You can't believe these forests are in Iran

The 4 forests you must visit while you travel to iran Although Iran is a warm, dry and desert country, it doesn't m...

The 4 forests you must visit while you travel to iran

Although Iran is a warm, dry and desert country, it doesn't mean that you can't find the lush forests with tall and green trees in it. There are three million and four hundred thousand hectares of forest on the northern slopes of the Alborz Mountains and coastal cities of the Caspian Sea, and the area of the forests of other parts of the country reaches three million hectares.

iran forests

The forests, due to their cool air and beauty and charm, are for me and the one who is suffering from the daily routine of the city and its pollution and frost, it is a short time to get away from all this and refresh ourselves. We should mention that Iran's forests are not just in the northern parts of Iran, so here we are to introduce you most beautiful forests in Iran that you didn't even know they exist:

Gisoom Forest

One of the most spectacular forests in northern Iran is Gisoom forest. Gisoom woods, which have an area of over 80 hectares, are beautiful because of the lush greenery of the trees that reach the seashore. In Gisoom, 76 plant species have been identified, 21 of which are woody, and the remaining species are herbaceous, and most of its trees are evangelical or asynchronous.

gisoom forest in iran

In Gisoom Forest, apart from walking between trees and breathing in the fresh air, all the facilities are available for a fun lunch. You can also sit in arches, or swim, and lay on the Gisoom beach, and buy Iranian souvenirs. Do not worry about staying and eating, out here is full of restaurants and beachfront villas.

gisoom forest in iran

On a trip to Gisoom, one should not miss the Visadar Waterfall, while the area is 10 kilometers from the Rudkhan castle of and Asalem. You can read about this mysterious castle in this article: Thousand stairs till the Rudkhan castle

gisoom forest in iran

Access path: Gisoom is located 17 km from Talesh. Go from Astara to Rasht. After reaching the Pare Sar, go 5 km further. The entrance to the forest is on the right side of the road

Dalkhani forest

The Dalkhani Forest, 30 km south-east of Ramsar, is known as the Paradise Valley. What despises to go to Dalkani, apart from being pristine, is its foggy weather that takes these forests. Dalkhani Forest has one of the nearest distances to the sea so that after 10 kilometers ahead, the coast is ahead of you.

dalkhani forest in iran

Dalkhani starts from the beginning of the road of Mirza Koochak Khan and the path to the forest continues to the wonderful countryside of Janet Rudbar, Garssamassar and Gelin. There are also restaurants along the way that you can enjoy yourself to the Iran northern cities traditional food.

dalkhani forest in iran

Access road: Dalkhani forest is located on the Ramsar route to Tonekabon. To reach the Dalkhani, you can pass the Mirza Kuchak Khan Road to Dalkhani or get to the Jānat Roudbar three ways, after about 7 km along the Ramsar asphalt road to Tonekabon. 23 kilometers where you will go to the Dalkhani forests that are ahead of you.

Arasbaran forests

Arasbaran forests are located in the northeast of East Azarbaijan and 221 kilometers from Tabriz. Arasbaran is also famous for the Qareh Daq because of its massive number of mountains. These forests, known as Biosphere at the UNESCO, have many iran tourism attractions. like what? In the spring and summer, Arasbaran has one of the most pleasurable weather. In the summer, the air temperature in this area reaches 15 degrees and does not exceed 23 degrees in the hottest days of the day.

arasbaran forest in iran

Arasbaran, considered to be a national park, has a great variety of animals. 220 species of birds, 38 species of reptiles, 5 species of amphibians, 48 species of mammals and 22 species of fish live in this area, and one of the areas is the revival of Maral (Gazelle).

arasbaran forest in iran

Arasbaran vegetation is very rich. 15 percent of Iran's herbaceous species are in this area, 46 percent of which are medicinal, 20 percent ornamental and 17 percent are edible. Most of the trees in this area are oak, kikem, crimson, barberry, wild pomegranate, wild apples, wild pears and raspberries, and cucumbers, along with fruits called Qara Qat, which is very tasty and sour, and are seasoned in the middle of summer.

arasbaran forest in iran

Arasbaran has a common border with Ahar, Kalibar, and Varzaghan. The largest water treatment complex in the country, the Kalibar water treatment facility near the village of Metalali, is one of the attractions of this region. On your way to Arasbaran, do not miss the Babak Castle if you are interested in iran ecotourism and want to go to the climbing.

arasbaran forest in iran

Access path: After moving from Tabriz to Ahar, you have 110 km ahead, the road on your way goes almost in the middle of the air, and after passing through the cemetery of the city, you will enter the Ahar road to the Kalibar. Another route is going to Julfa is to see its many attractions in your iran tours and then drive along the Aras River and the border to reach Arasbaran.

Qeshm Avicennia marina

Qeshm Island is known as the Seven Wonderland, and Hara forests are one of these wonders. Hara forests or Avicennia marina, which is one of the most resilient plant species, falls in water while its flow and the surprising part is here.

hara forest in iran

Hara is a herb of the king's kind. Its seed grows in the tree and produces seedlings. Next, it is separated from the tree and falls in the marsh, and the exceptional nature of these forests, 30 to 40 million years old, is due to the fact that they live in salt water. Hara flows twice in the water twice a day, and from 6 to 7 hours, since the water depth is not more than one to two hundred meters.

hara forest in iran

This area is home to many birds, amphibians and aquatic animals, which is why they watch their journey to this region. On both sides of Jask and Chabahar, there are also sporadic Hara forests. But if you want to see the Avicennia marina, go to Qeshm island, between Qeshm beaches, the bridge and the port of Khomeir, and go through it with the boat.

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