About Monabbat Kari; Iranian wood carving

about monabbat kari; iranian wood carving

Handmade wood carvings in Iran

Iran handicrafts are one of the Iran tourist attractions

About Monabbat Kari

Wood Carving is one of the most delicate Iranian handicrafts that is a combination of art and the pleasure of artists who create inexpensive and simple materials with valuable products, Artists who engage with a few pens and metal hammer on the wood, engraving their minds with Kofi lines, Slavic motifs, Khatayi, flowers, and chicken.

Monabbat workshops in Iran

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Monabat Kari Iran is artistic, including engravings on wood.

About Monabbat art

This handmade art symbolizes the feelings, perceptions, thoughts, and creations of artists, who invented the taste of art.

Monabbat history in Iran

According to the existing artwork in Iran, the history of this industry reaches 1500 years ago.

Ancient Persians, as well as in the art of painting and carving ahead of other tribes, have gradually become familiar with the artistic techniques and artistic features of this field.

other works of art in Iran

Works of art and mosaics include putting wood in natural colors, dentin, bone, and pearls together and mixing them, and creating a series of beautiful and newest drawings, such as various geometric shapes, slabs, miniatures, and the like.

Wood carving beside other works of art in Iran

Painting and decorative work to make the painting and polishing of engraving more beautiful is almost the final stage of work, and in the art of decorative Wood Carving, the artists and experts are interested in this technique.

Painting on wood carvings

Painting and decorative work, in addition to adding to the beauty of the work, keeps the wood from moisture and heat, and so on.

Where we can find Monabbat Kari?

In the cities of Iran, Abadeh and Shiraz are among the centers in which the Monabat Kari is very popular, especially in the city of Abadeh.


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