How much does it cost to travel to Iran? {2023-2024 update}

How much does it cost to travel to Iran?

Every year, numerous visitors go to Iran to explore this lovely nation on combined "pilgrimage-entertainment" vacations. One of the most important points before traveling is to check the cost to travel to Iran. This issue forces you to consider your anticipated costs and determine how much money you should carry with you to this nation. Also, it is better to check this country’s laws and the cost to travel to Iran. The procedures for traveling to Iran are not as complicated and time-consuming, and with a quick search and some preparation, you may be ready to visit the country.

How much does it cost to a five-day travel to Iran as a tourist?

Type of TripCostDetails
Super Luxury$5,000Premium 5-star hotels, chauffeur-driven cars, gourmet meals, and private guided tours.
Luxury$3,0005-star hotels, luxury transportation, fine dining, and guided tours.
Normal$1,500Mid-range hotels, local transportation, and standard meals.
Economic$800Hostels or budget hotels, public transportation, and street food or self-catering.
With Tour$2,000Inclusive package with guided tours, accommodations, meals, and transportation.

The cost of traveling to Iran will vary based on each person's financial and economic situation. These expenditures, on the other hand, are determined by your lifestyle and the nature of your journey to this nation; for example, you may want a relaxing vacation with no particular formalities, or you may visit booking sites before packing. Are you going to a hotel and want to make a reservation in one of the greatest and most luxurious hotels?

As a result, the cost of visiting this nation varies depending on your reason for visiting. However, there are expenses for general and essential items when visiting this nation, which include the following:

  • The cost of transportation (by metro, taxi, and public vehicles, and even car rental in Iran
  • Food expenses
  • Costs for buying entrance tickets and visiting tourist attractions
  • Costs of buying souvenirs
  • Unforeseen expenses, such as sudden illnesses!
  • Fees for accommodation

Before boarding a flight from or to Iran, it is important to understand that foreigners are not permitted to withdraw money from ATMs. Nowhere, does this imply you'll need to bring a sufficient amount of euros or US dollars. So make sure you have cash on hand to avoid problems while paying for the hotel or other forthcoming obligations. If you have cash, you can quickly convert your local currency into rials and use it in Iran. Of course, if your work is particularly powerful, you may utilize an exchange, but there will be a price.

Why are flights to Iran so expensive?

Popular tourist destinations like Turkey and Tunisia usually restrict visitors' access to leisure activities in a few towns. Iran is a country where long distances between settlements are common. People commonly take advantage of the opportunity to visit Iran to learn about Iranian culture, art, and history. Tourists visit six main towns on average to get the whole flavor of Iran, both ancient and modern, which boosts prices. As a result, airfare to Iran may be somewhat higher. The easiest strategy to estimate travel expenditures to Iran is to estimate the details of your trip to this nation. Flights are expensive for Iranians within Iran owing to the low value of the currency, but for nations with strong currencies such as the dollar and euro, traveling to Iran is very feasible.

The cost to travel to Iran: Food

Each traveler to Iran spends between $5 and $20 on meals on average. For example, Philippe restaurant's food starts at 220,000 Tomans(5.5 USD). Keep in mind that prices are subject to change. Among other good restaurants in Iran, we can mention Capri restaurant, whose dishes start from 200,000 tomans(5 USD). 

It should be noted that Western visitors to Iran are not looking for fast food. In truth, they are interested in learning about the country's culture, history, clothing, and cuisine. You may go on street food expeditions in Iran and use the:

1. Trying out local beverages

2. Traditional restaurant dining

3. Festivals of food

4. Go to local marketplaces.

5. Local producers are being visited.

6. Having dinner with the locals

7. Cooking lessons in your area

8. Visit food and beverage shows to create lasting memories.

By calculating the cost of food in Iran, you can have a trip to Iran on a budget.

Cost to travel to Iran: Accommodations

Normally, we choose Iran's capital and calculate the cost of a couple's stay there. As you are aware, hotel prices in Tehran and other Iranian cities vary substantially. However, we present an example to help you quickly estimate your costs.

In Tehran, a double room at a 4-star hotel costs roughly 2,400,000 Tomans(45 USD) each night, while a 4-night stay costs 9,000,000 Tomans(190 USD).

A maximum of 500,000 Tomans(10 USD) will be spent on transportation and sightseeing in Tehran over these four days, with another 200,000 Tomans(5 USD) set aside for dining expenditures at each meal for one individual. So, the cost of lodging for these four days in Tehran and the first leg of a tourist couple's trip to Iran is 11 million, and 500 thousand Tomans(225 USD) can be considered.

Iran's 5-star hotels are:

  • Espinas Palace Hotel Tehran
  • Darvishi 5-star Hotel | Mashhad
  • 5-star Golden Palace Hotel in Mashhad
  • Pars ElGoli Hotel Tabriz
  • Shiraz Grand Hotel
  • Parsian Azadi Hotel Tehran
  • Zandiyeh Hotel Shiraz
  • Parsian Esteghlal International Hotel Tehran
  • Dariush Grand Hotel Kish
  • Barin Hotel Shamshak
  • Novotel Imam Khomeini International Airport Hotel, a 5-star hotel in Tehran
  • Parsian Kowsar Hotel
  • Shahriar Hotel, one of the most luxurious 5-star hotels in Iran
  • Persian Plaza Hotel
  • Laleh Park 5-star hotel
  • Almas Hotel 2
  • Toranj Kish Hotel

There are 4-star hotels and smaller apartments in Iran that are less expensive than luxury and 5-star hotels. If cost is an issue, you may rent a property anywhere in Iran and enjoy your stay.

The cost to travel to Iran: Transportation

Transportation is one of the most crucial factors to consider while planning a trip to Iran. When visiting Iran, you have two transportation options: Iran public transit and Iran private transportation.

If you want to see the cities of Iran, whether you are traveling with an Iran tour or on your own, you will require Iran transportation the most.

Taxi in Iran

The cost of a taxi in Iran varies according to the distance traveled. But normally, 50000 Tomans(1 USD) are considered for each person.

Metro in Iran

One of the fastest means of public transportation in Iran is the subway. You can also use the metro for long-term transportation. The cost of a metro trip is approximately 7000 Tomans(0.2 USD).

Now it's time to choose a route for your trip to Iran:

  • Use of public transportation
  • Car rental in Iran

To utilize public transit, such as the tube or bus, you must, of course, be familiar with the route. 

Renting a car in Iran stands out as the most efficient method to navigate and explore the country's vast and varied landscapes. Renting a car, with or without a driver, helps you get to your destination quickly and affordably, making the most of your trip. The approximate cost of the bus and metro for each trip is 5 thousand Tomans(0.1 USD) and the approximate cost of a taxi from the airport to the intended destination is 750 thousand Tomans(15 USD). The cost of renting a car in Iran is also different according to the type of service and the car model you choose. Now that you know the transportation costs in Iran well, which way do you choose for your trip? Traveling by subway or sightseeing with a luxury car?

The cost to travel to Iran: Sightseeing in this country

The cost of sightseeing in each Iranian city varies according to the city's sightseeing zones and tourist attractions. For example, we evaluate the tourist attractions in Isfahan, Tehran, and Mashhad and compare the entry fees.

Cost of visitation attractions in Tehran

Now let's check out some tourist places in Tehran.

  • Tehran roof

Bam Tehran is a hilly location above the city that is popular for romantic dates, pleasant gatherings, and family trips. Bam Tehran is the distance from the end of Velenjak Street to the first station of the Tochal cable car, and it is accessible by private automobile, taxi, or Tehran Rapid Bus Line 4.

Entrance fee: Free

  • Escape rooms

Escape Room is a physical and adventurous game, as well as one of the world's most recent entertainments, that has lately acquired popularity in Iran and draws people of all ages, particularly young people. In this unique amusement, you are imprisoned with your team in groups of several individuals in a confined, unusual, and occasionally frightening atmosphere, with the door sealed behind you.

Entrance fee: Approximately 200,000 Tomans(4 USD) per person

  • Barbecue parks in Tehran

Large forest parks in Tehran, such as Chitgar Park, Sorkheh Hesar Park, Pardisan Park, Ab and Atash Park, Taleghani Park, Sohank, Toska, Khajir, Telo, Afra, Kohsar, Shian, and Yas, as well as the majority of smaller parks across the capital, have grills.

Entrance fee: Free

  • Bungee jumping in Tehran

Bungee jumping or free falling is one of the hobbies that active and thrill-seeking individuals participate in. People in this sport fling themselves from enormous heights while utilizing a special rope that is first tied to their bodies with other safety devices.

Entrance fee: Milad Tower Bungee Jumping Price: The cost of bungee jumping up to 90 kg is one million five hundred thousand tomans(30 USD) and for over 90 kg, two million tomans(40 USD).

  • Museum of Ancient Iran

The Museum of Ancient Iran, also known as the National Museum of Iran, is Iran's oldest and most important museum. This museum displays important artwork from Iran's pre-history through the Islamic era, allowing you to observe the country's history from the beginning to the present.

Entrance fee: 50,000 tomans(1 USD).

  • Cost of visitation attractions in Mashhad

Now let's check some tourist places in Mashhad.

  • The shrine of Imam Reza

The shrine of Imam Reza (AS) is a popular tourist destination in Mashhad and around Iran. Every year, millions of pilgrims from Iran and throughout the world visit Shah Khorasan in Mashhad. Throughout history, the mausoleum of Ali Ibn Musa al-Reza (AS) has been altered and expanded several times.

Entrance fee: Free

  • Tavakoli house of Mashhad

Tavakoli House is a historical structure in Mashhad. This ancient structure has stood since the Qajar period and continues to do so now. The tiling and brickwork on the building's front are among its most notable elements. This home has a lovely aspect thanks to the brick columns and an inscription on top.

Entrance fee: Free

  • Darogh's house

The ancient home of Mashhad Darogh, which is regarded as one of Mashhad's landmarks, was erected towards the conclusion of the Qajar period at the order of the city's final Darogh. Yusuf Khan Herati, the first head of Nazmia following the constitution, had this home built for personal usage and ceremonial gatherings for his visitors. Yusuf Khan resided in this mansion for numerous years until passing it on to his successors in 1360.

Entrance fee: 5000 Tomans(0.1 USD)

  • Mashhad National Garden

Mashhad National Garden is located on Imam Khomeini Street (formerly Arg Street) in the Janat neighborhood. Previously, the Mashhad National Garden was fed by water from one of the city's most famous aqueducts, the Rokn Abad aqueduct. Because of its closeness to Mashhad's government fortress and city center, this garden has formerly served as the setting for many festivities.

Entrance fee: Free

  • Mashhad Nation Park

Mellat Park is a Mashhad landmark and one of the city's oldest parks. This garden covers 720,000 square meters (72 hectares) and has around 35,000 ancient trees that have been planted over several decades. On the eastern side of the garden, there is a lake, and beyond the lake lies the Soldiers Complex, a support center for soldiers who have had spinal cord amputations.

Entrance fee: Free

  • Cost of visitation attractions in Isfahan

Now let's check some tourist places in Isfahan.

  • Naqshe Jahan Square, one of the most beautiful places to visit in Isfahan

Naqsh Jahan Square in Isfahan has captured several historical narratives in its thoughts. This area, among the wonders of Isfahan, remembers the tremendous sound of happiness, battles, army parades, and even every single scene of a polo game that has occurred throughout history. The Timurid-built plaza in the city's center grew throughout Shah Abbas I's reign and eventually attained its size and majesty at various times.

Entrance fee: Free

  •  Imam Mosque in Isfahan

All of Isfahan's landmarks were built during the Safavid reign of Shah Abbas. Another one is the Imam Mosque. The Imam Mosque, with its eye-catching tiles and sculptures, was erected by the order of

Entrance fee: 50,000 Tomans(1 USD) for tourists

  •    Wank Church

During the struggle between the Safavids and the Ottomans, Shah Abbas Safavid handed the Armenians a neighborhood in Isfahan named Jolfa. Following the arrival of Armenians in this neighborhood, a fresh tale began in this magazine.

Vank Church was merely one of the churches constructed during the period. Vank Church is a church with a basic yet remarkable construction that has retained the artwork of numerous painters in its corners over time.

This magnificent cathedral is divided into sections, each with its own set of sculptures.

Entrance fee: 50,000 Tomans(1 USD) for tourists

  • Aali Qapu mansion

Ali Qapu Palace is one of the most stunning historical structures from the Safavid era and one of Isfahan's most popular attractions. Ali Qapu Palace is located in Isfahan on the west side of Naqsh Jahan Square, just in front of Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque. Ali Qapu House was also known as "Dolatkhane Mubarak Naqsh Jahan" and "Dolatkhane Palace" in the past.

Entrance fee: Free

  • Khajo Bridge

Khajo Bridge is one of the most historical and beautiful bridges of Isfahan and was considered one of the most beautiful bridges in the world in its era. Walking on this bridge, especially in the evening and early at night, is one of the most enjoyable activities that tourists include in their schedule.

Entrance fee: Free

In this part, we attempt to provide two instances of entrances to tourist destinations in Isfahan, Mashhad, and Tehran. To determine the cost of traveling to Iran, check the admission fees of the city's tourist attractions after selecting the target destination before the trip.

The cost to travel to Iran: Souvenir buying

It is impossible to quantify the cost of purchasing souvenirs in Iran. Because, depending on the city or neighborhood, they may differ from the sale of particular handicrafts or clothing. However, in general, you can spend 3 million Tomans(60 USD) on souvenirs during your vacation in Iran.

The best souvenirs from Iran are:

· Traditional fabrics of Iran

· Iranian silver

· Iranian carpet

· Iranian hand-woven panels

Read More :✔️ Iranian souvenirs    

The last word

We attempted to cover all aspects of the expenses of traveling to Iran in this post. Keep in mind that all prices are estimates. So, before traveling to Iran, make sure to examine all of the above things about your preferred destination city so that you have the greatest and simplest vacation in Iran. You may save money on your travel expenses and enjoy a fantastic journey with your favorite automobile by hiring a car in Iran.


Is it cheap to travel to Iran?

Iran is nowadays among the cheapest countries to travel to.

How to travel cheaply in Iran?

  1. Go Couch surfing. Couch surfing is extremely popular in Iran, and while it does not only mean free accommodation, it also means connecting with local people.
  2. Travel in the low season. 
  3. Eat local street food. 
  4. Take night buses.
  5. Split costs. 
  6. Be selective of sights.

What is the average travel cost to Iran?

You should plan to spend around 4,000,000 Tomans (about $80) per day on your vacation in Iran, which is the average daily price based on the expenses of other visitors. Past travelers have spent, on average, 400,000 Tomans (about $8) on meals for one day and 200,000 Tomans (about $4) on local transportation.

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