse of the desert. For these intrepid explorers, SAADATRENT offers an unlimited mileage option for an additional fee (50% of daily rental cost). The freedom of the open road, with no odometer to keep a keen eye on, can be yours. Just drive!

Aproximate distances between the UAE iconic places

UAE DestinationsBurj KhalifaSheikh Zayed MosquePalm JumeirahHatta Dam
Burj Khalifa-140 km25 km134 km
Sheikh Zayed Mosque140 km-115 km200 km
Palm Jumeirah25 km115 km-125 km
Hatta Dam134 km200 km125 km-
Al Ain Oasis147 km150 km170 km280 km

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Dubai and UAE: A Size Perspective

But here's some food for thought: While the offer of unlimited mileage sounds tempting, is it truly necessary for Dubai and the greater UAE? The nation, though rich in experiences, is compact in size. 

UAE StateSize (km²)
Abu Dhabi67,340
Ras Al Khaimah2,486
Umm Al Quwain777

From the urban allure of Dubai to the historical charm of Al Ain, Fujairah's beachfront luxury to Sharjah's cultural heartbeat, even the farthest of these destinations can be covered comfortably within SAADATRENT's daily 150 km (94 miles) allowance.

When Might You Need Unlimited Mileage?

1. Extended UAE Tours: If you're planning a whirlwind UAE tour, touching multiple emirates in a single day, the unlimited option might be for you.
2. Business Trips: Business travelers who have multiple meetings scattered across the Emirates might benefit from the flexibility of unlimited mileage.
3. Uncharted Adventures: Perhaps you're one to venture off the beaten path, seeking out the lesser-known gems of the country. In such cases, the extra mileage is what you need.


The beauty of Dubai and the UAE lies in its juxtaposition of compactness and vast offerings. While SAADATRENT's standard daily mileage is ample for most, the option for unlimited driving ensures every type of traveler's needs are catered to. So, whether you're bounding across the Emirates or just cruising down Sheikh Zayed Road, with SAADATRENT, the journey is always as delightful as the destination.


What is the daily mileage allowance offered by SAADATRENT?
SAADATRENT offers a generous daily mileage allowance of 150 km (94 miles) for most car rentals.

Does SAADATRENT offer an unlimited mileage option for car rentals in Dubai?
Yes, for those looking for boundless exploration, SAADATRENT provides an unlimited mileage option at an additional fee.

Is the unlimited mileage option necessary for traveling within Dubai?
While the option is available, due to Dubai and the broader UAE's compact size, most travelers find the standard 150 km (94 miles) daily allowance more than sufficient for their journeys.

If I plan to explore lesser-known parts of the UAE, should I consider the unlimited mileage option?
If you're someone who loves venturing off the beaten path and wishes to explore the lesser-known regions of the UAE extensively, the unlimited mileage option might be a good fit for you.

Can I modify my booking to include unlimited mileage after I've already reserved a car?
Yes, modifications can be made based on availability and terms. We recommend contacting our customer service directly for such requests.


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