Driving in Iran, let's have the best trip in Iran

Driving in Iran, let's have the best trip in Iran

Driving in Iran and going to cities in your car is a good way to see Iran, but driving in every country is a little difficult. Nonetheless, self-driving or renting a car in Iran remains a good way of visiting Iran. And if you choose a cheap rental car in Iran, you can reduce your travel costs.

Driving is one of the important topics about which there are many questions and uncertainties, some of which can be due to lack of knowledge, lack of experience, impatience, etc. Certainly, each person has his reasons for his bad or good driving style, which should be examined from different aspects. Now, how is driving in Iran?

Do I need a guide for driving in Iran?

It is not necessary to have a guide to drive around Iran (as long as you are traveling with a passport other than the US, UK, or Canada—this is a separate issue.

 Visa invitation agencies have started to insist on issuing a visa authorization number (which one then takes to the embassy to get a visa). This is, according to an inside contact, not an official rule of the Iranian MFA, but seems to be one coming from the agencies

The simple way around this is not to tell the inviting agency you will bring in a vehicle. They will ask you explicitly if you are driving, so you need to tell them explicitly that you are not. Don´t worry, nobody checks

You can enter the border with your vehicle if you have a valid visa. Think about it—do you think every Turkish, Turkmen, or Iraqi, truck driver is taking a guide with them across the country?

Is it safe to drive in Iran?

Driving in Iran is an adventure in and of itself, even if it isn't as horrible as it is generally depicted.

That is correct; going by automobile allows you to appreciate the scenery while also being more flexible. In contrast, traffic in Iran may be chaotic, and regulations are not always obeyed; maneuvering among other automobiles can be challenging.

If you want to check in general, driving in Iran is safe. But, as previously said, to enjoy a safe vacation in this lovely nation, you must be familiar with the driving restrictions in Iran. Then use a car rental in Iran and have a memorable trip in this country.


What are the driving rules in Iran?

Driving in Iran requires special skills to comply with the country's varied driving customs. Although some characterize traffic in Iran as packed and chaotic, driving yourself is a wonderful way to discover the country. These are some of the most important aspects of Iran's driving culture.


  • Driving takes place on the right side of the road, whereas overtaking takes place on the left.
  • The minimum legal driving age is 18.
  • All vehicle occupants must wear seatbelts.
  • Personal and third-party insurance is also required.
  • Drinking and driving are forbidden, and the legal blood alcohol level is 0.0%.
  • Iranian police are authorized to administer drug and alcohol testing on drivers.
  • Because many local drivers flout traffic regulations, Iran has a high rate of traffic accidents.
  • Roads are typically in good shape, and highways link all major cities.
  • Women are authorized to drive in Iran, even though it is an Islamic republic.
  • It is illegal to talk on the phone, eat, or drink while driving.

Remember that Iran's driving side is always on the right side.

Speed limits in Iran are:

  • In built-up areas: 50 Km/h
  • Outside built-up areas: from 70 to 110 Km/h
  • On highways: from 70 to 120 Km/h

Can a woman drive in Iran?

Women are legally permitted to drive in Iran.

It is important to understand that women are not prohibited from driving in Iran. Thus, if you are a female tourist planning a trip to Iran and intend to rent a car, don't be concerned.


What are Iran's best roads?

Passing through Iran's most beautiful highways is one of the most appealing aspects of the land journey. There is a wide range of climates and vegetation in different locations in Iran. This variety has earned Iran the moniker "land of four seasons," and as a result, there are opportunities to see magnificent environments in our nation throughout the year. If you enjoy seeing Iran by car, you must have driven down some of the most scenic highways in the country.

The most beautiful roads in Iran include:

  • Abbasabad Road to Kelardasht
  • Ardabil to Astara Road
  • Islam Road to Khalkhal
  • Shahrood Road to Gorgan
  • Chalus Road
  • Dohazar Forest Road
  • Saravan to Foman Road
  • Siakol Road to Dillman
  • Filband village Road
  • Haraz Road
  • Ramsar Road to Javaherdeh
  • Hajij Road to Uraman Takht
  • Aras to Julfa Road
  • Chabahar Road to Gwadar port
  • Parisian Road to Bandar Maqam (Bostano)
  • Semiram to Yasouj Road
  • Shiraz to Kazeroon Road
  • Shahrekord to Izeh Road

Iran's dangerous roads

Now, you should also know that Iran's roads are dangerous during your trip so that you don't get into trouble.

Iran's roads dangerous are:

  • Chalus Road
  • Tehran Mashhad Road
  • Ahar Harris Road, Tabriz
  • Qom Garmsar Road
  • Sirjan Bandar Abbas Road
  • Asadabad Road, Hamedan
  • Astara Ardabil Road (Hiran Pass)
  • Middle Zanjan Road
  • Sabzevar Gonabad Road
  • Islam Road to Khalkhal
  • Abbas Abad Kelardasht Road
  • Haraz Road
  • Sari to Semnan (Kiasar) road
  • Chabahar Kanarak Road
  • Guchan Sabzevar Road
  • Borujen Lordegan Road


What are the fuel prices, fuel cards, and availability in Iran?

Iran has something called a fuel card, which is necessary to buy gasoline. Don’t worry; you can get gasoline without it as well. The word for "free" (meaning without a card) is azad in Farsi. The pump attendant will take out his card and sell it to you at the standard price without fuss.

Can foreigners drive in Iran?

Driving with an international driving license (IDL), also known as an international driving permit (IDP) in Iran, is permitted in all nations. You must also provide your legal driver's license from your country of residence.

Is it hard to find a repair shop in Iran?

Hopefully, finding a repair business in Iran would be simple (and rental cars have a dedicated service to cover such unfortunate events). They are commonly seen in the same area, near the city limits. Small repairs may be affordable, but larger issues may be more difficult to resolve.

Last word

Driving is one of the most popular tourist activities in Iran, as you may know, and as we indicated in the paragraph above. You may enjoy the finest journey in this four-season nation by renting a very suitable automobile and obeying the driving laws in Iran.



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