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What is Nomad tours? In Persia Nomad Tours, we create authentic and adventure travel experience for the ones who are in...

What is Nomad tours?

In Persia Nomad Tours, we create authentic and adventure travel experience for the ones who are interested in preserving under extinction cultures.

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The intact nature and beautiful culture of Bakhtiari nomads mesmerizes our friends. Since migration is a great feature of nomadic lifestyle, we design tours in a way that you can live like a nomad and experience this thosands of years old tradition.

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About persia nomad tours

Persia Nomad Tours provides nomads with a second source of income. Local community development is not far from what we do here, but still there are a lot to experience. Therefore, we invite you to escape the routines and come with us back to the basics. Enjoy the nature in groups of at most 8.

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What we do in nomad tours?

In the below pictures, you can find photos of one of our trips in Spring 2018. These pictures has been shot during migration of  nomads which is one of our special tours; in this tour We accompany Nomads in Zagros ranges during their seasonal migration.

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We eat with them as they eat and we sleep with them whenever they sleep. this time We were hiking with two nomadic families during this trip. We enjoyed their company and had the best out of Bakhtiari culture.

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