Petrol Price in Dubai Today, April 2024 | USD, AED, EURO, INR, YUAN, GBP

Petrol Price In Dubai Today

Petrol Prices in Dubai Today, April 2024

Today's petrol prices in Dubai are as follows:

  • E-Plus 91: 2.96 AED per liter
  • Special 95: 3.03 AED per liter
  • Super 98: 3.15 AED per liter
  • Diesel: 3.09 AED per liter

These prices are quoted in AED (United Arab Emirates Dirham) and are for one liter of fuel .

Today's petrol prices in Dubai table across various currencies including AED, USD, AED, EURO, INR, YUAN, GBP.

E-Plus 912.960.810.7466.335.560.65
Special 953.030.830.7667.905.700.67
Super 983.150.860.7970.595.920.69

These prices will get updated monthly, as they are announced.

petrol price in Dubai

How much is petrol price in Dubai today?

As of April 2024, the petrol prices in Dubai have been changed. Super 98 is AED 3.15 per litre, Special 95 is AED 3.03 per litre, EPlus 91 is AED 2.96 per litre, and Diesel is AED 3.09 per litre​​.

Petrol price in Dubai today

As of April 2024, The average petrol price in Dubai, in various currencies, was approximately:

  • AED (Dirham): د.إ3.06 
  • USD (US Dollar): $0.83
  • EUR (Euro): €0.77
  • INR (Indian Rupee): ₹68.52
  • CNY (Chinese Yuan): ¥5.75
  • GBP (British Pound): £0.67

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Key Petrol Suppliers in Dubai

Petrol price in Dubai today

In Dubai, the primary petrol suppliers are ADNOC, Emarat, and ENOC. ADNOC, established in 1978, operates over 400 petrol pumps across the UAE, offering various fuels, LPG, and lubricants. Emarat, known as Emirates General Petroleum Corporation, runs over 60 stations in Dubai and serves a wide range of sectors. ENOC, owned by the Government of Dubai since 1993, has over 100 service stations and plans to expand further. Each of these suppliers offers a range of fuels and additional services like car washes, tyre changes, convenience stores, and food courts​​.

Factors Influencing Petrol Prices in Dubai

Global Oil Prices: Dubai, being part of the UAE - one of the OPEC nations, is greatly influenced by global oil prices. Any fluctuation on the global front is immediately reflected in domestic petrol prices.

Supply and Demand: As with any commodity, the balance between supply and demand plays a pivotal role in determining petrol prices.

Currency Fluctuations: Although the UAE Dirham is pegged to the US Dollar, minor fluctuations can still impact petrol prices when converted to other currencies.

Local Policies: Government regulations, subsidies, and taxation can also influence the retail price of petrol in Dubai.

Comparing Petrol Prices: Dubai vs. Global Averages

In comparison to global averages, petrol prices in Dubai are relatively affordable. For instance, European nations often have petrol prices hovering around $1.50 to $2.00 per liter, making Dubai's fuel costs quite competitive on the global stage.

What Does This Mean for Residents and Tourists?

For residents, the moderate petrol prices in Dubai in 2023 ensure that daily commuting and other transportation expenses remain manageable. For tourists renting vehicles, the cost of fuel won't significantly impact their overall travel budget, allowing for a more extensive exploration of this magnificent city.


Keeping an eye on petrol prices, especially in a dynamic city like Dubai, is crucial for both residents and tourists. As 2023 progresses, it remains to be seen how these prices will evolve in the face of global and local economic shifts. However, for now, the reasonable petrol costs in Dubai offer a silver lining for those on the road.

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