six natural attractions in Iran you have never seen before

6 Iran ecotourism attractions you must see in your Iran tour The nature of the northern part of Iran in the Caspian Sea...

6 Iran ecotourism attractions you must see in your Iran tour

The nature of the northern part of Iran in the Caspian Sea and also its lush green forests, the Persian Gulf coasts, the warm and desired weather of Iran cities in spring and also the beautiful nature of the western provinces of Iran are all parts of the natural wonders of Iran that all of them are ready for hosting tourists as iran ecotourism destination in this season.

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In this iran tourism article, we introduce 10 pristine and lesser-known attractions of Iran's nature, which are more beautiful in the spring.

Chamestan - Elimalat

Chamestan lake is located 8 km from the Noor city on the road of Noor to Chamestan and its distance from the main road from Noor to Chamestan is about 3 km. This lake is located in the middle of the forest and used as a walkway and is one of the best iran ecotourism destinations.

When you arrive at the lake for the first time after passing a busy road and entering this area, the glory of nature will take you and you will not believe that you faced with such a landscape. The lake in this iran ecotourism place is so beautiful that it looks like the forest hug it. Everything is ready there for hours of relaxation and, of course, recreation.

chamestan nature in iran

You can park your car, whether its your car or you use, car rental iran services, you will walk along the five-minute route, and after that, you will be redirected down the lake. A beautiful bridge connects you to this iran ecotourism destination. The view under the bridge is a barrier that sometimes is full of water. After walking down a few steps you will be greeted by beautiful rocks near the river.

chamestan lake

In Chamestan iran ecotourism destination, you can sit on the rocks along the river and look at the forest that surrounds the lake for hours and look at the green tree's reflection in the water. Maybe after sitting there for a while, you suddenly understand that a lot of time past and it’s close to the sunset time. this time stop for you is from those very momentous moments that comes to your life.

chamestan nature in iran

Boats are waiting for you to go to the lake; the pedal and motor boats that are available for passengers, and with every wind that swallow, they swim slightly and create a small wave around them.

Jahan Nama

Jahan Nama is a iran ecotourism village in the south of Kordkuy city in Golestan province. This unique area is located among the Alborz Mountains, which above its altitude, the plain of Gorgan and the sea can be seen. The beautiful, yet unknown, landscape of this village attracts many tourists in all seasons.

jahan nama nature in iran

Here is a tourist area that because of the beautiful landscapes overlooking all the plain areas, including Kordkuy, Gorgan, Gorgan Bay, Mian Kaleh, Turkmen port and other villages, beautiful nature, and suitable climate is one of the interesting and unique areas in iran ecotourism.

Also, Jahan Nama village is located inside the protected area. This village has beautiful nature and landscapes, broad-leaved and needle-leaved forests, wild animals that all of them are the valuable iran ecotourism resources of the Golestan province.

jahan nama nature in iran

One of the beautiful attractions of this iran ecotourism village is a place in the north of it known as the Chekel Atashan. many springs, the vastness of the plain, along with the medical flowers and plants of medicine gave a special beauty to Jahan Nama village.

jahan nama nature in iran

To go to the Jahan Nama, this iran ecotourism destination, you can go to Kordkuy path to the Kordkuy forest park, Derazno village, Radkan, Hajiabad and the Jahan Nama village. This road is 70 kilometers that its 30 kilometers is dirt road and it is better to go by a suitable car.

Kuh Gol Lake

Kuh Gol Lake is located north of Boyerahmad city and northeast of Si-Sakht iran ecotourism city in the prominent crests of Bijan and next to the Kuh Gol mountains. The lake location is one of the most beautiful parts of the province, which is filled with spring flowers and wild plants, as well as tropical aromas.

kuh gol lake nature in iran

In the summer, the gathering of migratory birds along with native birds along the shores and lakeside in this iran ecotourism place, creates astonishing beauty. Among the migratory birds that are on the edge of this lake, you can mention ducks and other birds.

kuh gol lake nature in iran

This beautiful iran ecotourism area, located 8km east of the Si Sakht city and 44km from the center of the province, consists of three parts that are beautiful Kuh Gol lakes, the overlapping tulips and the Tang-e namak waterfall are composed of a very natural and air-conditioned view. Next to this beautiful tourist complex, Dena's protected area has added to the beautiful natural landscape of this area. This tourism area is one of the most important iran ecotourism centers in the country.

Kani Gravan Fountain

Kani Gravan Fountain is one of the most important iran ecotourism attractions of Sardasht city, located 2 km from the city of Rabat and 12 km northeast of Sardasht city on the west Azerbaijan Province. Kani Gravan is one of the mineral springs with soluble salts of at least 1 g / liter. this spring is located next to a village called Kanji Gaviz in the southeast of the Zab basin, where boiling water comes out, in general, this mineral spring It is carbonated and even used for skin care.

kani gravan fountain in iran

The water of the spring after the flow on the surface of the earth itself leaves the material, and after that, day by day, it’s added to the volume of conical and beautiful mass. Gravan Fountain in addition to its unique features, is in the beautiful natural iran ecotourism surroundings of the Hormuz Abad River. A beautiful mass of oak forests and a mineral spring of water of Kani Kordan are located near it.

kani gravan fountain in iran

Each year, with the arrival of Spring, Gravan fountain, makes the around landscape more, and the Hormuz Abad river (adjacent to it) is filled with water, and the surrounding plains become lusher and fuller of flowers and all of this made an incredible iran ecotourism destination.


The village of Margavar, one of the villages in Silvana in Urmia, is one of the rare iran ecotourism areas of Iran due to climatic conditions and geographical location and biological diversity of various species of plants that are enclosed in Zagros Mountains and The Zagros Mountain range extends along the fringe of this region.

Silvana in urmia in iran

The Margavar iran ecotourism village, in terms of the presence of high peaks, deep and shallow valleys, hot springs, high lakes, beautiful gardens, small rivers, natural waterfalls, beautiful countryside villages and hundreds of other natural landscapes in the northwest of the country, but also It is unique in the whole country and is a great place for iran tours.

Silvana in urmia in iran

The iran ecotourism village of Silvana, located 30 km from the city of Urmia, in the middle of two valleys and has the cleanest weather in Iran. In this village, the mountain walnut trees, apple trees and forest trees have made the village more beautiful. The lush green valleys of Banare and the many rivers and numerous springs of fresh water such as the Kani Tabar springs and Cheshmeh Chehashhan Springs have brought a beautiful beauty to this village.

Silvana in urmia in iran

The villas of the Silvana village have an interesting architecture and are built in a staircase style. The roofs of the lower houses are considered as the courtyards of the upper houses.

Sarakhs village

The sights of the Sarakhs iran ecotourism city in the end of Mashhad northeast on the border between Turkmenistan and Iran, with the melting of the snow, spring slowly passes through the rivers, plain, trees and lakes, and brings greenery, blossom and flowers along with the birds' singing.

Sarakhs village in iran

Sarakhs as an iran ecotourism destination, in spring is really spectacular, the delightful sound of the sprinkling water of the springs, the stunning beauty of the blue lake, the cows and the sheesp, and the black tent of the tribes who came to this part of country, the blooms of the trees and the greenery of the plains, You feel the smell of heaven with all of your being.

Sarakhs village in iran

Spring dress of Sarakhs are full of tulip flowers, these flowers at the end of the Hezar Masjed mountains have a stunning beauty, so that every year, many of the natives of the region and the Turkmen and Iranian travelers travel to this plain. Sarakhs city is a sign of the beauty of spring, in such a way that plains, dams, mountains, lakes, rivers, springs and forests all dress together with the birth of spring, and create beautiful designs of nature in this iran ecotourism place.

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