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Iran trip planner is one of the best ways to find the best routes in Iran and plan your travel in this magical country. Saadatrent is here to show you all of them.

Iran trip planner and routes

Iran trip planner is the ideal alternative if you want to travel to Iran but don't know where to go or which towns to see in the few days you'll be there.

Iran is a vast country where each city and village are unique like a country and need more than 3 days to visit all of its natural and historical attractions. But you can’t stay in Iran for that much. Here Iran trip planner helps you.

With an Iran trip planner, you can choose the best cities and routes based on how much they are popular with the tourists so they will travel with peace of mind.

Iran trip planner

Iran tour or Iran trip planner?

Traveling has changed dramatically over history. Years ago, when tourists wanted to visit Iran, they preferred to go on large group Iran tours. You may wonder why. Traveling to another city or nation, even if it is not far away, will be difficult for many people.

Now imagine they are going to travel to a country that is located on a different continent, with different people and history, culture, and religion. Now imagine this country is on the news every day.

You only need to read about the experiences of different tourists and travelers who traveled to Iran, to make sure that Iran is a safe destination for everyone, even backpackers and female solo travelers.

Trip planner to Iran

Despite this, those who wish to visit Iran for the first time are unfamiliar with the country and its culture, thus they choose to come to Iran with Iran tour groups. As a result, they are more at ease and may easily travel across Iranian cities in a protected group.

Traveling in Iran tour grips makes this opportunity to get familiar with Iran, its cities and culture, people, and their folklore without feeling lost or confused.

Besides that, some people prefer to travel on their own and with our joining Iran tour group. They usually call these groups slow and boring and it's like they lost their chance to experience the real Iran and its ancient history.

These tourists prefer to travel to Iran in Iran small group tours or travel here individually to challenge their selves with a flexible Iran trip planner. So, they feel freer and can visit everywhere they want.

Solo travel to Iran; where to go?

If you are one of these people, we feel you have selected the best way to explore Iran. But now you'll need an Iran trip planner to construct a great itinerary, know where to go, and which locations are worth seeing more than once during your short stay in Iran. Every year, Saadat rent accommodates a large number of tourists who utilize car rental in Iran services to travel between Iranian cities.

Iran trip planner

So, we know which cities of Iran are much more famous between them. That made us make a different Iran trip planner for our dear customers to introduce them to the best routes to them. So, they can choose the best one and enjoy their journey.

Iran trip planner is based on the experiences of different tourists who travel to Iran and make a journey on their own. By collecting this information, we chose the most popular destinations between them and also the most desired routes.

There are many Iran trip planners for you and here we are going to show you the most rated one for you. You can use them for free and travel through them to have the best trip on this land.

In the continue, we are going to tell you 3 famous Iran trip planners that usually tourist choose them.

Best Iran travel routes

Iran classic route

Tehran – Kashan – Isfahan - Yazd - Kerman – Shiraz

Iran trip planner

This is the most well-known Iran route, which can be found in any Iran tour planner. Almost 80 percent of travelers who visit Iran rent a car and begin this Iran itinerary.

If you want to have a little bit different travel or have more time and want a little longer Iran trip planner, you can visit Yazd or Kerman after visiting Isfahan before Shiraz.

You have another option you can travel to Bandar Abbas from Shiraz and visit the unique island of the Persian Gulf. Qeshm, Hormuz, and Hengam are the islands you can visit in one day and their pristine attractions will make your Iran trip planner 10 times more interesting.

Travel around Iran

Tehran – Rasht – Tabriz – Kermanshah - Hamedan – Kashan – Isfahan – Shiraz

This route is more complete than the classic route. If you are going to stay in Iran for more than 10 days, this is the best option for you to experience enjoying the pure nature and feel the ancient history and magnificent architecture at the same time.

Let's see west of Iran

Tehran –– Hamadan – Kermanshah – Ahwaz – Shiraz – Isfahan – Kashan - Tehran

one of our Iran trip planners dedicated to the west side of Iran and less known cities of Iran will be so attractive for people who are looking to discover the local cities and villages in each country.

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