When is the best time to visit Iran? [2022 update]

best time for visiting iran

When is the best time to visit Iran?

Iran is known as a four-season country among tourists and travel enthusiasts. You can experience a completely different climate in a city in Iran, as you can anywhere else in this country. You can experience skiing in the Dizin ski resort at the same time, and a few hours later you can walk in the Mesr desert under the scorching sun or drink tea on the Caspian coast under the torrential rains. With all that said, if you want to know what is the best time to travel to Iran, we must say that you can explore the beautiful cities of Iran in any season, but visiting some cities at some special times of the month brings a really enjoyable experience for you. In this article, we want to recount the best travel time in Iran and its different cities in the four seasons of the year. So, join us.




Persian Gulf IslandWinter


Top destinations in Spring in Iran


Kashan is one of the oldest cities in Iran and is located in the central and tropical regions of Iran, and the best time to visit it will be spring to see the charms of this historic city in the spring weather. Because Kashan rose watering takes place in Spring, the best time to visit this city is in May, which attracts many tourists.


Anyone who does not go to Shiraz in the spring and does not breathe in the cool air of the smell of orange spring has not experienced the real spring. Shiraz gardens are full of flowers with spectacular views in this season and captivate the heart of every viewer.


Mahallat is known as the city of flowers and is referred to as the Netherlands of Iran. Spring is the best time to visit the gardens and flower gardens of this city.

Top destinations in Summer in Iran


This mountainous city of Iran has very pleasant weather in summer and with its attractive historical and natural attractions is one of the best tourist destinations in summer.


This lush and pleasant city of Iran is one of the best destinations for summer travel. By traveling to this city, you can easily explore different parts of the region by car. Of course, for the convenience and security of travel, it is better to use car rental in Iran services.

Top destinations in Autumn in Iran

Mesr desert

One of the best tourist destinations in Iran in autumn to be safe from the scorching heat of the desert is the central deserts of Iran, including the Mesr desert.

Shahroud Cloud Forest

Many people know the city of Semnan because of its historical attractions, while this forest, like a jewel in the heart of this city, is a great nature destination, especially for friendly groups. 

Top destinations in Winter in Iran

Persian Gulf Islands

The best time to travel to the islands of Iran is winter so you can enjoy exploring them and see their natural wonders.


Many people believe that Chabahar beaches are one of the best nature tourism destinations in Iran and the best time to travel in Iran and this hot and humid region is winter.