Dizin ski resort |

Dizin ski resort |

Dizin ski resort

Iran has more than 10 ski resort, there are 6 of the best ski resorts in Tehran. The facilities of these ski-run are suitable for all foreign tourists and have an important place in Iran tourism. For more information about  one of the most beautiful ski run that we call it Dizin ski resort, Stay with us:

About Dizin ski resort

Dizin is the most important ski resort in the Middle East, located in the city of Karaj in the province of Alborz. Dizin Ski Resort is the first ski resort in Iran, which was approved by the world Ski Association for holding the official tournament and has international title.

Dizin ski resort

This track has special features including technical points such as tilt, track length, track length, venue and amenities. Dizin ski resort is located in the mountains of Alborz and from Tehran, at a distance of 123 km from the Chalus road and 74 km from Karaj, and 71 km from the Shemshak road with good sports facilities.

How to go to the ski resort of Dizin?

There are two ways to reach the Dizin ski resort, each of them runs through a high mountain ridge. It does not matter which one you choose to get to Dizin; Chalous Road or the Shemshak Axis to Dizin. Each of these roads has waterfalls, green trees and wonderful landscapes that are attractive for tourists.

Dizin ski resort

Best entertainments in Dizin ski resort

There are many choices available to you in the Dizin ski resort in winter, which, of course, need to be paid separately for use.

Dizin ski resort

You may not be able to enjoy some of these recreational activities every day of the year because of the weather conditions, so be sure to have recreational facilities before you go to this Ski resort.

Ski and Snowboarding

In the Dizin ski resort you can experience snow-skiing and snowboarding on a 7.5 km ride. Due to the special position and the positive points of the Dizin resort in terms of slope and length, this ski resort is very popular among tourists, and the existence of several ski resorts for beginners and professionals makes it one of the most popular ski destinations.

Dizin ski resort

Due to its Specific features, the track will host competitions at national and international levels where professional athletes come together to compete.

Snow Park

Some professional skiers have stepped out from an everyday sport and created one of the exciting amusements by adding several dramatic moves.

Dizin ski resort

In the part of the Dizin ski resort, it is dedicated to these athletes, allowing them to perform dramatic performances so that they can experience fun with pleasure and excitement.

Fun Park

Dizin is not just for athletes and skiers, but families can also go to this ski run and enjoy being in the nature of the winter.

Dizin ski resort

The presence of snow sculptures, music and coffee shops for family and friendly family groups and give them a memorable gift.


Motor cars and single-seat vehicles that quickly move on the snow are snowmobile. These cars are designed to replace sledges.

Dizin ski resort

VIP Ski Run

Some skiers do not want to experience this sport in the busy bush, or because of their particular social status, they are unwilling to be seen among the crowd. These people can also go to the Dizin ski resort and use specialist facilities.

Dizin ski resort

Features of this ski resort:

  • Separate parking
  • Escort and assistance in carrying items
  • Security escort
  • Breakfast and lunch at the restaurant
  • 30% off for snowmobile
  • Special cable car
  • Separate input
  • A separate ski line


Two hotels

19 cottages

Five restaurants

Parking appropriate

Sales and rental of skiing equipment

Ski school

Four cable car

Two chairlift


The Dizin ski resort in winter, with an average temperature of 20 ° C below zero, with a high number of sunny days, is considered to be an area that is very suitable for winter sports, and reaches a maximum temperature of 20 ° C in the summer.

Dizin ski resort

Best travel season

Dizin is one of the best ski resorts of Iran, which provided skiers with the most time from December to the end of May and have a big share in Iran ecotourism.

Dizin ski resort

But do not imagine that in other seasons you can not go to this track, but you'd better understand that in the four seasons of the year, there are many ways to get used to the other features.

Where to stay?

There are two hotels for example Jahangardi Hotel, Gajereh Hotel and several cottages for staying in Dizin ski resort. You can also use nearby cities such as Karaj and Tehran to stay. 

Jahangardi Hotel

The Jahangardi Hotel has 150 rooms, 3,2 and 4-bed rooms, 7 VIP villas, a 7-ply (duplex) and Special Suites.

Dizin ski resort

Check in: 14:00

Check out: 12:00

Number of rooms: 80

Distance to city center: 95 minutes

Distance to airport: 90 minutes

Hotel address: Jahangardi Hotel - 13 km towards Dizin - after Gachsar - 75km of Chalous Road 

Dizin Tour Reservation Hotel Phone Number: 25917070-021

Dizin ski resort

  • Suites with capacity for two people plus free breakfast For a night is 2,610,000 IRR
  • Suites with capacity for four people plus free breakfast For a night is 5,150,000 IRR
  • Special suites with capacity for four people plus free breakfast For a night is 7,210,000 IRR

Dizin ski resort

Gajereh Hotel

A stylish coffee shop and lobby, a traditional garden and restaurant tea shop, an indoor pool, a steam room, a whirlpool and a billiard lounge are all the amenities of the hotel, all of which promise you a comfortable stay at the Gajereh hotel.

Dizin ski resort

Check in: 14:00

Check out: 12:00

Number of rooms: 145 rooms

Distance to city center: 80 minutes

Distance to airport: 90 minutes

Hotel address: Before reaching Dizin ski resrot - Chalous Road - Karaj 

Phone number for reservation of Gajere Hotel: 25917070-021 

Dizin ski resort

  • Suites with capacity for two people plus free breakfast For a night is 2,190,000 IRR
  • Suites with capacity for four people plus free breakfast For a night is 2,840,000 IRR
  • One-Bedroom Suite with Four Beds plus free breakfast for a night is 4,40,000 IRR

Dizin ski resort

Travel essentials Equipment

To go to this ski run, wear warm clothing and Suitable shoes. Make sure you have chain wheels, blankets and snacks in your car. If you do not have ski equipment, you can rent and use them on the Dizin ski resort.

Dizin ski resort

Costs of Dizin Skiing

Cost for skiers:

Wednesday to Friday and holidays: 1,260,000 IRR

Saturday to Tuesday: 1,060,000 IRR

Dizin ski resort

Fee for non-skiers:

Holiday days: 550,000 IRR

Regular days: 410,000 IRR

Ticket entry to the track and the use of the cable car in the parking lot is available and only if you intend to enter the track and use the cable car you have to make it. After you get a ticket, you can go to any section of the Dizin ski resort with a cable car and experience the winter entertainment you want.

Dizin ski resort

Keep in mind that in some days of the year you may receive a payment on arrival at the parking lot that does not have a clear amount.

Access way

Karaj Chalous Road:

When you enter this road, you will reach a secondary road that will guide you towards the Dizin ski resort along the road 65 km after the Gachsar. Entering the secondary road and crossing the village of Velayat-Rood came to Dizin.

Dizin ski resort

Route Tehran-Shemshak-Dizin:

 On this route, you must move from Tehran to Fasham and follow the road. Continuing the path to Shemshak and Meigoon Path and getting to the highest point of Dizin after 30 minutes driving. Traffic is usually less frequent, but in the winter it is important to ensure that it is closed or open.

Distance from the center of the province and the surrounding towns:

Karaj: 88 km

Tehran: 80 km

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