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In this article, we are going to talk about what is famous in Iran (cultural attractions in Iran), the top 10 Tehran Iran tourist attractions [2021- photos]

Iran tourist attractions - What is famous in Iran?

Top 10 Tehran attractions include things you should do and see in Tehran as a part of Iran tourist attractions. The metropolis of Tehran has many monuments, Iran tourism attractions, and many recreation places, so some of its most important tourist spots may be hidden from the eye or lost in the bustle of its streets. That's why we decide to talk about the cultural attractions in Iran and what is famous in Iran in this Iran travel blog. Stay with us to see the spectacular sights of Tehran and get acquainted with some of the great attractions in Tehran. 

What is famous in Iran?

Most of Tehran's passengers travel to this city for business and office work, or they just arrive at Tehran and start their trip from here and most of them do not know, the spectacular places of Tehran are like a treasure in the city. they usually see Tehran only as their arrival destination. now let's read more about Iran tourist attractions of Tehran and see what is famous in Iran.

Top 10 Tehran attractions

Golestan Palace

The only attraction in Tehran that is registered on the UNESCO World Heritage Site is Golestan Palace, the palace of the murdered king, Nasir al-Din Shah Qajar, which displays the festival of magnificence and majesty in Iranian Islamic architecture for the public and foreign tourists.

golestan palace in tehran - the most famous in Iran

Golestan Palace is located in the capital of Tehran's ancient arts and culture. This palace is located near the Imam Khomeini Square, which is surrounded by numerous historical collections, including the Mashq Square, the National Museum of Iran, the Museum of Glassware, and the famous and old buildings of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Economy.

cultural attractions in Iran

Golestan Palace is the most famous destination for international tourism in the capital. Every month, special events are held in this palace and every day there are thousands of tourists from different parts of Iran and the world visiting this great tourist destination in their Iran tour.

golestan palace in tehran - the most famous monument in Iran

If you are planning to visit Nasiriy photography house or visit have lunch in its traditional restaurant, visit the museums and paintings that were awarded to the Qajar dynasty, or take a selfie with the famous Shamsol Emareh building, do not forget to visit Golestan Palace.

What is famous in Iran

You can read more about this palace at this link: Golestan Palace Museums in the Capital of Iran

Saadabad complex

One of the most prominent places in Tehran, which can turn a holiday into a memorable day, is the Saadabad complex. The cultural and historical complex of Saadabad is a collection of palaces of the Pahlavi family, built-in Darband, one of the most opulent areas in Tehran.

saadabad complex in tehran

The complex has about 180 hectares of natural forest, sight shade, qanat, garden plant, greenhouse, etc. It has seen four historical periods of Qajar, Pahlavi I, Pahlavi II, and after the Islamic Revolution. After the victory of the revolution in 1357, this collection became a museum.

Saadabad historical complex

You can read more about this attraction here: Saadabad historical complex

Niavaran Palace

The Niavaran Palace, like Golestan Palace, is the No. 1 destination for tourists in Tehran. It is impossible that a foreign tourist would travel to Iran and would not visit the most famous contemporary palace in Tehran, which was once the residence of the first and second Pahlavi, during his stay in Tehran.

niavaran historical complex

The Niavaran Palace is a good choice, even for those who like to do trekking in northern Tehran under rough terraced trees.

niavaran historical complex

Niavaran Palace, these days is a collection of museums and galleries and various tourist opportunities. Today, parts of the Niavaran Palace are at the disposal of the President to welcome the official heads of state in Tehran.

niavaran compplex in tehran

Read more about this Pahlavi palace: Niavaran complex

Nature Bridge

Nature Bridge is one of the newest tourist destinations in Tehran, such as Jurassic Park and the Persian Gulf Lake, and is very attractive to domestic and foreign tourists. Tehran's 270-meter bridge connects Ab o Atash and Taleghani gardens.

nature bridge in tehran

The bridge of nature, like the Meshginshahr suspension bridge of Ardebil, should be considered as one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the country. This bridge is the largest non-automotive two-floor wooden bridge in Iran, attracting many tourists due to its attractive lighting conditions.

nature bridge in tehran

All types of Iranian and foreign restaurants, cafes, and services are available to tourists.

Azadi Tower

From past to present, many people know Tehran with the Azadi tower or "Azadi Square"; a fair that was built in 1949 and is the first building to be seen by the passengers of the western roads of Tehran due to the entrance to the western entrance of the city and also to the West Passenger Terminal.

azadi tower in tehran

This masterpiece of architecture is a combination of Achaemenid architecture, Sassanid architecture, and Islamic architecture, and in its design and construction, Iranian architecture elements such as winding, vault, Venetian, and tilework have been used.

azadi tower in tehran - what is famous in Iran

In this collection, we can visit the Iranian Hall of Fame, the Passage of the Ancients, the Ancient Hall, and the Mirror hall.

National Jewelry Museum

The current treasury of the Iranian National Jewish Museum is one of the most fascinating places in Tehran and Iran! In this museum, royal jewelry related to the Safavid, Afshar, Qajar, and Pahlavi periods; famous jewels such as "Kooh-I Noor Diamond", "Farah Pahlavi" crown, "Kiyani" crown, "The Jeweled ord", "Takht-e Tavoos", "Naderi’s seat" and ... is waiting for you in this museum.

tehran national jewelry museum - cultural attractions in Iran

The Iranian National Jewels Museum is currently available to the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic as a treasury.

Tajrish Bazaar

The experience of excursion in markets and bazaars is one of the most enjoyable experiences you can have in any city. But the Tajrish Bazaar can be considered the most tourist-friendly trade point in Tehran. Even if you do not plan to buy anything, you should also visit this part of the city, But why?

tajrish bazaar in tehran - what is famous in Iran

In addition to the attraction of the old architecture and dome-shaped chambers of this market, you will be delighted to see the colors and beauty of food in Bazaar. This market is an exhibition of foods, vegetables, and fruits that are arranged in a neat, refined, and timeless manner. Also, you can buy things like ceramics, cashmere, and copper containers for Iranian souvenirs.


Darband is an old village in Shemiran and one of the sights of Tehran, located in the northern garden of the Saadabad complex. Darband is one of Tehran's most spectacular attractions due to its cool summers. The river of Darband flows through this village.

darband in tehran - cultural attractions in Iran

This area is at the beginning of the climbing route to the mountain resort of Tochal mountains. For those who are not interested in climbing, the Teletubbies are considered. The beginning of this route is full of small cafes and restaurants. These restaurants have a lot of popularity and are usually crowded, especially at night.

darband in tehran - what is famous in Iran

If you are looking for a chance to escape the crowds and pollution of Tehran and relax in the heart of nature on the traditional beds in the restaurant, it's a good choice.

Valiasr street

Valiasr street is the most important street in Tehran and one of the most beautiful streets in the world. The length of this street is about 18 km and in different periods of history, it was always among the first list of Tehran sights.

valiasr street in tehran - cultural attractions in Iran

Historical books, for example, say that the north of Valiasr Street was the promenade of the family of the Qajar kings. One of the reasons for this popularity is the age-old trees that have created an amazing view from the beginning of the street construction to the present.

valiasr street in tehran - what is famous in Iran

This street connects the northernmost and southernmost points of Tehran. Railroad Square and Tajrish Square is the final destination of Valiasr Street. This street can be considered the center of Tehran's art galleries and cafes.

Moghadam Museum

The next major tourist destination we introduce in Tehran is a completely unknown destination for both Iranians and foreign tourists. Only expert Tehran explorers are familiar with this destination. Moghaddam house and the museum is the most expensive house in the world in Tehran. The works that are kept there are priceless,

moqaddam house in tehran - cultural attractions in Iran

have given such a high-profile title to Tehran. The Moghaddam Museum depicts 7 as a part of the life and works of one of the well-known figures of Iranian literature and culture and is considered a spectacle of the capital.

moqaddam house in tehran - what is famous in Iran

From the stone carvings to coins and medals and exquisite books are seen in this museum, and its architecture is a reminder of the historic palaces of Tabriz, Kashan, and Isfahan. In this house, we are acquainted with the collection of exquisite fabrics and pottery, glasses, and knitted fabrics too.

Cultural attractions in Iran

Cultural attractions in Iran have a good rank. The tourism industry in Iran has a very high capacity for growth and expansion. This country is known as the center of legendary civilization, culture, and architecture. There are more than the top 10 UNESCO World Heritage sites In Iran. In this article, we have introduced some of the most important cultural places in Iran. for example, Persepolis, Naqsh-e Jahan Square, and Golestan Palace are some of the most famous cultural attractions in Iran. we suggest you visit the cultural sites of Iran at least once.

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