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Iran as one of the most popular destinations for travel lovers has many hotels that you can stay in. here is a list of top Iran hotels in different cities of Iran.

Top Iran hotels

Traveling has been one of the most enjoyable activities of people throughout history and they've always traveled to various parts of different countries and Iran is one of these destinations. Hence, travelers' accommodation in Iran hotels has a special place in Iran tourism.

Iran hotel residences have emerged to provide conditions for the comfort of travelers and tourists alike. But these hotels are also rated in terms of quality of services.

If you are planning a trip to Iran and want to stay in the best Iran hotels with special amenities while staying in your destination city, stay tuned to this article. we are going to introduce you to top hotels and hostels in the most popular cities in Iran that you can choose between them.

Best Iran hotels

According to many tourists who have traveled to Iran, this land and its beauties are so charming and unique that they tempt tourists across the borders to close their luggage and travel to this country.

A country where you walk around its every corner, its wonders and attractions will fascinate you. From architectural masterpieces to strolling through the lush forests of the north and even the pleasure of sleeping under the starry desert sky, they have created landscapes that you can't see anywhere else.

besides all these surprises, we Iranians are well known for our hospitality. well, there is a famous proverb that says: "hospitality is made in Iran.". this has led to the creation of luxurious, economic, traditional, and all other kinds of resorts and hotels to welcome travelers everywhere in Iran, hotels that each reflect the unique art and architecture of this unique land. 


Tehran, as the capital of Iran, welcomes many travelers annually. This attractive and spectacular capital has many Iran hotels and it is difficult to choose the best Iran hotel among them.

Iran top hotels

so, we made a list of Tehran hotels for you and you can choose between them:

Tehran 5 star hotels:

  • Espinas Palace hotel
  • Parsian Azadi hotel
  • Laleh hotel

Tehran 4 star hotels:

  • Parsian Evin hotel
  • Aramis hotel

Ferdowsi Grand hotel

Tehran 3 star hotel:

  • Sepand hotel
  • Karoon hotel
  • Saina hotel


Kashan is one of the first cities in Iran to fascinate every tourist in their Iran tour with its unique civilization and beautiful Kashan historic houses.

Iran top hotels

Here we made a list of the best Iran hotels in Kashan that you can stay in:

  • Saraye Ameriha boutique hotel in Kashan
  • Manouchehri traditional house and hotel
  • Mahinestan Raheb hotel
  • Sana historical hostel
  • Greenhouse hostel


Isfahan is the cultural capital of Iran and is famous as the "half of the world" for its numerous sights. This charming city welcomes tourists from all over Iran and the world at all times of the year.

Iran top hotels

Check out the top Iran five star hotels and four-star hotels in Isfahan before traveling to choose the best Iran hotel:

  • َAbbasi hotel
  • Isfahan traditional hotel
  • Taak hotel
  • Ghasr Monshi boutique hotel
  • Keryas traditional hotel


Shiraz, a city of culture, art, and literature, is one of the most spectacular cities in Iran.

Iran top hotels

No doubt, a city like Shiraz has many Iran hotels so it is not easy to choose the right hotel. Here are the top Shiraz hotels:

  • Shiraz Grand hotel
  • Zandiyeh hotel
  • Arg hotel
  • Karim Khan hotel


Yazd is the first adobe city in the world and the second living historical city in the world where the smell of history and tradition can be found in its place. There are many traditional and modern hotels in the historic city of Yazd which is not easy to choose from.

Iran top hotels

Here are the top Yazd hotels for you to choose from:

  • Moshir al-Mamalk Garden hotel
  • Parsian Safaiyeh hotel
  • Yazd Kohan hotel
  • Dad hotel


Tabriz, known as the first city with many historical and cultural attractions, is one of the favorite cities for tourists. One of the main concerns of any tourist is to stay in a high-quality hotel.

Iran top hotels

Find out more about the top six hotels in Tabriz.

  • Kaya Laleh Park Hotel
  • Tabriz El-Goli Pars Hotel
  • Tabriz International Hotel
  • Gostaresh Hotel
  • Tabriz Hotel
  • Morvarid Hotel


Rasht, the beautiful center of Gilan province, hosts hundreds of thousands of domestic and foreign tourists every year. Knowing the best hotels and accommodation centers is one of the most important planning stages for any trip.

Iran top hotels

Here are three top hotels in Rasht.

  • Kadus Hotel
  • Lotka Ecolodge
  • Pamchal Hotel


Since Mashhad is one of the busiest cities in Iran and many tourists travel around the world to visit the shrine of Imam Reza, many good hotels are included there and it is difficult to choose the best option.

Iran top hotels

Learn about the top six hotels in Mashhad here

  • Darvishi Royal Hotel
  • Ghasr Talaee International Hotel
  • Almas Hotel 2
  • Javad Hotel
  • Pardisan Hotel
  • Almas Hotel 1


Kerman is one of the provinces in the center of the country. It has many attractions and is one of the five historical cities of Iran.

Iran top hotels

If you are dreaming of traveling to Kerman, we suggest staying at the 3 best hotels in Kerman that you can see them:

  • Pars Hotel
  • Akhavan Hotel
  • Shahbaz Traditional Hotel

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