Isfahan souvenirs and handicrafts

Isfahan souvenirs and handicrafts; What to buy in Isfahan

Isfahan souvenirs and handicrafts are the best gifts that you can buy from your trip to Iran for your friends and family. In this article, you can read about them.

Isfahan souvenirs and handicrafts

Isfahan souvenirs and handicrafts can be divided into two parts: edible souvenirs and Isfahan handicrafts. No one knows which category is better. Edible souvenirs are less expensive than handicrafts, but they are less durable. so, you can choose one of them or even both to buy. 

Buying souvenirs is one of the most exciting parts of your trip. By buying souvenirs, we share our friends and loved ones with the sweet memories of our trip. or even a moment for ourselves to remember those days and experiences. In Isfahan, you have many choices to buy Isfahan souvenirs and handicrafts.

Isfahan handicrafts souvenirs are very popular in the world because of their engraving and enamel work. Also, the export of this art is very high in Iran. In the following, we are going to introduce you to the best Isfahan Souvenirs and handicrafts in our Iran travel blog. So stay with us.

Isfahan souvenirs and handicrafts

Isfahan is one of the largest provinces in Iran. This city has the most famous tourist attractions in Iran. Many foreign tourists choose Iran to travel to enjoy these eye-catching attractions, and if you ask any foreign travelers they will say Isfahan is their favorite city.

You can find the best sweets and delicious desserts and cookies and also the best handicrafts that are so unique that you cannot find them anywhere.

Isfahan souvenirs and handicrafts

Isfahan Edible souvenirs


Isfahan Gaz has a long history of several hundred years. Centuries ago, Iranian kings offered Gaz to other kings of the world.

It dates back to the reign of the Safavid and is one of the most important Isfahan souvenirs and handicrafts.


After Gaz, one of the most famous sweets and souvenirs in Isfahan is Poolaki.

This product is very popular not only among tourists but also among the Iranian people. It is one of the candy families.

Fereydoun Shahr Honey

Perhaps you never heard that Fereydoun Shahr honey in Isfahan is one of the best honey in the country.

Isfahan souvenirs and handicrafts

It is because of the variety of herbs in the city that make it high-quality honey and it has many healing properties.

Joz-e Qand

This local delicacy is one of the most expensive Isfahan souvenirs and handicrafts. In some of our country's cities, this traditional sweet is prepared.

Isfahan souvenirs and handicrafts

For making Joz-e Qandi, they use a local fruit called the Alag, which is a type of peach.

Sohan Asali (Honey Sohan)

Honey, butter, sugar, almonds and pistachios, water, rose water, and saffron are the ingredients to prepare a delicious and different sweet that you can buy in Esfahan.

This sweet is available in various forms on the markets.

Isfahan Handicrafts

Isfahan is a cradle of Iranian handicrafts. The handicrafts of this city have a long history and they are famous not only in Iran but also throughout the world. The best artwork of Iranian artists can be bought from the Naqsh-e Jahan square and the old market in Isfahan.

Here are some of them as Isfahan souvenirs and handicrafts that you can buy in this city as special gifts.

Mina-Kari (Vitreous enamel)

Isfahan is the birthplace of vitreous enamel. This art has become one of the most important handicrafts of Isfahan today and it is a part of Iranian culture.

Isfahan souvenirs and handicrafts

All tourists fall in love with this beautiful art and buy it as gifts and souvenirs.

Vitreous enamel is the art of decorating commonly metal materials with color.

Of course, besides a variety of metal containers of gold, silver, brass, copper, and bronze, this art is also used to decorate a variety of pottery too.

Khatam Kari

Khatam Kari is another handicraft in Isfahan, which is used by skilled artists in the wood industry.

Khatam Kari is also common in Shiraz and its dates back to the Safavid era. This art is to putting together small pieces and triangles of wooden shapes to create beautiful geometric shapes.

They also use materials such as camel or horse bones, gold, silver, aluminum, and brass, and also ebony wood, jujube, orange, and betel.

Qalam Kari

Qalam Kari can be called the art of printing on fabric, which is framed by wooden molds on various fabrics such as linen, pear, and various colors, and makes fabulous, beautiful, yet simple, fabrics.

that can be good Isfahan souvenirs and handicrafts.

Kashi Kari (Tiling)

The oldest tiles in Isfahan are Cyan tiles that decorated historic inscriptions of Seljuk period minarets with them.

In addition to simple building tiles in Isfahan, Ensign tiles for the exterior of buildings and mosques are also produced and used in seven colors and mosaics.

Also, tiled dishes, pots, and various other things are made with different designs, which are generally export-oriented.

(Qollab Doozi) Crochet and other embroidered stitching

Embroidery, crochet, and other kinds of this art are performed by Isfahan Ladies.

The raw materials for the creation of this beautiful artwork are handmade textiles in different colors and silk threads.

Some of them just do simple embroidery and some do it with more design that enhances the price of the final product

Malileh Sazi

Malileh Sazi is so famous in Isfahan and the silver makers of Isfahan produce sets of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and pins using this art and selling it.

Qalam Zani (Etching)

This art is one of the famous industries in Isfahan, and it's done on objects such as trays, pots, dishes, plates, photo frames, etc. you can find them in shops of Chaharbagh Street and Naqsh-e Jahan Square.

Qalam Zani is one of Isfahan's most famous handicrafts. Isfahan artists perform engraving, grating, and branding on a variety of objects including pots, trays, decorative items, samovars, plates, boxes, etc.

They bring beautiful designs and create valuable works that attract the attention of every visitor to themselves and make them buy them as Isfahan souvenirs and handicrafts.



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